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Judaism: Origins. A Brief History of the Jewish People. The Torah is made up of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. Who are the Hebrews?. Not mentioned in recorded history until 1200 BCE (Pharaoh Ramses’ reign) Before this time: “Age of the Patriarchs” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Judaism: Origins

Judaism: OriginsA Brief History of the Jewish PeopleThe Torah is made up of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.Who are the Hebrews?Not mentioned in recorded history until 1200 BCE (Pharaoh Ramses reign)Before this time: Age of the Patriarchspatriarch= men hold greatest legal and moral authority

The People of the Biblical LandsAgricultural settlements along rivers (i.e., Nile)

Most nomadic herderssheep, camel, goats

Nomads travelled long distances throughout Southwest Asia (Middle East)

The Father of JudaismJews consider Abraham the father of their religion and people~4100 years agoAbraham born in UrHis tribe was polytheisticMigrated west to escape chaosTribal rivalriesUnrest in and cities

The CovenantAccording to the Bible, G-d angered by polytheism of His peopleHe chose Abraham to change these waysAbrahams promise to believe in one god (the Covenant), is the beginning of JudaismTo test Abrahams faith, G-d told Abraham to sacrifice his son IsaacG-d stopped himJews consider themselves the descendents of Abraham, through Isaacs line

What important difference existed between the Israelites and those of nearby peoples? (Question #1)

What are the two declarations of the Covenant? (Question #5)

The ExodusA second critical moment in Jewish history - Exodus from Egypt

When? More than 3300 y. a.

Moses (an Egyptian name) was living in exile, called upon by G-d to return to free the Hebrews

MosesWhile in exile, he came upon a burning bush one dayG-d spoke to him, asking him to return to Egypt to free the Hebrews

He returns and informs the pharaoh that a series of plagues would descend upon Egypt

The PlaguesThe plagues in the Bible are:(Exodus 7:14-25) rivers and other water sources turned to blood killing all fish and other water life. (Exodus 8:1-8:15) amphibians (commonly believed to be frogs)(Exodus 8:16-19) lice or gnats(Exodus 8:20-30) beasts or flies(Exodus 9:1-7) disease on livestock(Exodus 9:8-12) unhealable boils(Exodus 9:13-35) hail mixed with fire(Exodus 10:1-20) locusts(Exodus 10:21-29) darkness(Exodus 11:1-12:36) death of the first-born of all Egyptian families.

Hebrews were spared most of the plagues; the Angel of Death passed over their homes if they had sacrificed a lamb and marked the doorpost with its bloodExodusThe Pharaoh relents and allows the Hebrews, led by Moses to leave on their termsBut the Pharaoh sends troops after the Hebrews; they escape after G-d parts the Red SeaThey travel across the Sinai Peninsula, eventually settling in near Mt. SinaiMoses receives Ten Commandments

The 10 Commandments and the teachings of the prophets teach a strong code of ethics, or moral standards, for the followers of Judaism.

Describe some of the moral standards that you live by in your every day life.

A Captive PeopleDiaspora of the JewsBeginning with the Babylonian Captivity in 586 B.C.E., Jews began to move to different parts of the worldSome were exiledSome moved to farthest regions of their empiresOthers were discontent with political rulers

How were Jews able to maintain their identity despite being spread out? (Question #12)

How might this ability to maintain a strong identity have been a source of frustration for non-Jews?

How are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam similar? (Question #13)Quick write:Using your new knowledge of Jewish history, try to explain what caused the Jews to become a persecuted people (such as the era of the Holocaust).

What percent (%) of religious hate-crimes do you think are committed against Jews in the U.S. each year?

Which religious group do you think is victimized the most by religious hate crime in the U.S.? Explain your choice.


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