John Templeton's Drawings of Irish Lichens

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<ul><li><p>John Templeton's Drawings of Irish LichensAuthor(s): Nora Fisher M'MillanSource: The Irish Naturalists' Journal, Vol. 8, No. 8 (Sep., 1945), p. 316Published by: Irish Naturalists' Journal Ltd.Stable URL: .Accessed: 10/06/2014 00:11</p><p>Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms &amp; Conditions of Use, available at .</p><p> .JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range ofcontent in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new formsof scholarship. For more information about JSTOR, please contact</p><p> .</p><p>Irish Naturalists' Journal Ltd. is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to The IrishNaturalists' Journal.</p><p> </p><p>This content downloaded from on Tue, 10 Jun 2014 00:11:55 AMAll use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions</p><p></p></li><li><p>316 The Irish Naturalists' Journal. [Vol. VIII. </p><p>over?and the habitats of this species are often only reached after a considerable climb. So far as my memory goes the form of this </p><p>plant which grows on the grea</p></li></ul>