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October 2014Watching SaaS Apps Get ProactiveKeynote Tech Talk1WelcomeYou will learn in this talkHow SaaS applications are changing the way we do business todayWhats inside a typical SLAWhy a proactive approach to managing your SaaS vendors makes senseHow to use Keynote Web Monitoring on SaaS applicationsQuestionsPlease send questions at any time during the webcast using the Q & A panelHousekeepingThis webcast is being recordedYou may use your computer audio, or dial into the conference line (muted). Touch *0 for operator assistance if you experience any dial-in issuesSlides will be available for download at the end of the presentation via the Files panel as well as helpful links Recommend viewing in full-screen mode; please exit from full-screen to participate in Polls, Q & A and download filesGene

Aaron Rudgeraaron.rudger@keynote.com2

2Every company depends on SaaS vendors whos watching them?3

SaaS today>50% adoption4 apps average8 by end of 2015Agility: top benefit

What about your company?4

software-as-a-service is nearing its tipping pointPOLLHow many SaaS apps is your company using today?5Famous outages6SaaS VendorDateOutageWorkday 9/24/2009 15 hoursNetSuite 4/27/2010 30 minutesSalesforce 7/10/2012 West coast data center cause downtime to some customers for up to 2 daysGithub 12/22/2012 5 hoursAWS8/2013 25 minutesMicrosoft 365 6/24/2014 Outages affected Office 365 data centers in North America for 9 hours!What about the paper cuts that dont make the headlines?POLLThe last time you has an issue using a SaaS app, who did call (request support)?

Impact across the enterprise8

LoBITWho would you call?SaaS applications power: Internal business processes Sales, Finance, Marketing, HR, Engineering, OperationsExternal, customer-facing interactionsLead forms, partner extranets, customer catalogs, content gatewaysPerformance and availability issues impact:Head of DigitalLine of BusinessITGetting to know your SaaS provider SLAIn any IT infrastructure, unplanned outages can and do occur.Most SaaS vendors only guarantee 99.9% availability or betterHow is downtime defined?What if apps are integrated with each other?Other aspects that may be covered:Security breech notificationData availability on terminationService request responseFail-over/recoveryTrust communicationSystem performanceUnplanned outage details9

Typical SLA guaranteeWhat does 99.9% equate to? Actually a simple calculation:Total number of minutes in a month x (100-uptime%)/100= 30days x 24hours x 60min x (100-99.9)/100= 43200 x (0.1)/100= 43.2 minutes (max downtime).At 99.9%, your website should be down no more than a total of about 43 minutes in a monthWhats 43.2 minutes per month worth to you?Creation of 40 service desk tickets at $22/incident?Loss of 40 lead form submissions at $50/lead?Loss of 40 subscriptions at $500/member?

10Not all downtime is created equalCan your business process gracefully degrade?

Image: Jed Jacobsohn for NY Times

Image: IMG_6788 by Matthew Langham on FlickrDisruptionsApplicationWhat it might mean to youWhat you can do about itMarketing automation, performance tracking and lead form, A/B testingDigital assets unavailable, form submissions blocked. Cost per lead increasing, advertising spend waste.Re-route traffic to Facebook, LinkedIn or other static contentCall center, customer supportUnattended support calls, dissatisfied customers, idle agentsWAN configuration changeSales forecasting and/or order configurationHours of time lost, potential for error when data re-entered from memoryAlert users to copy/paste work into offline systems like ExcelEnd of period close, accounting/ system of recordRegulatory exposure, idle resources, burnt out employeesAlternative system fail over, provider escalation12Trust but verify; get proactiveGet proactiveImmediate notificationTiming is everything!Understand the extent of the issueIsolate root-causeIs it me, or is it you?Fix whats within your controlUnderstand the big pictureAccountability13

Web Monitoring for SaaS DemoKeynotes Business ApplicationsKeynote Web Monitoring for SaaS ApplicationsPre-scripted monitoring configured for the following applications:SF.comOffice 365 / SharepointNetSuiteConcurOthers upon request (at additional cost)From the Keynote Network, or Cloud Perspective agents3 / 5 / 30 configuration

Starting at $229 per month per app15

Thank you!Please submit your questions in the Q & A panel now.

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