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<ul><li> 1. {{compelling people. propelling brands. pick our brains</li></ul><p> 2. Complete. Compelling. Creative.A great packaged goods agency knows your business inside the store andout. Katalyst has years of experience turning consumer insights into fresh,results-driven programs. Were your go-to source for the best in branding,packaging, promotions and shopper marketing. And we do it all with greatcreative that makes shoppers buy. We know the challenges and channels of CPG marketing.Katalyst has the capabilities you need to get your products in store, standout in cluttered categories and drive volume: merchandising, advertisingand promotions, field marketing and partner activation. The difference?We make it happen without the overhead of big agencies.The brightest CPG thought leadersand creative talent at a fraction of the price.Our principals hail from the nations top brand building agencies. We run alean, tight ship, so you receive the resources and quality you deservewithout paying for people who hardly touch your business. Think of Katalystas the choice for big agency results with nimble efficiency...and arefreshingly small price tag. So go ahead, pick our brains. Call Katalyst at 770.887.5504 or email us at info@adkatalyst.com.Kat Downend Principal/Creative DirectorKatalyst has two decades Katalystof experience drivingbrands like Pepsi, Clorox,Nokia and Kingsford. 3. Get a pieceof their mind.Good marketing is about focus: Develop a distinct, ownable identity. Laser in on your creative strategy. Define whatsbetter or distinctive about your product or service and Katalystwill make it unforgettable. These are the keys to winningyour customers hearts and minds. 4. You, only better.Small transformations can do remarkablethings for perception. Its not alwaysabout reinventing the wheel; sometimesyou simply need new tires.A branding tune-up can put your best faceforward. Your customers will see yourcompany in a whole new way and wonderwhat theyve been missing. You know you have a great product or service. But where are the sales? Perhaps its your name, your logo, your packaging? Maybe its your website or marketing vehicle. Change doesnt have to be drastic. Selective changes in design and communication can make a big difference in your impact. 5. Were not a one-trick pony.Our ability to guide and drive your business takes on many forms.We are marketers, designers, writers and rainmakers who think beyondpretty pictures and look to results. We also hail from a variety of disciplines.You will work with senior creative and account management whoare experienced in your specific business arena, be it consumer marketing,business-to-business or retail. Our capabilities are 360: traditionaladvertising, promotions, complete web development, social media marketingand public relations.Why hire a one-trick pony when you can have a full-service creative animal?Well jump through hoops to ensure an outstanding performance. 6. Complete. Compelling. Creative.Katalyst is a full service firm equipped to handle your marketing and creativeinitiatives from brand positioning through creative development. We aremarketers, designers, writers and thinkers who hail from many disciplines withspecialized expertise.Our team includes experts in consumer packaged goods marketing and promotion,business-to-business advertising, internet development and marketing. Being aone-stop shop gives you single-source efficiency and ensures that all elementsof your marketing platform are produced with quality, consistency and cohesion.branding + corporate identityname &amp; tag generation logos stationery kit folder brand standardstraditional advertisingprint, radio, &amp; television advertising consumer and trade media planning &amp; buyingCPG promotions &amp; shopper marketingretail and internet promotions point-of-sale displays and merchandising shoppermarketing product sales kitsmarketing materialsprint ads annual reports brochures sales materials presentations invitations &amp;announcements packagingweb &amp; interactivewebsites social media marketing campaigns intranets e-commerce e-newsletterspromotional tactics w/landing page development and testingpublic relationsannual plans press releases internal PR event promotion fundraising campaigns 7. HOW WE DO ITDISCOVERBe prepared for a lot of questions. Through extensiveQ&amp;A, strategic analysis and competitive benchmarking,including client-generated inspiration and our own,we collaborate to achieve your business objectives andcommunications criteria.CREATEWe begin creative exploration armed with an approvedstrategy and project parameters. We typically present threecomputer comps or roughs including copy headline andcommunication strategy. We then take your choice tofurther development.REFINETypically, a consensus builds around one of the executions and only a few revisions arerequired to ensure the process hasnt deviated from your strategic marching orders.When appropriate, we may suggest research or user testing to bolster the success of acampaign or roll out.PRODUCEWe execute to your specifications with an emphasis on workmanship and timely delivery.Rigorous testing, especially on the web, ensures functionality delivers on user experience.EVALUATEWe make sure our creative has achieved its goal. Does the website convert? Did the adsell CDs? Katalyst uses integrated marketing strategies to measure the impact of whatwe do and make sure our work delivers results. 