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<ul><li><p>Pentecost by Crayon by Reconciling United Methodist, Duke Divinity seminarian, Florida Conference ministry candidate Pam McMillan </p><p>MARRIAGE EQUALITYits about love. p10</p><p>queering pentecostflaming tongues and Spirit poured out on ALL people, p8 </p><p>wedding bellscouples will say I do at convocation, p11</p><p>+meet matt</p><p>RMNs new Executive Director shares story, p2</p><p>EXECUTIVE EXCLUSIVE</p><p>katalyst m a y 2 0 1 3 r e c o n c i l i n g m i n i s t r i e s n e t w o r k w w w . r m n e t w o r k . o r g</p><p>New Reconciling CoachesProcess Coaches ready to shepherd your church p3</p><p>Love on Trial, againNY clergy person and dean charged for sons wedding p11</p><p>Because you gaveTyler came to a convocationthat changed his world p4</p><p>Convocation: workshopsWhy ChurchQuake will be unlike other gatherings p5</p></li><li><p> The Florida Conference of The UMC</p><p>There are soMe Things aboUT whiCh we MUsT reMain s ilenT.- LUdWIg WITTgENSTEIN, 20th CENTURY PhILoSoPhER </p><p>words. Silence before the mystery of it all leaves one speechless. And yet, it is in the grasping attempts to write, to sing, and to tell that have brought us where we are this far. I must speak. You must speak. We must speak. We must keep weaving this garland.</p><p>You were there beside me when I sang the hallelujah chorus on my childhood swing-set. You were there beside me when my mother taught me the first song I ever learned to play on the piano, what a Friend we have in Je-sus. You were there beside me when the words little boys dont like other little boys reached my ear. You were there every time Rev. Borom, with his words, announced the exhaustive and unending love of god for ALL. You were there when the echoes of schoolmates mockery kept me up at night. You were there before the Board of ordained Ministry as I heard the glorious soundings of your ongoing praise. You were there when the gap between here and there was too great for me. You were there when I first ex-perienced the love of another man and your hearts broke with joy alongside mine. You were there when I left the church. You shouted with me. You got angry with me. You wept with me. To-day, you are with me still. And I cannot begin to speak the proper words, the right words, the most beautiful words for there arent any. Wittgenstein was right. And yet, the Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words. These Spirit sighs and shouts are the strands of our common faith out of which we will continue to weave this garland of praise.</p><p>It is an honor and a privilege to serve as RMNs new executive director, and I look forward to working with you to co-create a United Methodist Church that embodies the love of god and neighbor for all people.</p><p>. . .</p><p>WhEN WoRdS fALL ShoRT, ThE SPIR IT SPEAkSby MaTT berryMan, exeCUTive direCTor</p><p>In deep moments of mystery and paradox, these words like hummingbirds hover over the branches and buds of my mental landscape. It is true that deep feelings of awe, wonder, gratitude, and even pain are difficult to express. Perhaps this is why we write poems, compose music, and tell stories. words cant express, we say or, words just dont do it justice, expressing our intuitive awareness of the depth of this life. our deepest emotions demand more. </p><p>As I think of Reconciling Ministries Network and all the good people past and present who worked to proclaim and embody the message of inclusion and hope for those oppressed by a divided church, I can feel the unmistakable churning of emotions. for it is the same good people, supported and strengthened by their own answer to the call of Biblical obedience, who nurtured, strengthened, and supported me and you without even knowing it. As those who are committed to the ongoing work of inclusion, we stand together with them. The emotions are, of course, hard to express. In that churning I hear poems of confusion and clarity, music of disappointment and delight, and stories of fear and faith all woven together mysteriously into a garland of praise. Naturally, I struggle for </p><p>2 | Katalyst</p></li><li><p>CoaChes &amp; ChurChquaKesBY raCheL harVeY, DeaCoNess, assoCIaTe eXeCuTIVe DIreCTor</p><p>I experienced my first earthquake in oklahoma City, oklahoma. Shaken awake, I ran into the hallway where Monica and harold Swink (my calm hosts) were waiting for me. The rumbling stopped after about a minute and we all went back to bed. over breakfast we explored the nights experience. I never dreamed my first earthquake would be in okla-homa, I said. didnt you feel the earth shake on your first night here? they asked. I guess I had slept through my first official earthquake and caught the second one. While short lived, the 5.6 quake (the largest in oklahomas history) left a lasting impression on me and the landscape. </p><p>and often gracefully engaging conflict, which is one of the qualities I admire most about him. for the past 29 years, RMN has taken cues from Jesus life. We know, as he did, that as we bring the life-changing message </p><p>of gods all inclusive love, communities need a guide. In the first year of RMNs new coach-ing model, we have trained 254 people as process coaches, leaders who are prepared and supported to guide prospective Reconcil-ing communities through a process to pub-licly welcome and affirm LgBTQ people. 