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2. 3. Thermal Expension coefficient
4. 5. A250mm bar of 15x30mm rectangular cross-section of two aluminum layers .5mm thick ,brazed to a center brass layer of the same thickness . If it is subjected to centric forces of magnetude P=30KN. And Knowing that E of a =70GPa&E of B=105GPa . Determine the normal stress (a ) in the aluminum layers (b) in the brass layer
6. Compressive centric forces of 160KN are applied at both ends of the assembly shown by means of rigid plates Knowing that E of S=200GPa and E of a=70GPa determine (a) the normal stresses in the steel core and the aluminum shell,(b) the deformation of the assembly
7. Three steel rods (E=200GPa) support a 36-KN load P Each of the rods AB and CD has a 200mm2 cross-sectional area .Neglecting the deformation of rod BED . Determine (a) the change in length of rod EF (b) the stress in each rod
8. Two cylindrical rods , one of steel and the other of brass ,are joined at c and restrained by rigid support at Aand E . For the loading shown and Knowing that E of s=200GPa and E of b=105GPa , determine (a) the reactions atAand E(b) the deflection of point C
9. 10. A rod consiststing of two cylindrical portions AB and BC is restrained at both ends potion AB is made of steel and portion BC is made of brass Knowing that the rod is initially unstressed determine the comperssive force induced in ABC when there is a temperature rise of 50C
11. 12. Knowing thata 0.5mm gap exists when the temperature is24C, determine (a) the temperature at which the normal stress in the aluminum bar will be equal to 75MPa (b) the corresponding exact length of the aluminum bar