8. our teamKat Downend has 20 years experienceat leading ad agencies includingTracyLocke/DDB Needham. She hasserved as the Creative Director and SeniorCopywriter on Pepsi, Clorox and otherglobal brands, consumer and B2B.An abundance of ADDY, CLIO, New YorkFestivals and other awards grace her office,providing a fabulous way to display hercollection of dangly earrings.Behind Kats rapier wit (usually at DaveMichaels expense), is a leader and creativevisionary fueling a burgeoning ad agency.When Kat is not at the office, she spendsher time gallivanting with two ginormousAlaskan Malamutes and pursuing theperfect pomegranate martini.Kat Downendprincipal/creative directorShe also dabbles in sculpture but is fairlycertain her skills will never surpassher early achievements with the Play-DohFun Factory. 9. our team If necessity is the mother of invention, creativity is the mother of reinvention. Dave Michaels evolved from a successful 17+ year career with the worlds largest and most prestigious big 4 consulting companies to an accomplished art director and illustrator. His experience with Accenture, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and KPMG included servicing Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Sprint and Apple. The end result is that rare, dualbrain ad bird: a creative thinker who gives our clients whip-smart business strategy and stunning imagery. In between deadlines, Dave works his wizardry as a classical sculptor, is an accomplished adrenaline junkie and determined to find and party with Bat Boy (we miss ya, ya little pimp). His current passion is attempting to break yet another bone, add to his scar collection and see how may times he can wreck his vintage Bobber-style motorcycleDavid Michaels called Smelly Kat. If he can stay in one piece,principal/design director the gas fumes appear to enhance his creativity. 10. Katalyst credentials References Sherry Thurman Marketing DirectorSelect clients Luna Gourmet Coffee Sthurman@hotmail.com01. PepsiCo646226144202. Clorox03. The Art Institute04. NokiaDaniel Scholes Principal05. Denver Art Museum Contract Testing06. Holiday Pest Control Daniel.Scholes@contracttesting.com07. Susan G. Komen 905456078308. Elance.com09. Luna Roaster Gourmet Coffee10. Boys and Girls Clubs Jay Kirkman Principal/Creative Director11. Kimberly Clark Radii Advertising 12. Radius Anti-Aging jkirkman@radiillc.com 13. Lab Mercury Design864421912114. Reckline 15. Epicurean Catering 16. Equifax Gail Obaseki Director of Project Management 17. Guarantee Bank TracyLocke18. Compass Bank gail.obaseki@tracylocke.com 19. Alpharetta Medicine/Rejuvenation Spa214536173320. InterMountain Humane Society David Bell Associate Creative Director The Integer Group dbell@integer.com 2147586100Recognition Jeff LoganCLIO AwardArt Directors Club Best of Show87 ADDY AwardsBPA (Business Pro) Partner/Group Creative DirectorCommunication Arts Magazine London International AwardsTracyLockePrint MagazineHealthcare Marketing Awardsloganjt@verizon.netTelly AwardsWebbie (Internet awards)Popaii Awards (promotions)Obie (Outdoor advertising Kat Downend, Principal/Creative Director Profile and 11 LinkedIn recommendations: http://www.linkedin.com/in/katdownend 11. lean on usPut your faith in our experience. Investing inour track record pays dividends. Before we take on a client, we consider a few things:1. Opportunities to do our best workwhat we2. Clients who understand the value of our worklook for and respect the need for a well-managed creative process3. An openness and willingness to transcend the ordinaryNow that you know what we expect, heres what youcan expect from us:why 1. The highest caliber of workchoose2. The passion and professionalism of top tierus?strategists and creative leaders3. Recommendations that are consistent with both your stated objectives and our philosophy of how to help brands grow4. A commitment to your success that includes leveraging our relationships to your advantage5. The unwavering dedication of an ally who works to support your competitive edge 12. the workA few samples of Katalyst creative work. Look tous for award-winning creative in all media! unify creative sampleskatalyst marketing firm 13. ActivationExtreme Activation POWER UP YOUR PARTNERSHIPSProperly activating promotional partners is the key to recouping your ROI from yoursponsorship investments. From imaginative and impactful event marketing to regionaland local promotions, Katalyst maximizes your ability to leverage sports and entertainmentproperties with strategic versatility: grass roots activation, digital promotions, social mediaand guerrilla marketing are just a few of the ways we bring your property hometo your consumers. 