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As A British product, Kebelo celebrates everything British in its summer edition


  • MAGAZINESummer 2012







    Transformation GUARANTEEDThe 60 minutes that will change your life


    about your free Silk worth 12.95

  • Whats inside 4 ITS A SEXY SUMMER AHEADLook to Kebelo Advantage, our new in-salon

    treatment, for unbelievable gloss and shine.

    6 BEST OF BRITISHWe take inspiration from iconic British hairdressing styles for our London shoot.

    12 SILK ON THE BEACHPack a bottle of Kebelo SILK in your beach bag for glamazon summer hair.

    14 SHADES OF SUMMERHow the stars get dramatic results by simply tweaking their hair tone.

    15 KEEP YOUR HAIR SHININGReal life before and after pictures and quotes from more satisfi ed Kebelo customers.

    16 THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MEAN SO MUCHFrom the cutest sandals to the coolest shades how to look hot in the heat.

    18 TOTALLY DEVOTED TO YOUHow a Kebelo makeover put a spring in one readers step.

    20 SMOOTH TALKERKebelos creative director, Aeron Beckett, answers all your stresses about your tresses.

    22 DONT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT ONEOur innovative product line has been developed to give you salon results at home.

    EDITOR Benjamin ShipmanDESIGN Come Hither DesignWRITERS Angelina Villa-Clarke, Stella BradleyPHOTOGRAPHS Jess Esposito, David BurtonMODELS Chantelle Hole at Base Models and Addy Vaughan at Flair Talent, Michelle TreadwellSTYLIST Kalee Hewlett

    STYLISTS ASSISTANT Hannah CrickHAIR Aeron Beckett, Terry Wilson, Luke Harkles Bennett, Ben ShawMAKE UP Louise MorganOTHER PHOTOGRAPHYp14 Alamy, Getty Images


  • 3With the eyes of the world on the UK this summer, weve never felt more proud to be a British brand. Here at Kebelo we want to play our part in showcasing the best of

    British heritage, style, fashion and hair innovation, so we hope you enjoy this issues shoot on Clapham Common, with its swinging 60s-style fashion. Make even more of this summer of fun with some essential accessories weve selected our favourites for you to peruse! and if youre considering a style shift in time for the celebrations, take inspiration from the stars as we study their stunning colour choices.

    If youd prefer a full makeover, however, we may be able to oblige; just enter our competition on page 19 and like lucky Michelle, you too could be celebrating a whole new you. Enjoy!

    Were in the mood to celebrate all things British so join us for a super-special issue.

    Britanniarules the


  • Hands-up if you have hair that is unruly, frizzy or simply hard to manage? Youre not alone. In over 300 women that we surveyed, an astonishing 86% said that was how they would describe their hair. It makes for dismal reading.

    Now hands-up those who also look in envy at the few-and-far-between women with silky locks and knock em dead colour. Yes thats us included. Theres just something about stunning, shiny hair that is inherently attractive and shouts sexiness. We want!

    But how do you get it? Up to now straighteners and keratin formulas have been the only answer, but they, of course, bring their own problems. Its why weve been working hard to create a unique product like Kebelo Advantage. Once you discover it, your dreams will come true. An amazing smoothing formula, it is aimed at women who care about the health of their hair and not just the end result.

    Like no other products out there, the in-salon foundation treatment goes to the very root (pun intended) of the problem. Its innovative carbocysteine technology lls out and strengthens

    damaged bonds deep inside each hair strand, healing from within and leaving it healthy and strong. It means you are left with smooth, manageable, unbelievable hair and the frizz is gone.

    And the best bit about Advantage? Smooth, silky hair is achieved within just one hour, at an a ordable price, and it lasts for an incredible

    100 days. Now thats a true advantage we can all lust after .

    Its a sexySUMMER AHEADIts goodbye to Brazilian blowdry

    treatments and Keratin straightening formulas. 21st century hair is all

    about having that healthy look-at-me bounce. Thats where Kebelo Advantage comes in. The radical

    smoothing system is bringing sexy back and you with it.

