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Christopher Alexander is Professor in the Graduate School and Emeritus Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the father of the Pattern Language movement in computer science, and A Pattern Language, a seminal work that was perhaps the first complete book ever written in hypertext fashion. He has designed and built more than two hundred buildings on five continents: many of these buildings lay the ground work of a new form of architecture, which looks far into the future, yet has roots in ancient traditions. Much of his work has been based on inventions in technology, including, especially,

inventions in concrete, shell design, and contracting procedures needed to attain a living architecture. He was the founder of the Center for Environmental Structure in 1967, and remains President of that Company until today. In 2000, he founded , and is Chairman of the Board. He has been a consultant to city, county, and national governments on every continent, has advised corporations, government agencies, and architects and planners throughout the world. Alexander was elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1996, is a fellow of the Swedish Royal Society, has been the recipient of innumerable

architectural prizes and honors including the gold medal for research of the American Institute of Architects, awarded in 1970. He was born in Vienna, Austria in 1936. He was raised in England, and holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Cambridge University, and a PhD in Architecture from Harvard University. In 1958 he moved to the United States, and has lived in Berkeley, California from 1963 until the present.



I. BACKGROUND, EDUCATION AND HONORS BACKGROUND Born October 4, 1936, Vienna; British citizen; married to Pamela, two children, Lily and Sophie. Licensed Architect Licensed General Contractor ADDRESS 2701 Shasta Road, Berkeley, California, 94708 EDUCATION PhD Architecture, Harvard. MA with honors, Mathematics, Trinity College, Cambridge. BA Architecture, Trinity College, Cambridge. School: Oundle School, England (classical education, then natural sciences). BIOGRAPHY Stephen Grabow, CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER: THE EVOLUTION OF A NEW PARADIGM IN ARCHITECTURE, Routledge Kegan Paul, London, 1983. Japanese translation, published 1989. FILM BIOGRAPHIES PLACES FOR THE SOUL: THE ARCHITECTURE OF CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER, Director, Ruth Landy, Producer, Cinema Consultants, San Francisco, 1990. THE ARCHITECTURE OF CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER, Director, Makoto Ozawa, NHK, Japan National Broadcasting Company, Tokyo, June 1992.

HONORS AND POSITIONS Chairman of the Board,, Berkeley, California. Emeritus Professor, University of California, 1998Berkeley. President, Center for Environmental Structure, 1967Berkeley, California. Professor of Architecture, Department of 1963-98 Architecture, University of California, Berkeley. Trustee, Prince of Wales's Institute for 1990-1995 Architecture. The Seaside Prize, for contributions of 1994 architecture. 1992 Louis Kahn Memorial Lecturer, Philadelphia. Distinguished Professor Award by the Association 1987 of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. 1987 Silver medal, Saitama prefecture, Tokyo, Japan. Best building in Japan Award, by the Japan 1985 Institute of Architects. 1980 Member of the Swedish Royal Academy. The Research Gold Medal of the American 1972 Institute of Architects. Research Professor in the Humanities, University 1965 of California, Berkeley. Visiting Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation, Villa 1965 Serbelloni, Italy. 1961-3 Fellow, Society of Fellows, Harvard University. Top Open Scholar, Physics and Chemistry, Trinity 1954-8 College, Cambridge. 1999-

II. BUILDINGS AND WORKS OF ART WEST DEAN COLLEGE GARDENS VISITOR'S CENTRE, West Sussex, United Kingdom, 1994-6. BACK OF THE MOON COMMUNITY, Austin, Texas. Three private houses on Lake Travis, 1994-5. PLAN FOR CHIKUSADAI, High density low rise housing for 800 families, Hazama area and Kusunoki area, Nagoya, JAPAN. 1992. AGATE STREET DORMITORY FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Four buildings containing twenty apartments for student families, Eugene, Oregon, 1991-3.

THE SULLIVAN HOUSE. House for Steve and Susie Sullivan, Concrete, tile, redwood, fruitwood, plaster, tile and hand made metal detailed interiors. Berkeley, California, 1992. THE UPHAM HOUSE, House for Christopher Upham and Stephanie Upham, poured concrete, marble floors, hand cast plaster, cast friezes, hand-made lily tiles. Berkeley, California, 1992. THE MARY ROSE MUSEUM, Museum for Henry VIII's ship, The Mary Rose, Portsmouth, England. The ship sank in 1547, was raised in 1982, and is now preserved in dry dock next to HMS Victory, in the new Mary Rose Museum, 1991. Work done for the Mary Rose Trust, President, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales. See references in later sections. THE SHIRATORI PLAN, High density low rise housing for 500 families, Nagoya, JAPAN. Widely publicized in the Japanese press, and widely discussed in Japan. See other sections of this document. 1990-1. STUDENT HOUSING FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Buildings and master plan for 300 units of student housing, Eugene, Oregon, 1991-3. EXHIBITION GALLERIES: ANCIENT COLOR AND GEOMETRY, Four gallery reconstruction and installation in the De Young Museum, San Francisco, including interior construction, color, lighting, and installation and hanging of the carpets, 1990. THE JULIAN STREET INN, SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, (with Gary Black, Eleni Coromvli), Concrete columns, open lacework trusses, hand made column capitals, hand painted tile exterior, tiles fountain with lions head, dormitories with individual sleeping alcoves, tile roofs, gardens and courtyards, 1990. HOUSE FOR GAIL KAISER AND MARK ANDERTON, Palo Alto, California, 1991. LIGHTY HOUSE, BERRYESSA, CALIFORNIA, for John and Mara Lighty, 1990. FIVE STORY APARTMENT BUILDING, for Emoto family, Tokyo, Japan, (with Hajo Neis), 1988. KING HOUSE, SNOWMASS, COLORADO, for Stark and Geni King, 1988. MEDLOCK-GRAHAM HOUSE, WHIDBEY ISLAND, SEATTLE, for Ann Medlock and John Graham, 1988.

