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  • $25 Question from BlueWhat is Failure to Thrive?

  • $25 Answer from BluePoor Growth and Slow Developmentoften due to lack of love and attention.

  • $50 Question from BlueWhat is stranger anxiety? Whyis it viewed as a positive milestone?

  • $50 Answer from BlueAnxiety with someone unfamiliar;Demonstrates babys improvingmemory.

  • $75 Question from BlueArea of the brain responsible forworking memory, higher-level thinking and problem solving

  • $75 Answer from BlueFrontal Lobe

  • $100 Question from BlueArea of the brain that is a bundle of nerve fibers, working like a coordinator, (larger in girls).

  • $100 Answer from BlueCorpus Callosum

  • $125 Question from BlueArea of the brain that processesauditory stimuli, which affectsspeech, hearing and languagedevelopment.

  • $125 Answer from BlueTemporal Lobe

  • $150 Question from RedPeekaboo facilitates learning this concept.

  • $150 Answer from RedObject Permanence

  • $25 Question from RedMost babies eyesight is similar toan adults by about the age of

  • $25 Answer from Red6 months

  • $50 Question from RedMost pediatricians recommend to start feeding a baby solid foodsat about what age?

  • $50 Answer from Red4-6 months

  • $75 Question from RedAt what age can cows milk beintroduced to a baby?

  • $75 Answer from RedFirst Birthday

  • $100 Question from RedLearning to interact with othersand to express oneself with othersis what area of Child Development?

  • $100 Answer from RedSocial Development

  • $125 Question from YellowThe process of establishing onesidentity as a person is what area ofChild Development?

  • $125 Answer from YellowEmotional Development

  • $150 Question from YellowWhat theorist discovered8 Multiple Intelligences?

  • $150 Answer from YellowHoward Gardner

  • $25 Question from YellowPiagets period in which babieslearn through their senses is known as

  • $25 Answer from YellowSensorimotor

  • $50 Question from YellowPiagets period in which childrenare age 7-11 andcan think logically but stilllearn best through sensoryexperience is known as

  • $50 Answer from YellowConcrete Operations

  • $75 Question from YellowChildren from age two to sevensee the world in terms of theirown activities. They are in whatperiod of Piagets theory?

  • $75 Answer from YellowPreoperational Operations

  • $100 Question from OrangeMuch learning comes from repetition.Why, (what is happening in the brain)?

  • $100 Answer from OrangeRepetition makes the connections stronger so that neurons will respond quickly to the same situation.

  • $125 Question from OrangeDistinguish between Growth andDevelopment.

  • $125 Answer from OrangeGrowth is increase in size; Development is increase in physical, emotional, social or intellectual skills.

  • $150 Question from OrangeExplain Shaken Baby Syndrome.

  • $150 Answer from OrangeA series of problems (brain damage,learning problems, mental retardation,blindness or deafness, even death),due to severe shaking of the baby.

  • $25 Question from OrangeWhat is colic?

  • $25 Answer from OrangeColic is shown by extreme fussinesstypically in the evening and night;usually due to sensitivity to a food.

  • $50 Question from OrangeGive some suggestions of potentialhousehold safety hazards.

  • $50 Answer from OrangeElectrical outlets, tablecloths,dried pasta and pet food, water, etc.

  • $75 Question from GreenHow can a caregiver encouragelearning?

  • $75 Answer from GreenKeep it simple and naturalExperiences should be age appropriateRepetition Actively involve themDont overloadAvoid pushing them

  • $100 Question from GreenHow does babbling help a baby learn language?

  • $100 Answer from GreenGives them practice in vowel andconsonant sounds.

  • $125 Question from GreenWhat age is considered word explosion in vocabulary growth?(A time where young children begin speaking)

  • $125 Answer from Green18 months 2 years(60 new words a week)By the age of 5 the child understands15,000 words

  • $150 Question from GreenIt is recommended parents respondconsistently to a babys cries. Why?

  • $150 Answer from GreenBaby builds trust and learns a pattern:Cry-->Food; if well cared for, sees theworld as a comfortable place.

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  • FREEElectrical outlets, tablecloths,dried pasta and pet food, water, etc.

  • Final JeopardyName the Four Periods of Piagets Theory

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerSensorimotor: Birth-2Preoperational: 2-7Concrete: 7-11Formal: 11+