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Build JetPlurk through PhoneGap on Xcode Video: Source code:


<ul><li>1.JetPlurk: from Firefox JetPack ext. to iOS,without changing a single line. Build Mobile Apps by HTML, JS &amp; CSS w. PhoneGapPositronic Lab twolights &amp; Irvin jetplurk poslab </li></ul> <p>2. We love Plurk 3. We want to Plurk anytimeeven when playing PacMan. 4. Thus we create JetPlurk Firefox JetPack Prototype extension, cc: by-sa-2.5 tw, 5. How about Plurk on the go? 6. Photo by WildKiter, cc: by-nc-sa 2.0, Im lazyI learn HTML, CSS &amp; JavaScript, iDont want to learn Objective-C more. 7. We need to make $Therere years of iPhone data plan to be paid, we need to build native apps and put it on the shelf, before we starve to death Orz... 8. Porting JetPlurk to iOS without changing a single line, can we? 9. The MIT License 10. Build native mobile application withHTML + CSS + JavascriptCapable for iOS, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile &amp; Symbian 11. Time for LIVE DEMO! 12. Positronic Lab http://jetplurk.poslab.infoBuilding iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript by Jonathan Stark </p>