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Little bit about Rosie, and her business, call today


  • 1. Welcome
    What makes Rosie right for you, because you deserve a
    Little RnR. Rosie n Results
    Please enjoy the five minute Video I have put together for you

2. Business Team
Mafel Kalancha
Lindsay Reimers
Jeanne Munroe
Tass Nykolaishen
Distribution/ Courier
Shannon Maybin
Mortgage Broker
3. Biography
These are my reasons for success in every area of my life!
Roses successful real estate endeavors started with being in the top 10 of her office quarter after quarter and because of the systems she had put in place her client referral base built quickly allowing her business to take unprecedented growth.
After 5 years of prairie winters; Rose, her husband and 4 kids decided to move their successful real estate business to Mexico, Yes, Mexico. After helping many fellow Canadians and Americans complete successful residential real estate purchases there was a unanimous family decision to move back to BC; where Roses original roots come from, not to mention there is a hockey advocate in the family.
Rose comes to Landmark with an international knowledge of Real Estate, Marketing, and Educational credentials. At first meeting her motivation and energy are obvious and incorporated with her attention to detail Rose would be an excellent choice. In other words its time for a little R n R! Rose n Results!
Rosie Nykolaishen
4. Overview Of Rosies ListingPackage
BiographySellers Checklist
Business TeamShowing Your Home
Mission StatementYour Concerns
List of ReferencesThe Purchase Offer
Value Added ServicesTestimonials
Sample of AdvertisingMoving Checklist
About Landmark RealtyKeeping in Touch
Preview of listing PresentationHome Staging Ideas
Listing Process
Pricing Your Home
All Agents are Not Alike
Are You curious About
Shopping For a New Home
Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Agent
10 Favorite Features of My Home
Rosie Nykolaishen
5. Listing Packages for Kids and Teenagers
Lets get the whole family on board when listing your home Rosie has put together a Listing Package that explains the process for children with an award for their participation once your home is SOLD.For teenagers Rosie offers gift cards if their contract is fulfilled.
6. Home Staging
Rosie is an Accredited Home Stager, So Ask lots of questions.The advice given will be honest and tasteful.
7. Smiles after Results
Long distance buy
1st timeBuyers
17 days
29 days
97%list $
93%list $
Rosie Nykolaishen
8. Homes Sold
9. 10. Overview of Rosies Buyers Package
Dream List
Office Meeting
Estimated Proceeds of a Purchase
Viewing Desired Homes
The Purchase Offer
List of References
Value Added Services
Keeping In Touch
Rose Nykolaishen
11. Dream ListLet me know whats important for you to have in your home.
Square footage
Bathrooms / Ensuite
Bedrooms / Home Office
Yard / Fenced / Private
Schools / Parks
Reno / New / Updated
Suited / Finished Basement
Garage / Double /Triple
Open Concept / Private Dining
Style: Basement Entry / Bungalow / 2 Story
Siding / Stucco
Flooring: Tile / Hardwood / Carpet / Laminate
Rosie Nykolaishen
12. Qualifications
13. Happy Home Owners
You deserve a little
R n R.. Rosie n Results
14. Value Added Service:
A Small Thank you from Me to You.Here are a few
pictures of my last Client Cruise honouring some past clients with snacks, drinks and prizes.
15. R nR.RosienResults
Call Direct: 778-242-7884
Office: 604-855-0800