153 of those trained, 53% more than expected, are actively coaching a community through the Reconciling process- navigating the large and small quakes that are always part of the habitat of a healthy community, just as Jesus and the disciples did. If you want to join in </p><p>RMNs life-saving ministry as a Reconciling process coach, contact your Regional organizer today and sign up for the process coach training pre-day at ChurchQuake!</p><p>for Reconciling United Methodists on the west coast and in other earthquake prone environments, this years convocation theme, ChurchQuake paired with a seismogram logo, might be unsettling. While we hope the scripture pairing (Acts 16:16-40) reveals some of our symbolic inten-tions, this years theme also repre-sents the constant change taking place within prospective Reconciling communities, churches engaging in discussions of marriage for all, and our beloved United Methodist Church. What LgBTQ rights activist Urvashi Vaid said about movements (the thing about movements is that they move) is also true of faith communities. Change is a manifes-tation of a healthy community. graph Jesus life, and it reveals a path that looks more like a seismogram than a flat line as he spent much of his time directly </p><p>rMN regional organizers</p><p>Northeastern - helen ryde helen@rmnetwork.org - 312-448-5307</p><p>southeastern - Laura rossbertrossbert@rmnetwork.org - 312-448-5306</p><p>south Central - Laura Younglaura@rmnetwork.org - 312-448-5309</p><p>North Central &amp; Western rachel@rmnetwork.org - 312-448-5302 </p><p>WE kNoW, AS JESUS dId, ThAT AS WE BRINg ThE </p><p>L IfE ChANgINg MESSAgE of godS ALL </p><p>INCLUSIVE LoVE, CoMMUNIT IES NEEd A gUIdE.</p><p>www.rmnetwork.org | 3</p></li><li><p>As a student living on peanut-butter sandwiches, attending a conference without a scholarship is plainly impos-sible for me. despite my passion for equality, it is hard to justify the cost when the price of textbooks and rent loom larger than ever. And yet, it is this very life situation that makes the con-tribution of students valuable to the RMN movement: we have an on-the-ground perspective of communities that the church needs to incorporate. Todays young people are doing in-novative, fresh things that define the church of today and our futureand our ability to participate ensures that RMN will continue to be a movement of the present and future, too.</p><p>do you remember when convocation was in Colorado, and Marcia Mcfee had the entire congregation bow to each other, like there was a wave of re-spect passing through the crowd? The memory still sticks with me because it was a corporal way that RMN told me that it cared about diverse voices. But really, it was the scholarship that I received that showed me RMN cared about my voice, that the unique things I brought to the table were as equally valuable in the sanctuary. I left that convocation feeling energized and re-</p><p>freshed, and four years later I am still striving for full inclusion of all people in our churchlargely because of what I learned in Colorado.</p><p>There is no doubt that my participation in convocation was directly related to my participation in RMN activism at general Conference. Because I already knew the people of RMN, I wasnt afraid to pray with them around the legislative bar, rally with them under-neath the Tabernacle tent, or dance with them across the conference cen-ter floor. Things got rough at general Conferencewe all know thatbut my friendships sustained me and moti-vated me to continue our struggle. </p><p>Support from people like you showed me that I have a place in the Recon-ciling movement and in The United Methodist Church. And so, let us con-tinuetogether. </p><p> Make your convo scholarship gift: - www.rmnetwork.org/scholarship - check payable to RMN with Scholarship in the memo - call us at 773-736-5526</p><p>. . .</p><p>Embodying divErsityeMpoWerINg LeaDershIp</p><p>I T WAS ThE SChoLARShIP I RECEIVEd ThAT ShoWEd ME RMN CAREd ABoUT dIVERSE VoICES, ThAT ThE UNIQUE ThINgS I BRoUghT To ThE TABLE WERE EQUALLY VALUABLE IN ThE SANCTUARY. </p><p>thank you for giving...</p><p>Your incredible generosity is a testament to your belief that all are welcomed and included at gods table.</p><p>in memory of:Carol Carsey by lynn gilbert</p><p>edna lucille Tomlinson by billie &amp; violet elaine Taylor</p><p>dorothy J. Truran by Phyllis a Truran</p><p>lee witters by Jay &amp; Maureen vetter</p><p>in honor of:Matt berryman by barbara borom, linda Carroll, revs. april &amp; Craig hall Cutting, donald l. harris, oregon-idaho reconciling United Methodists, anne Mund, Jeanne rozman, ellen shaner</p><p>brittany burrows &amp; alex Mcneill by dr. dave barnhart</p><p>gadomski/littleton Marriage by alexandra wolf</p><p>russell harvey by andy &amp; Marilyn belcher</p><p>amory Peck/linda lambert Marriage by sophia agtarap, deborah Maria, John &amp; ann haller, robynne &amp; dotti berry-sapp</p><p>rMn staff for keeping calm and carrying on with grace, humor, and perseverance during the transition period of executive directors by deborah Maria</p><p>by Tyler siT, Candler sChool oF Theology</p><p>4 | Katalyst</p></li><li><p>6 | Magazine First Edition</p><p>&lt; WINTer </p><p>TreND &gt;Quisque eu porta magna. </p><p>Integer purus justo, auctor eu sagittis cursus, imperdiet vel ipsum. fusce nibh lacus, faucibus non ullamcorper at, porta vel dui. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.</p></li><li><p>First Edition Magazine | 7</p><p>parTY </p><p>TreND &gt;Quisque eu porta magna. </p><p>Integer purus justo, auctor eu sagittis cursus, imperdiet vel ipsum. fusce nibh lacus, faucibus non ullamcorper at, porta vel dui. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.</p></li><li><p>South Africa taught me something about Pentecost. When I was a parishioner at the Church of the holy Trinity in Johannesburg, at Pentecost we decorated the church with 12 large red banners, one on each of the 12 pillars of the church, in 12 different lan-guages. It was absolutely appropriate for a feast day renowned for its gift of tongues, and absolutely appropriate also, for a par-ish characterized by its own racial and linguistic diversity. South Africa has 11 official languages. It also has a large population of migrants from Zimbabwe, Congo, Nigeria, and the rest of Africa, with its own plethora of languages. With its central city location and adjacent university campus, the parish reflects the full range of Johannesburgs population diversity. Seeing this reflected in the churchs Pentecost decoration was always an inspiring, uplifting experience.</p><p>diversity, however, is more than a mat-ter of ethnicity and language. It also includes age diversity, wealth and social statusand sexual and gender diversity. fittingly, this parish now in-cludes in its activities an impressive, explicit LgBT ministry.</p><p>This is made clear in this extract from 1 Cor 12:</p><p>as a body is one, though it has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though many, are one body, so also Christ. For in one spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or greeks, slaves or free persons, and we were all given to drink of one spirit.</p><p>Whether Jews or greeks, slaves or free persons, by extension could easily be read to include whether straight or gay, cis or transgender. All surely, must mean all, without exceptionor it means nothing. </p><p>Inspiring as it is today to note and celebrate diversity, theres an even more important message in Pente-cost this is the day that we observe the action of the holy Spirit, entering and inspiring every one of usall lan-guages and races, all social classes, all sexual orientations and genderand all castes within the church, laity as well as religious sisters, priests and bishops. Pentecost should be viewed as the birthday of the Church, the day when responsibility was passed by the holy Spirit to the gathered assembly of Christians, and were told by Christ to set aside their fear, to leave the safety of the locked rooms, to go out into the world and preach the good news.</p><p>The pentecost Celebration of Diversity, and the holy spirit.</p><p>LoRd, SENd oUT YoUR SPIR IT, ANd RENEW ThE fACE of ThE EARTh. (PS 1o4)</p><p>queerINgpeNTeCosTTereNCe WeLDoN ~ www.queeringthechurch.com</p><p>8 | Katalyst</p></li><li><p>i have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. but when the spirit comes, the spirit of truth, she will guide you to all truth. The spirit will not speak on her own, but will speak what she hears, and will declare to you the things that are coming. (John 16)</p><p>The holy Spirits message was passed on to all who were assembled, with-out distinction of clerical caste, or any other mark of distinction. The implica-tions are clear.</p><p>for LgBT Christians, we too must not be afraid to stake our claim to full partici-pation and inclusion in the affairs and activities of the Christian community. </p><p>guided by the holy Spirit, we are to preach the good Newsand that in-cludes preaching the authentic gospel of inclusion to those who have distort-ed Christs message to one of prejudice and exclusion.</p><p>. . .</p><p>A PRAyER FoR PENtECoStBY JoAN ChITT ISTER</p><p>The holy sPir iT eMbodies The l iFe ForCe oF The Uni-verse, The Power oF god, The aniMaTing energy Pres-enT in all Things and CaPTUred by none. on This greaT FeasT oF PenTeCosT, The CoMing oF The sPir iT oF god, i inviTe yoU To Pray wiTh Me:</p><p>May The giFTs oF The holy sPir iTbring F ire To The earThso ThaT The PresenCe oF godMay be seenin a new l ighT,in new PlaCes,in new ways.</p><p>May oUr own hearTsbUrsT inTo FlaMeso ThaT no obsTaCle,no MaTTer how greaT,ever obsTrUCTs The MessageoF The god wiThin eaCh oF Us.</p><p>May we CoMe To TrUsTThe word oF god in oUr hearT,To sPeak iT wiTh CoUrage,To Follow iT FaiThFUllyand To Fan iT To FlaMe in oThers.</p><p>aMen.</p><p>ww</p><p>w.heqigallery.com</p><p>doug blanchard</p><p>www.rmnetwork.org | 9</p></li><li><p> ITs AboUT LovE - AnswERInG LovEs cALL - LovE on TRIAL, AGAIn</p><p> MarrIage equaLITY </p><p>rev. dr. karen oliveto, pastorglide Memorial UMC</p><p>karen,...</p></li></ul>