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Guided Tours in and around Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa


  • Initiated by the Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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    Guided Tours in and around Kimberley

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    The Kimberley

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    The Northern Cape... It runs through our veins


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  • 1 Welcome to Kimberley2 The Kimberley Story6 The Great Kimberley North Walk

    11 Cecil Rhodes & the Mining Magnates12 The Belgravia Historical Walk 16 The Ghost Trail

    20-21 Map of Kimberley 24 The Halfway House Hotel25 Game Viewing and Eco-Tourism26 The Eldorado Trail (CBD Walk) 30 In the Footsteps of Sol Plaatje 31 Amandla Trail34 The Archaeological Route 35 N12 Battlefield Route 38 The Seven Wonders of Kimberley39 Historic Kimberley Pub Tour39 Air Travel & Car hire Companies40 Tourist Guides40 Business Directory40 Restaurant & Pub Guide41 Kimberley & Region Museums42 The Guesthouse & Hotel Guide

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    Its the way you like itKimberley

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    Kimberley is proud to be one of the most authentic historical destinations in South Africa.So with this in mind, we produced this publication to create an awareness of, and an interest in, some of the tourist highlights Kimberley has to offer.

    At the same time, we packed this publication with valuable commercial information to assist you in doing some quality shopping in Kimberley.

    We grouped together various attractions, for your convenience, in short and interesting tours built around themes which are exclusive to Kimberley and are very unique.

    It is therefore our deepest desire that you will enjoy visiting these historic places and that they will generate many fond memories to share later with friends and family.

    Please note that you will get much more out of all these tours by booking an accredited tourist guide to accompany you. In addition, we recommend that you visit the NOCCI Tourism Centre at the Big hole (Tel. 053 830-4426) for a detailed tourist guide book and other relevant information.

    Enjoy your stay!

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  • Theby Steve Lunderstedt

    Kimberley StoryThe title evokes thoughts of the early days, of boisterous diggers in one of the many saloons and pubs that studded the winding roads of the canvas and corrugated iron diamond town, swigging draughts and singing along with, dare one say it, scantily clad womenfolk.

    Great fun indeed, these early days of New rush on the farm Vooruitzicht, except for the fact that the Colonial Secretary detested both the term New rush too vulgar and Vooruitzicht he could hardly spell it, let alone pronounce it!

    So the problem of renaming the town was passed to richard Southey, then Lt-Governor of Griqualand West, who in turn, passed it on to John Blades Currey, the government secretary.

    A very worthy diplomat, Currey made very sure that the Colonial Secretary would be able to spell and pronounce the new name chosen for the town, by naming it after the secretary himself, Kimberley! The name was obviously approved by his Lordship, so Kimberley was born, but it can be certain that the diggers did not care two hoots at the time.

    The new name was proclaimed on 5 July 1873, although the township was founded in 1871. The story of naming Kimberley is fairly well known, but what is not well known is who the Earl of Kimberley

    was, and what did he do that even today his name is as well remembered as that of his monarch, Queen Victoria?

    John Wodehouse was born in Wymondham, Norfolk, on 29 May 1826, the eldest son of harry and Anne Wodehouse, and a relative of Sir Philip Wodehouse, Governor of the Cape Colony 1861-1870. At the age of 20, while still a student at Oxford University, he inherited his grandfathers title of Baron Wodehouse, his father having predeceased him. Five years later he was appointed Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs, holding this post from 1852 to 1856, after which he became the British Ambassador to russia.

    In 1858 he resumed his former position until his promotion to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1864, a post he held for two years. Queen Victoria conferred an Earldom upon him in 1869. he and his wife, the former Lady Florence Fitzgibbon, were living at their country estate, called Kimberley house, in the village of Kimberley in Norfolk, hence the choice of title. The name Kimberley is derived from the Anglo Saxon word Cynburgh-leah, which means women were entitled to own land.

    Two years later Lord Kimberley became a member of Gladstones first cabinet and from 1870 he served as Secretary for the Colonies. As his appointment coincided with the discovery of diamonds on the dry diggings he was prominent in the dispute over the ownership of Griqualand West, and the negotiations for its annexation as British territory.

    Although he resigned his post in 1874, he was re-appointed by Gladstone as Colonial Secretary from 1880-1882, one of his major feats during the period being the peace settlement after the battle of Majuba in 1881.

    he lived long enough to hear about the siege and relief of the town named after him and died on 8 April 1902.

    ~The story of naming Kimberley is fairly well known, but what is not well known is who the Earl of Kimberley was, and what did he do that even today his name is as well remembered as that of his monarch, Queen Victoria?

    Jungnickel Guest House and Conference Centre

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