kevin o'keefe and derek bolen: content marketing for lawyers

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Are you creating content for the sake of creating content, or are you using content to build meaningful relationships with your peers and potential clients? Understand how to market your firm strategically with relevant and insightful content.


  • 1. content marketingfor lawyersKevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder, LexBlog, Inc.Derek Bolen, Social Media & Communications Manager, Clio@kevinokeefe @hurrrdurrr

2. strategy...begin with the end in mind@kevinokeefe 3. make it compelling@hurrrdurrr 4. think who...not what@kevinokeefe 5. fundamentals of good content@hurrrdurrr 6. listening...more important than content@kevinokeefe 7. optimize...value of data driven decisions@hurrrdurrr 8. content as currency@kevinokeefe 9. stand out...signal against the noise@hurrrdurrr 10. talk radio...@kevinokeefe 11. toolkit...curate, publish, optimize@hurrrdurrr 12. thank