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  • HYMN of the JUBILEE


    God, Father of mercy,

    who called your servant Dominic de Guzman

    to set out in faith

    as an itinerant pilgrim and a preacher of grace,

    as we prepare to celebrate the Jubilee of the Order

    we ask you to pour again into us

    the Spirit of the Risen Christ,

    that we might faithfully and joyfully proclaim

    the Gospel of peace,

    through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.


    Laudare, Benedicere, Prdicare

    Laudare, we praise our Lord with our saintsBenedicere, we lift our voice in songPrdicare, we proclaim Your Word to the world.

    Sent out to preach by Dominic sent two by two to all the worldsent out to study the Gospel of graceto find new ways to preach.

    Un cur, une me, tout donnscontemplatifs merveillsjoyeux amis, apprenez-nouspour les pcheurs, misricorde.

    Presencia del amor de DiosPresencia profticaPresencia compasivaSembradores de esperanza

    Embrace with grace the marketplaceEmbrace the world not of the worldEmbrace the mission with compassion to preach the word to the world


    Fr. Franklin Buitrago Rojas, O.P.: secretarius@curia.op.org


  • Opening of the Dominican JubileeDate: Saturday, 7 November 2015 (Feast of All Saints of the Order)Location: Provinces - local communities of the Dominican family Each province and each local community, in cooperation with the different branches of the Dominican Family, are invited to celebrate a solemn opening ceremony of the Jubilee on 7 November 2015. That same day, the Master of the Order will preside at a solemn opening celebration of the Jubilee in the Basilica of Santa Sabina with the participation of all the branches of the Dominican Family. This celebration will be streamed live via the website of the Order. The Steering Committee of the Jubilee shall forward a common liturgical text and symbol that will help give unity to all celebrations. We want to take three elements of the Dominican iconography: the stick, the book and the apostolic mandate, which introduce us to the common theme for all the Jubilee celebrations: Sent to preach the Gospel.

    Jubilee Lectio DivinaDate: 7 November 2015 to 21 January 2017Location: the Program will be offereD through the website of the JubileeCoordination: Fr. Dominic Izzo, Socius for Permanent FormationMotivated by the Proemium of the General Chapter of Trogir, we propose a Jubilee Lectio to encourage and to nourish the renewal of our Dominican life through an attentive listening to the Word - a life of prayer and contemplation in silence and study (cf. ACG Trogir, 42). This daily Lectio during the Jubilee Year of the Order will consist of four brief sections: lectio, studio, meditatio, and oratio, translated into the three official lan-guages of the Order, and posted on the Jubilee webpage of the Orders website. The Lectio for the Jubilee Year will follow the universal calendar of the Church and the proper calendar of the Order. We also hope to include artworks that correspond to the day as a way of incorporating the importance of the arts in preaching.

    Pilgrimage of the Holy Rosary with the Monasteries of the Order Date: 7 November 2015 to 21 January 2016Location: all Dominican monasteries in Different continentsCoordination: Fr. Louis-Marie Ario-Durand, General Promoter for the Holy Rosary - Fr. Cesar Valero, General Promoter for the Nuns - Federations of nuns and communities of the monasteriesOn the opening day of the Jubilee, the Master of the Order will bless a number of pilgrim rosaries that will be sent to each Dominican monastery in the world. These are a symbol of communion for the entire Dominican Family in prayer. A common calendar will be proposed also to all the monasteries, assigning a particular date to each one to convene the local Dominican Family to pray the Rosary, so that we form a contin-uous chain of prayer throughout the Jubilee Year.

    Symposium on the Word of God: 50 years of the Constitution Dei Verbum Date: 11 to 13 February 2016Location: rome (in cooPeration with the Pust - angelicum)Coordination: Fr. Konstanc Adam, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas - Fr. Marcel Sigrist, Biblical School of Jerusalem - Fr. Guido Vergauwen, Faculty of Theology of Fribourg (Switzerland) The academic institutions under the immediate jurisdiction of the Master of the Order will also join the celebrations of the Jubilee Year through an event that responds to the central theme: Sent to preach the Gospel. Under the coordination of a steering committee, they will organize a symposium about the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum. This Symposium will feature four thematic areas: 1) Revelation in an interfaith context; 2) Scripture and Tradition in ecumenical and historical context; 3) Prophecy and interpretation in the formation of community and humanity; 4) New ways of preaching.