SECOND SALA HOUSE, ALBANY, CALIFORNIA, for Andre and Anna Sala, 1988. RED, YELLOW AND SALMON FLOOR WITH LEOPARDS, Interior of second Sala House, 1988. POTASH-MCCABE HOUSE, SAN ANSELMO, CALIFORNIA, for Dan Potash and Maureen McCabe, 1988. YELLOW BLOSSOMS, Oil painting, 1988. THE STRIPED PURPLE SKIRT, Oil painting, 1988. BLUE ARCHAIC BIRD, shaped tile fragments hand-molded and glazed, set in plaster, 1988. LEOPARD MOLDS, Yellow painted wooden molds for manufacture of porcelain leopards, 1988. 4500 TILES FOR SAN JOSE SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS, grey tiles on reddish mexican body, hand painted and glazed, 1988. COLLEGE BUILDINGS, Iruma-shi, Japan, Two major buildings with classrooms and arcades, exterior plaster and interior terrazzo work, 1987. SAN ANSELMO KITCHEN, Hand painted room, painted in red, yellow, yellow-green, green and blue, executed in cut paper and varnished gouache, (with Stephen Duff and Kleoniki Tsotropoulou), 1987. BED ALCOVES AND CURTAINS, wood, carving, blue enamel, and yellow cotton fabric, 1987. HIGH SCHOOL MAIN STREET, FENCES, GATES, TERRACES AND LANDSCAPE, for New Eishin University, Tokyo, Japan, (with Hajo Neis), 1986. VIEW OF MOUNTAIN VIEW CIVIC CENTER, Painting in pen, ink and gouache, 1986. FIRST VIEW OF MOUNTAIN VIEW CIVIC CENTER, Painting in pen, ink and gouache, 1986. FLAT RED DESK, wood, automobile enamel, and formica, (with Artemis Anninou and Gary Black), 1986. UPRIGHT RED DESK, wood, automobile lacquer, and leather, (with Artemis Anninou and Gary Black), 1986. DARK BLUE SOFA, wood, corduroy, springs from plastering lath and enamel, (with Artemis Anninou, Gary Black, and Randy

Schmidt), 1986. PIN BOARD WITH JAPANESE SILK, enamelled wood, white and pale blue flowered silk (with Artemis Anninou, Eleni Coromvli and Gary Black), 1986. BLACK ROLLING TABLE WITH DRAWERS, black lucite and brass, (with Gary Black and Artemis Anninou), 1986. GREEN WORK TABLE, wood, formica, and varnish (with Gary Black), 1985. WHITE CABINET, wood and enamel, 1985. BLACK ROLLING TABLE, black lucite and brass, (with Gary Black and Artemis Anninou), 1985. WHITE BOOKCASE, wood and enamel, 1985. THICK WALLS, various thick walls, cabinets and wall thicknesses, wood and enamel, 1985-6. GREAT HALL OF NEW EISHIN UNIVERSITY, TOKYO, JAPAN. BLACK, RED, PURPLE AND PALE GREEN INTERIOR PLASTERWORK. Hand etched plasterwork for columns and beams, screen, walls and ceilings for interior of great hall, 40,000 square feet of surface, in black, grey, red, pale green, brown and purplish grey, 1985-6. HEAVY TIMBER CARPENTRY WORKSHOP. Massive timber building with 12x12 columns and 8x14 beams and trusses, 800 sf, all wood, Martinez, California, (with Gary Black), 1985 HAND-BUILT OFFICE FURNITURE. 2000 square feet of office furniture for clothing factory, Sweet Potatoes Factory, Berkeley, California (with Artemis Anninou and Gary Black), 1985. BLUE HORSE WITH YELLOW STARS. Painted wood carving, 1985. FOUR PAINTINGS. Blue grey and red room. Yellow, green and blue room. Lilac, red, blue and pale yellow room. Red, black and grey room, 1985. THE NEW EISHIN UNIVERSITY THIRTY FIVE BUILDINGS, total cost approx.$10,000,000, area about 100,000 square feet, Iruma shi, Tokyo, (with Hajo Neis, Gary Blac