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Jeopardy Chapter 4 Chapte r 4 Chapter 5Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Q $25 Q $50 Q $75 Q $100 Q $125 Q $150 Q $100 Q $125 Q $75 Q $25 Q $150 Q $125 Q $100 Q $50 Q $25 Q $150 Q $125 Q $75 Q $50 Q $25 Q $150 Q $100 Q $75 Q $50 FREE Final Jeopardy

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  • JeopardyChapter 4Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6 Chapter 6Q $25Q $50Q $75Q $100Q $125Q $150Q $100Q $125Q $75Q $25Q $150Q $125Q $100Q $50Q $25Q $150Q $125Q $75Q $50Q $25Q $150Q $100Q $75Q $50FREEFinal Jeopardy

  • $25 Question from Chapter 5Define Prenatal Development

  • $25 Answer from Chapter 5Development of a baby from conception to birth.

  • $50 Question from Chapter 5Explain the germinal/zygote stage: time span and development

  • $50 Answer from Chapter 5Time Span: Conception to two weeks; Development: Implants, cell division

  • $75 Question from Chapter 5Explain the embryo stage: time span and development

  • $75 Answer from Chapter 5Time Span: 3-8 weeksDevelopment: Major Body Systems form, Brain begins to control body systems

  • $100 Question from Chapter 5Explain the Stage of the Fetus: Time Span and Development

  • $100 Answer from Chapter 5Time Span: 8 weeksBirthDevelopment: Body Systems Refined, Growth, Weight Gain

  • $125 Question from Chapter 5Name the 3 causes of birth defects.

  • $125 Answer from Chapter 5Environmental, Hereditary, Combination of both

  • $150 Question from Chapter 5What is quickening? When does it begin?

  • $150 Answer from Chapter 5Woman feels movement, fourth or fifth month

  • $25 Question from Chapter 5What is lightening? When does it begin?

  • $25 Answer from Chapter 5Fetus drops into birth canal to prepare for labor; days or weeks before labor begins.

  • $50 Question from Chapter 5Explain the difference betweenMiscarriage and Stillbirth.

  • $50 Answer from Chapter 5Miscarriage: Before 20 weeks, Stillbirth: After 20 weeks.

  • $75 Question from Chapter 5Explain the difference betweenIdentical and Fraternal twins.

  • $75 Answer from Chapter 5Identical: one fertilized egg splits in two,Fraternal: Two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm.

  • $100 Question from Chapter 5Who determines the sex of a baby?What Chromosomes are a Boy? Girl?

  • $100 Answer from Chapter 5Sex Chromosomes; XX=Female, XY=Male

  • $125 Question from Chapter 6List some signs of early pregnancy.

  • $125 Answer from Chapter 6Missed periodMild ache in lower abdomenFatigueFrequent urinationPeriods of nausea

  • $150 Question from Chapter 6Calculate a due date: Lastmenstrual period was April 15th.

  • $150 Answer from Chapter 6April 15 + 7 days=April 22,Count back 3 months=January 22

  • $25 Question from Chapter 6What is the recommended weight gain in pregnancy?

  • $25 Answer from Chapter 624-30 pounds

  • $50 Question from Chapter 6What are some advantages of breast feeding?

  • $50 Answer from Chapter 6Reduces Babys allergiesBest source of nutritionGives baby immunity Is freeReduces mothers risk ofbreast cancer

  • $75 Question from Chapter 6Summarize the Family Medical Leave Act(What is it? Who does it protect?How?)

  • $75 Answer from Chapter 6FMLA is designed to help employees balance their work and familyresponsibilities by allowing them to take reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons, up to 12 weeks, (for companies with 30 or more employees). Both men and women are covered:for the birth and care of the newborn child of an employee; for placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care; to care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition; or to take medical leave when the employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition.

  • $100 Question from Chapter 7Describe two early signs of labor.

  • $100 Answer from Chapter 7Bloody show, Gush of Fluid, Contractions

  • $125 Question from Chapter 7How can you distinguish false labor from real contractions?

  • $125 Answer from Chapter 7In false labor, contractions are notregular or rhythmic; they do notbecome increasingly stronger; theyend if the woman walks around.

  • $150 Question from Chapter 7Describe the first, second and third stage of labor:What takes place and the duration.

  • $150 Answer from Chapter 71st-Contractions open and thenthe cervix, First Child: 6-18 hours; Later Children: 2-5 hours2nd-The baby is bornFirst Child: 1-2 hours; Later Children: 15-30 minutes3rd: Delivery of the placenta: 15-30 minutes

  • $25 Question from Chapter 7How do the Moms and Babys bodies change to make birth easier?

  • $25 Answer from Chapter 7Mom: Hormones make ligaments in the pelvis stretch wider for baby, effacement and dilation;Baby: Skull is soft and flexible so it can become narrower.

  • $50 Question from Chapter 7What areas are tested on the Apgar Scale?

  • $50 Answer from Chapter 7Appearance (Skin Color)Pulse Grimace (Muscle Tone)Activity (Reflexes)Respiration

  • $75 Question from Chapter 7What other tests or medicalprocedures are performedsoon after birth?

  • $75 Answer from Chapter 7Antiseptic in Eyes,Vitamin K Shot,Hearing Test,Blood Test

  • $100 Question from Chapter 7Describe lanugo, vernix and milia.

  • $100 Answer from Chapter 7LanugoDowny HairVernixCreamy SubstanceMiliaBaby Acne

  • $125 Question from Chapter 7Describe a newborns head

  • $125 Answer from Chapter 7Wobbly and Large; Misshapen.

  • $150 Question from Chapter 7What are a mothers physical and emotional needs aftergiving birth?

  • $150 Answer from Chapter 7Physical: rest, exercise, nutrition,medical checkup.Emotional: Support to avoidbaby blues.

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  • Final JeopardyDescribe the reflexesa baby isborn with.

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerRootingGraspStartleStepping