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1. Table of contents Mega Pokmon Kinds of stages Legendary birds Possible moves Fun facts 2. Mega Pokmon What is a mega Pokmon? A mega Pokmon is stronger than an ex and gets more hp and its attacks are stronger What does a mega evolve from? A mega evolves from an ex What can happen when a Pokmon mega evolves? It cant control its aura some times 3. Kinds of stages How many stages can a Pokmon have? Pokmon can have 1, 2, 3, and sometimes 4 or 5 but it is rare and eevee is the only Pokmon that has 8 stages What are the names of the stages? Pokmon start out basic than move on to stage1 than stage2 and stage3 and sometimes 4 and 5 which is ex and mega 4. Legendary birds How many legendary birds are there? There are 3 legendary birds they are articuno, maltres, and zapados Where can you find them? In the kalos region What does legendary mean? Legendary means hard to find and is rare to be seen 5. Possible moves How many moves can a Pokmon have? Most Pokmon have 2 moves, but once they get to mega they only have 1 move because It may do 220 or 230 damage Are there 2 moves a Pokmon have? Some times a Pokmon can have 4 moves and if it gets another move it has to unlearn a move 6. Fun facts Did you know there are more than 720 Pokmon Did you know the kalos region Is the first Did you know some Pokmon Are mega and ex and some are not 7. About the Author The Author of this book is Justin is in third grade. The author picked this topic because he like Pokmon .