    International Meeting of representatives of Dominican Priestly FraternitiesDate: 22 - 26 February 2016 PLace: rome Coordination: Fr. Florentino Bolo, Coordinator of the Priestly Fraternities in the Order This international meeting will provide the priestly fraternities of the Order an opportunity to respond to the provisions of the General Chapter (cf. ACG Rome, 233), and to promote their own life and mission, especially in the context of the Jubilee.

    Lent 2016: Penitential Celebration in Local communities Date: Lent of 2016 Location: Provinces, convents, local communities anD fraternities

    Coordination: Steering Committee of the Jubilee - Dominican Liturgical Com-mission Provincial and local superiors - Provincial Promoters for the JubileeThe General Chapter of Trogir recommended that in order to provide spaces of re-newal and healing of our fraternal relations, all communities include at least once a year a time of communal reconciliation among the brothers (ACG Trogir, 66).In response to this invitation, and extending it to all communities of the Do-minican Family, the Steering Committee of the Jubilee, with the help of the Dominican Liturgical Commission propose a common guide for a communal celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation. Provinces and local communities are invited to keep in their calendars a space for this celebration during the time of Lent of 2016.

    Dominicans in WYD Krakow 2016 Date: 26 to 31 July 2016 Location: KraKow (PolanD) Coordination: Province of Poland - International Dominican Youth Movement The Dominican Family has been present in different ways in the past World Youth Days: celebrations, spaces of prayer, cultural activities and spaces for dif-ferent groups coming from around the world. Following this dynamic, the General Chapter of Krakow asked the International Dominican Youth Movement to organize a meeting about the next World Youth Day to be held in Krakow (Poland) in 2016. At the same time, the Dominican

    T he Order will celebrate a Jubilee Year with the theme Sent to preach the Gospel. This marks the issuing of the Bulls promulgated by Pope Honorius III eight centuries ago, confirming the foundation of the Order, in 1216 and 1217.

    In celebrating a Jubilee, the Order seeks to renew itself by entering into a dynamic process that culminates in sending the friars to preach anew. We are invited to return to the origins of the Order to remember how St. Dominic sent out his first friars from their house, their family, and their nation so as to discover the joy and freedom of itinerancy.

    As disciples of Christ, we are sent to preach the Gospel. We share

    the joy and the freedom of being sent with the whole

    Dominican Family.

    Province of Poland, as host of this event, has been working on the preparation of a Dominican presence at WYD in Krakow.

    Young Dominicans in the Footsteps of St. Dominic Date: July and August 2016 Location: castile (sPain), langueDoc (france), bologna anD rome (italy)Coordination: Fr. Franklin Buitrago (friars) - Sr. Marie-Therese Clement (sisters) - Fr. Rui Carlos Lopes (laity)During the months of July and August 2016, several groups of friars, sisters and lay Dominicans in initial formation will travel on pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Dominic through the historical sites of the origins of the Order in Castile (Spain), Languedoc (France), Bologna and Rome (Italy). Although the groups will not be together at all locations (due to the limited capacity of accommodation in some of them), some moments of encounter along the way are planned. One group will consist of one hundred friars in initial formation (2 from each entity of the Order) and will travel the route of Saint Dominic in the company of the Master of the Order. They will be present at the opening of the General Chapter of Bologna.

    General Chapter of Bologna 2016 Date: July to August 2016 location: bologna (italy) Coordination: General Curia OP - Province of Saint Dominic in Italy St. Dominic bequeathed to his Order a system of community governance based on chapters that promote the mission of the Order and its renewal. For this rea-son, to celebrate the eighth centenary of the Order is also to celebrate a tradition of several centuries of community and democratic government. The General Chapter of Provincials that will be held during the summer of 2016 has a very special place among the celebrations for the Jubilee. The place chosen for the chapter also has a special meaning: The Patriarchal Convent of Bologna preserves the remains of our Father Saint Dominic.

    Day of Prayer with the Holy Rosary Date: 7 October 2016 location: each local community Coordination: Jubilee Provincial Promoters - Promoters for the Holy Rosary - Dominican Family at Provincial and local level We invite all monasteries, convents, communities and fraternities to prepare a celebrat


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