    3 advantages of ADVANTAGEKebelo spent 18 months creating the fi rst ever long-term smoothing system and, in the process, gained a reputation for innovation, safety and creativity. Now they have pioneered a new treatment which has three distinct benefi ts not found elsewhere

    1TIME: It only takes one hour to complete. Thanks to the new dispersion technology, the entire application process is quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

    2COLOUR: You can apply colour directly after your Kebelo System treatment. As it gets to work laying a foundation deep inside the hair, it gives your new colour a vibrancy like never before.

    3AFFORDABLE: You will get shiny, frizz-free, easy-to-manage hair from just 99, and that includes over 50 worth of after-care. It amounts to just 1 a day to keep the frizz away!


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    YOUNG, BRITISHand proud

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    Hang out your bunting, for theres no better place to be this summer than the UK. As a quintessentially British brand, were in full celebratory mood, too, and have taken inspiration for our fashion shoot from London. Known as a creative hub for hairdressers and stylists, the Capitals streets were our location as we recreated some of the classic looks Britain is known for.

  • Above: Get your motor running. Chantelle channels the 60s mod look, with an edgy update on the cute swinging bob. She wears a dress by Monsoon Fusion

    Right: Free and flowing. The perfect summer hair, Addy finds inspiration from the 70s, in coral shorts by Lipsy and white sleeveless shirt by Warehouse.

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    Oh why, oh why would I wanna be anywhere else? LILLY ALLEN, LDN

  • 1010

    As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset I am in paradise THE KINKS, WATERLOO SUNSET

  • Left: Sunkissed and sultry. With her loose curls and white flowery

    top by Lipsy, Chantelle is ready for the perfect summers day.

    Right: Glamour puss. Addy wears her hair in a contemporary quiff. Add

    in a dress by Alexander Campbell

    and jewellery by Accessorize and

    its the wow-factor guaranteed.

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    For many of us, days on the beach mean scoring zero in the style awards. Of course, wed all love to stride out of the sea, like a glamazon every hair in place, limbs glistening, stunning from head to toe. But the reality for most of us is often far from this scene.In truth, hair is tangled, dried-out and salt-damaged. Not a pretty sight. But we have the perfect solution in one little bottle of Kebelo SILK. Apart from being the most advanced three-day anti-frizz product, Kebelo SILK has many additional

    beneits and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used on wet hair, after shampooing. You simply apply SILK through your hair and then blow-dry. Hair is left smooth, shiny and feels weightless. For a really knock-out, glossy effect, you can also use the product on dry hair before using lat irons. Whats more, for an extra boost, you can also apply SILK when on the beach, or laying by the pool. SILK has a unique blend of hydrolyzed keratin, organic quinoa protein, argan and jojoba oils that deeply penetrate to repair, protect and improve the hairs condition, shine and inish. It even has colour-lock technology and, with the most advanced cationic conditioners, it protects hair from all the elements and heat damage. Now thats what we call one summer to remember.

    SILK on the beach

    Sun, sea and sand are normally the curse of every good hairstyle. But this holiday, we have the key to perfect summer styling wherever you are. Pack a bottle of Kebelo SILK and youll be positively shining.

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    SHADES OFsummerA

    ll good stylists know that a perfect mane starts with glossy, cared-for hair. Whether youre looking to add a few summery highlights or go for an all-over colour, the results will always be better if youve treated your tresses to the Kebelo System beforehand. Its carbocysteine

    technology helps to tame the hair, lling out damaged or uneven strands

    and providing a smoother surface for your colour to cling to. With the perfect base, your colour can shine brighter and last longer.

    Kate Winslets colour is a masterclass in blonde. A mid-blonde base colour is complemented by lighter tones on top and her soft-waves give an English Rose effect.

    Leona Lewis stunning, poker-straight locks are a combination of fabulous shades. Good conditioning has ensured her hair shines with health and has taken the applied colours really well.

    Holly Willoughbys knockout blonde locks, styled in Hollywood waves, are pure old-school glamour and suit her so well. This style permits a little regrowth it adds edge to a classic look.

    The Duchess of Cambridges glossy mane is fast-becoming her trademark, admired worldwide for its tip-top condition. A few super-subtle tonal changes add depth and lift to her colour.

    Cheryls tousled do is a mixture of gorgeous shades, blended beautifully. Subtle highlights gently lift her overall colour to create a natural-looking result.

    As the stars prove, sexy summer hair is all about subtle, multi-tonal colour.

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    Its just so smooth, I cant