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Interactivity Digital 2013 presentation by Bill Hunt of Azimuth Consulting


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Killer KPIsTurning Data into Dollars@billhunt*

17 years experience in Enterprise SearchCo-Author Search Engine Marketing Inc.Developed Advanced Keyword Management Suite@billhunt3rd Edition due Summer

Key types of KPIs#1 Reports are KMAE Reports

Keyword Maximization & Effectiveness Reports

Keep My A** Employed Reports

Anything that shows economic value of your efforts @billhunt*

Paid & Organic Collaboration

$300k in PPC savings in 40 days (funded FT analysis)$250k in incremental SEO revenue in 60 days @billhunt*

Replicate High Converting PPC@billhunt*

Replicate High Converting SEO@billhunt*

Highest CPC Collaboration0 Top 20 Highest CPC keywords have top 5 rankings 0 visits105 people have found same problem at their company@billhunt

What does your data say?@billhunt*

Is Your Data this Funky? Paid Search Spend $20 million USCritical/Important Keywords 1,120SEO Team - 98 important keywordsActive Paid Search Keywords 187,252Omniture Keywords 397,832 (>20 visits)SEO Tool 298 keywords (allowance was 10k)4,887 keywords in PPC are Top 3 OrganicNo coordination between teams@billhunt*

After Coordination1 to 1 alignment of Tier 1 KeywordsFound 2,783 PPC keywords cannibalizing SEOShift saved $180k in first month Shift went to 1,016 important words not rankingSEO revenue Increased 67% w/no loss from PPCWeekly monitoring of Top 3/Top 3 keywordsWeekly monitoring of new and expensiveCo-Optimization Monitoring @billhunt*

Predicting Opportunity@billhunt*

@billhunt*Source: Optify 2012 -

Your Data and 235 Filters?@billhunt*Source: Back Azimuth Keyword Management System

Does it change by Persona? @billhunt*Source: Back Azimuth Keyword Management System

Category Authority

Do you Own your Cluster? @billhunt*

What are the Authority Sites? Organic ranking was run against 1,700 pet food related keywords looking for ranking in top 10Below are the top sites that appear for the most keywords@billhunt*No Dominating Domains 428 (information) Petco: 276 (retail site) 170 (pet food brand)

How Authoritative are you?@billhunt*

Finding Nuggets of Opportunity


Underperforming KeywordsMonitor words that are ranking but not getting fair share of traffic. @billhunt

Previous ModelsReplacing PDFs with actionable landing pages delivered additional 50k visitors per month Nearly $400k in incremental revenue over 6 months

Nearly $400k in incremental revenue over 6 months@billhunt*

Keyword PhraseGoogle RankSearch VolumeNS VisitsNS ImpressionsShare of Opportunity10%20%Model Number Keyword 11368,000200100%0.05%36,800 73,600 Model Number Keyword 2122,20025100%0.11%2,220 4,440 Model Number Keyword 3114,80039100%0.26%1,480 2,960 Model Number Keyword 4612,1000100%0.00%1,210 2,420 Model Number Keyword 5212,100114100%0.94%1,210 2,420 Model Number Keyword 619,9000100%0.00%990 1,980 Model Number Keyword 739,9000100%0.00%990 1,980 Model Number Keyword 818,100373100%4.60%810 1,620 Model Number Keyword 9 18,1001,548100%19.11%810 1,620 Model Number Keyword 1018,1000100%0.00%810 1,620 Model Number Keyword 1116,6000100%0.00%660 1,320 Model Number Keyword 1214,4000100%0.00%440 880 Model Number Keyword 1324,4000100%0.00%440 880 Model Number Keyword 1423,60042100%1.17%360 720 Model Number Keyword 1513,60045100%1.25%360 720 Model Number Keyword 1612,9000100%0.00%290 580 Model Number Keyword 1712,9000100%0.00%290 580 Model Number Keyword 1812,90026100%0.90%290 580 Model Number Keyword 1911,90047100%2.47%190 380 Total506,50024591.63%50,650 101,300

Absolut Hibiscus Vodka New Flavor @billhunt*Drink Recipes - searchers drive the most page views

Leverage Answering Questions


Use Site Search Questions for Content 27,211 questions identified in database

How 10,240 What - 6,333 Can (I or We) 6,162 Where 2,116When 1,505@billhunt*60% of queries had NO RESULTS

Monetizing Questions600,012 site searches annually15% identified as directly merchandisable 200 new pieces of content developed Key questions added to social mining

Average Sale $200 and 10% conversion rate

$4.5 Million Annual Incremental @billhunt*

Missed Opportunity by Buy Cycle@billhuntIdentified 111 new insights about the audience

Missing 93% of searchers aware of brand and almost ready to buy

Cat\Buy CycleTotalInspirationDiscoveryDesignPurchaseRelationshipBrandMarketPaidEarnedMissed0*Branded TechnologyMarket334M38M272M98K1M23MPaid4M52K4M34834K1,608Earned200M34M150M6.6K900K15MMissed130M3.5M (9%)118M (44%)92K (93%)203K (18%)7.7M (34%)TechnologyMarket610M547M51M826K1.3M10MPaid15M11.5M3.6M11K20K20KEarned207M196M5.7M79K58K5MMissed388M339M (62%)42M (82%)736K (89%)1.3M (94%)5M (49%)

Leverage Search Influenced Revenue


Recipe Search Traffic Value @billhunt*Searchers drive the most page views & 23% make the item

RecipeMonthly Visits23% MakePortionsUnitsTotal VolumePackagesRecipe 1 57,696 13,270 42 26,540 1,045 Recipe 2 46,447 10,683 21 10,683 421 Recipe 3 34,552 7,947 63 23,841 939 Recipe 4 24,368 5,605 42 11,209 441 Recipe 5 21,741 5,000 63 15,001 591 Recipe 6 19,654 4,520 42 9,041 356 Recipe 7 16,124 3,709 63 11,126 438 Recipe 8 15,449 3,553 42 7,107 280 Recipe 9 14,885 3,424 84 13,694 539 Recipe 10 13,789 3,171 42 6,343 250 Units 5,299 Retail Value $3.99 $21,141.42

Lifetime Value $528,535.59

Think out of the BoxHow do I demonstrate economic value of my efforts?Generating revenueSaving money

Spend time creating KMAE reports for what matters! @billhunt*

@billhunt*eMail: bill@back-azimuth.comBlog: www.whunt.comSite: Thank you!

Gap of 1,012 keywords between what are critical and what are managedOnly .29% of keywords in paid search are important but all of them were equal value Gap of 1,012 keywords between what are critical and what are managedOnly .29% of keywords in paid search are important but all of them were equal value Opportunity: Total searches for the keywords in this category and buy cycle based on Google Broad Match Local Paid Impressions: Total impressions based on all match types for these words based on June campaign levels. Earned Impressions This is based on taking 100% of the demand if the word is ranking in the top 10 of Google. Missed Impressions this is Opportunity minus (paid impressions + earned impressions)