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<p>Repair Democracy for Fun and ProfitWHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US AT VOTIZEN</p> <p>Do it for your country</p> <p>Were working on something really, really important. We we say we want to change the world, were talking about repairing democracy not a revolutionary way to sell grilled cheese.</p> <p>vs</p> <p>Give me liberty or give me grilled cheese which inspires you?</p> <p>Build meaningful things</p> <p>We connect voters to issues they care about. We connect voters to ofcials between elections. We connect voters to other voters to get things done.</p> <p>Join a great team David Binetti, the creator of usa.govCEO</p> <p> Jason Putorti, the lead designer for mint.comPRODUCT DESIGN</p> <p> Matt Snider, the rst engineer for mint.comUI ENGINEERING</p> <p>See the big opportunityBIG TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS PRESAGE INCREASED POLITICAL SPENDING</p> <p>This market has grown 25% a year for 50 years.</p> <p>$500MM</p> <p>$2.5B</p> <p>$5B</p> <p>$10B</p> <p>60sM A S S M EDI A</p> <p>80sDIR ECT MA IL</p> <p>2000I NT E RN ET</p> <p>08</p> <p>12</p> <p>S OCI AL S EL F -O R G ANI Z ATI O N M ED I A</p> <p>Connect with great investorsWhat is it about the world you know is true that everyone else doesnt understand?PETER THIEL</p> <p>also investedSEAN PARKER AYDIN SENKUT RON CONWAY CHRIS DIXON DAVE MCCLURE KEITH RABOIS DAVID COWAN CATERINA FAKE MARK GOINES TIM CONNORS STEVE BLANK SHERVIN PISHEVAR ERIC RIES</p> <p>Fun culture</p> <p>def stay_until_margaritas(): if weekly_goals_met: margaritas() else: stay_until_margaritas()</p> <p>Farmville Starcraft Salary to live on. Equity to retire on.(Health benets in the meantime.)tweet this</p> <p>Chill oce</p> <p>Solid-core desk, 8 core processors computers of your choice Comfortable chair Windows &amp; sunlight! All the caffeine you need</p> <p>Great Location Downtown Mountain View 2 blocks from Caltrain baby bullet, VTA. Bike-friendly. Near 101, 85, 280. Fuel at Red Rock, Dana St. Roasters, Verde Tea, Starbucks, or Peets. Tons of food within blocks. Unlike San Francisco, no taxes on your stock options!</p> <p>Choose your pathengineeringor</p> <p>marketing</p> <p>Minimal BS process</p> <p>Move fast &amp; break things Continuously deploy QA write tests Talk to customers Can git push to prod in 10 minutes tweet this</p> <p>H el ln o.</p> <p>Our build light.</p> <p>Move fast Marketing advises, design guides, engineering builds. Agile, TDD approach with pivotal tracker. Open source tweet this votizen Even our designers have CS</p> <p>Big technical challenges Write the API that will be used by the White House, Congress, and all the state governments Were at 1B SQL rows en route to 100B; make that data usable Own the backend and database infrastructure Work with machine learning PhDs</p> <p>Marketing opportunity You think strategically but the emphasis is on getting things done. Youre interested in good government &amp; politics, but are not expressly tied to any candidate, party, or cause. You can point to a success in building something a product, a startup, or your personal brand.</p> <p>The big picture</p> <p>You own the message. Get crafty! Our space is heating up and will be whitehot by 2012. What is our market position on Election Day? What is the Votizen story and how do we tell it?</p> <p>Get in the trenches</p> <p>We are a startup: forget the big-budget and get creative! Hit all the details, watch all the metrics, and know how to course-correct. Show us how to get more Votizens: channel by channel, voter by voter.</p> <p>Join us!</p> <p>We're looking foramazing peopleto join ourgreat teamin ahuge marketbuilding fantastic productsthat will beused by millions to change the world what more could you ask for?</p> <p></p>