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Kite Properties. Kite Competition!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Kite Properties

Kite PropertiesKite Competition!Its the annual kite building competition and this year youre going to take home first prize! Now your kite not only needs to look good but also be geometrically correct! The Judges use to be math teachers so they are going to look to make sure your kite has all the properties it should.

What is a Kite?A kite is a quadrilateral with two pairs of distinct congruent consecutive sides

Lets make a kite to explore withOn patty paper, draw two connected segments of different lengths, as shown. Fold through the endpoints and trace the two segments on the back of the patty paper.

What are some properties of a kite?Explore with your kite, write down in your notebook any conjectures you come up with.

Kite Angles ConjectureThe _________ angles of a kite are _________Kite Diagonals ConjectureThe diagonals of a kite are _____________Kite Diagonal Bisector ConjectureThe diagonals connecting the vertex angles of a kite is the _____________ of the other diagonal.Kite Angle Bisector ConjectureThe _________ angles of a kite are __________ by the ___________.Lets prove these conjecturesPick a conjecture and write a paragraph proof or make a flowchart proof.

Kite Angles Conjecture ProofThe non vertex angles of a kite are congruent

Kite Diagonals Conjecture ProofThe diagonals of a kite are perpendicular

Kite Diagonal Bisector Conjecture ProofThe diagonals connecting the vertex angles of a kite is the bisector of the other diagonal

Kite Angle Bisector Conjecture ProofThe vertex angles of a kite are bisected by a diagonal

Lets build our kitesOk, now that you know the properties of a kite you need to make a blue print of what your kite is going to look like. Design on your piece of paper the kite you would build. Remember it has to be geometrically correct!

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