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A show of some food highlights of Japan. This is the second show of three parts. Next, I plan to look at cars and general cultural images.


  • 1. Trip to Japan Travel Tales in 2007 Part 3

2. Trip to Japan We travelled to Japan in 2007. We were there for 11 days. We travelled on the shinkansen to many towns. We were able to buy 90 for each $ Australian. The Japanese people are friendly and helpful. It is a cultural feast! 3. Freshest Fruit and Vegetables 4. Mushrooms from the tiniest to the tallest 5. Everywhere vending machines and a machine for everything 6. Buying food fast and enjoying mealtimes 7. You never get tired of looking at the fake food creations. 8. what is on the menu today? 9. Fish and seafood of all kinds 10. 11. 12. Scary looking little Puffer fish. Finally seen in Osaka. 13. We saw some amusing signs 14. We did sightsee, as well as eat 15. The art of okonomiyaki! 16. Simple and so yummy! We loved okonomiyaki! Oishii! 17. We loved okonomiyaki! Is it food or a work of art? 18. We loved okonomiyaki! 19. Yakisoba - another favourite! 20. Noodles everyday-ramen, udon 21. 22. 23. Sweet treats! 24. 25. Loved that green tea ice-cream 26. Culture on a plate! 27. Japan is a must-see country 28. We Japan. Created March 2009