June 14 th, 2012 WV KidStrong Conference Charleston, WV

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  • June 14th, 2012WV KidStrong ConferenceCharleston, WV

  • The mission of the Oral Health Program is to promote and improve the oral health of all West Virginians

  • 2005- WV had very limited activity focused on oral health

    2006- Claude W. Benedum Foundation made initial investment into the oral health of WV

    2007- WV Partners for Oral Health Established

    WV Oral Health Timeline

  • 2010 First ever WV Oral Health Plan was developed

    This plan is the road map for how we as a State are going to move forward in improving the oral health of WV

  • WV received a failing grade F

    2010 Pew Foundation Oral Health Report Card

  • Kindergarten and Third Grades conducted in 2011

    Oral Health Surveillance

  • Statewide School Oral Health Surveillance First time WV has been able to provide a snapshot of the State

    Random Sampling of Kindergarten and Third Grades

    Calibrated Dental Professionals

  • Findings Overview24 Schools 15 Counties 1,093 Students 338 (30.7%) had experiences caries (Tooth Decay)205 (18.8%) had active tooth decay 28 (2.6%) needed urgent treatment 130 (29%) out of 449 Third Graders Had Sealants

  • WV Oral Health CoalitionBy-laws establishedLeaders selectedMeet Quarterly

  • WV received a year 1 planning grant to strengthen the State oral health infrastructure and increase medical/dental collaborationHired a FTE EpidemiologistDevelop Oral Health Curriculum for All Allied Health Professionals Hire of Statewide Sealant Coordinator

    DentaQuest Grant

  • 2011 Pew Foundation Oral Health Report Card C

  • Training developed by WVU School of DentistryMedicaid & CHIPS reimburses providers with appropriate trainingFluoride Varnish Training Program

  • Universal Pre-K SurveillanceJust completed 2012

    Oral Health Program secured funding for adult and seniors

  • WV Kids Count Report

  • WV for the first time has a full-time dental director, this is a huge step in bringing our state in compliance with recommendations from the CDC and ASTDD


  • 2012 Legislation was passed that will allow Public Health Dental Hygienist to apply dental sealants, a preventive measure, to children without a prior examination by a dental.

    This law also requires that a referral be made to a collaborating dentist for establishment of a dental home Legislation Change

  • The Appalachian Regional Commission and the Benedum Foundation funded Marshall University to establish school based sealant programs throughout WV ---To Date- 26 communities in 25 counties have received funding

    School-Community Partnership Sealant Program

  • Making a shift to a regional approachMore of a train the trainer modelSupportive roles available to all countiesFull-Time Support Care Navigation Educational Materials

    Oral Health Educator Redesign

  • Increase in school service programsIncrease in dental program and projects within the school and community settingAccess to assistance for referrals, support and educationValid, reliable data to support grants, and programsMeasurable outcomes What this means for YOU!

  • What do you need in the way of support?What is working in your school setting?What are some of the challenges you face?What changes would you like to see?What other things do you want to share? Now, I want to hear from you-

  • Dr. Jason Roush 304.488.0584Jason.M.Roush@wv.gov

    Question and Answer

    2005- WV had little if any oral health movement, we had less than a full time dental director that was unable to be effective, we had no formalized state dental plan, no school sealant programs, no data to back up if we were the worst or not 2006- After attending at Children Health Conference and conducting 100 interviews in 100 days, Beverly Robinson the then VP of Benedum noted that 85% of those she talked to identified oral health as a need in WV and particularly with WV children---- with that being said Benedum then made Oral Health a priority area, and made their initial investment into the oral health improvement 2007- that initial funding help to establish the WV partners for oral health a grassroot effort to begin changing the overall climate of oral health in WV This was the start of many great changes in our state *This is critical for foundations and government agencies as it shows them that we have a formalized plan for any money received and also made us eligible for HRSA, CDC, etc funding prior to this we weren't even in a position to apply *Expand on this about how they as schools and school providers can partners with private dentist FQHC to replicate programs this will streamline the existing programs in existence *


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