14. AdvertisingGreen Giant Consumer AdFOOD MADE FASHIONABLEThis whimsical ad infused a traditional brand with a little high fashion attitude thatstands out from the crowd. Eat your veggies and it shows! 15. AdvertisingPepsi-Chargers Partner AdFUELING THE CHARGEThe alignment of major sports properties with a soft drink brand is quite a coup in thebeverage industry. Pepsi announced their new status as the Chargers Official Soft Drinkwith ads that literally turned on the power of the Chargers lightning bolt logo. The adsimmediate impact fueled a request for posters and in-store POS, creating a high profilecampaign with tremendous fan appeal. 16. E-commerceJelly Belly SERIOUS CAPABILITIES DRIVE SWEET SUCCESSDont let the sweet facade fool ya; the new jellybelly.com boasts powerful and complexcapabilities! The site features online consumer ecommerce with backend order and fulfillmenttrackingthe sales process site is tied to enterprise planning and warehouse managementsystems. The site is also a portal for its core wholesale business, which serves thousands ofgourmet candy retailers and mass merchandisers. Orders have increased by 35 percentsince launch. 17. IdentityPeekabrewLOOKS LIKE FRESH, FUN BRANDINGA new roaster company sought a brand name and identity that would capture the benefitof beans packaged at the peak of freshness, plus have a friendly, "micro brew" appeal.The name and logo for Peekabrew elicited smiles with style across the board. 18. Internet PromotionsDelicious Redemption12,000 ORDERS IN TWO WEEKS! Mrs. Smiths pies sought a way to combat seasonal sales slumps. Everyone loves pieduring the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? This free calendar programfeatured delectable pie photography and a coupon offer every month. The calendarreceived 12,000 requests in two weeks and needed to be reordered. Coupon redemptionswere also unprecedented, receiving 6-12% redemption rates. 19. Internet PromotionsClorox CLEAN BREAK SWEEPSTAKESTo drive trial for Cloroxs new and improved Disinfecting Wipes, online adsdepicted the benefits with wipe away the mess Flash animations and aconsumer sweeps offered the chance to win a trip to an unspoiled paradise. 20. PackagingPackaging PowerVOLUME DRIVING DESIGNPackaging development, extension ideation, private label development and promotionalpackaging are all areas of Katalyst expertise. We meld years of experience applying shoppermarketing best practices with world class design to produce packaging thats on brand andon strategy. We are also specialists at helping you gain in-store real estate and incrementalvolume though compelling sales kits and volume producing initiatives. 21. PromotionsDiet Pepsi/Super Bowl TOUGH STATEMENT ABOUT DIET TASTEDiet soft drinks have long been a female demographic, with marketing clearly speakingto women 1825. So how do you connect with men? By making some tough statementsabout taste. This campaign staked Diet Pepsis claim as the official soft drink of theSuper Bowl, infusing a traditionally female (diet) beverage with masculine appeal. 22. PromotionsSully Closet WHATS IN A NAME?When Pepsi joined forces with Monsters Inc. in a co-promotion,Pepsi spurred retailer participation with a display challenge program.The mailer touted prize opportunities and featured a cut-out-and-buildSully and closet to keep the program top of mind (or desk). 23. PromotionsFresh Step Cat LitterTHE SMELL OF SUCCESSLike many brands, Fresh Step faced declining share as a higher priced option in atight economy. To drive home the brands quality point of difference to cat lovers, wecreated a direct mail piece that packed a three-way punch: it offered news with thebrand launch of a lavender scent, educated consumers about the role a fresh litter boxplays in keeping cats happy and healthy and featured a coupon that offered an excellentprice incentive to give it a try. The strategy proved an excellent trial-driver and wascarried into newspapers across the country. 24. PromotionsNot G-Rated AnymoreA NEW GAME FACE FOR THE FANSTo celebrate Pepsis partnership with Anaheim Ducks, Katalyst developed an adcampaign that made light of the hockey teams departure from the Disney franchise....Ducks with true hockey attitude. The horror movie goalie is actually a hand-illustratedshot of the real Ducks G man in action. 25. PromotionsNokia Spike Lee Promotion LIGHTS, CAMERA, CONSUMER ACTIONNokia sought a promotional concept that drew attention to its newest phones qualityvideo capabilities. The winning idea employed film director Spike Lees visibility toprompt Nokia cell phone users to send in their cell phone video stories and helpco-create the worlds first collaborative film. 26. PromotionsPOS PowerTAKING PEPSI TO THE SUPER BOWLPromoting Pepsis coveted designation as the official soft drink of the Superbowl is a vitalpart of activa...</p>