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Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Wide Web Stafford Kendall Principal, Covalent Logic Slide 2 The Digital Society Born Digital Digital Immigrants Digital Settlers Slide 3 WHEN I SAY INTERACTIVE MEDIA. E-mail Newsletters Social Media Online Advertising Widgets & Flash games And, of course, corporate Web sites. Slide 4 WHERE NEW MEDIA FITS Niche Messaging Re-marketing Advance Testing of Mass Messages Full marketing cycle promote, inform and sell in one medium Slide 5 WHAT NEW MEDIA ISNT A magic bullet to reach 15-25 yr olds Easy, cheap or free Independent of other media For marketing, exclusively. All interactive should be designed with full business process in mind. Slide 6 Better than Other Media Print: Lots of space to add details Radio: Easy to record audio Television: Dont have to count seconds Outdoor: Simple messages simply work online. Direct Mail: Completely customizable WOM: Easy to share Slide 7 All the Worst of Other Media Print: Rarely is the whole message read. Radio: Hard to use one voice to reach all audiences. Television: Still have to produce excellence, and keep their attention. Outdoor: Will they even glance at the message when they surf by? Direct Mail: Seems cheesy and uncaring. WOM: Easy to share a negative. Slide 8 Speed to Market Town Crier LetterTelephoneRadioTV Web Site EmailFacebookTextingTwitter Slide 9 Conversation vs. Broadcast ConversationBroadcast Letter Telephone In-Person Town Crier Radio TV Web Site Email Social Media Texting Slide 10 Consider Social Networking FacebookTwitterBlog Email Newsletter Slide 11 Lets Play a Game Write something personal on an index card. Dont write your name or give anyone any clue you wrote it. Slide 12 Broadcast Twitter Facebook Pages Blogs Email Newsletters Slide 13 Conversation MySpace Facebook Groups LinkedINBlogs Discussion Boards Slide 14 Definitions Google looks to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. Twitter wants people to share and discover whats happening right now, anywhere in the world. Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. A sliding scale from anonymous => personal, and from universal => intimate. Slide 15 Theres Nothing New Under the Sun Same rules of etiquette and grace apply. Trust your instincts. Listen before you speak. Introduce yourself. Slide 16 Etiquette Listen, more than you talk. Dont talk about religion and politics. Dont post when youve had a drink. Sarcasm doesnt type well. Sincerity is the most important rule. Dont play in the sandbox, until you know the rules. Slide 17 DEVELOPMENT CYCLE Set Goals Execute Assess survey, reports, comments Adjust Assess - reports Interactive is never finished. Slide 18 Online, You Should Still Define the Target Audience Create a Message Distribute the Message Assess the Campaign Slide 19 GOALS Be realistic interactive campaigns cant fix whats wrong with a company or product without follow through from the top. Combine interactive goals with offline goals. Its not a separate world anymore. If you build it, you still have to get them to come. Plan for promotion. Slide 20 EXECUTION DIY & Free will come off just like it does when you DIY home construction. Plan the launch, as well as the project. Slide 21 Manage It Make a daily & weekly action plan. Just like losing weight 10 minutes a day can make a difference. Slide 22 Grow It Invite by Email Follow Up In-Person Seek Out Opinion Leaders Nurture with Content Make it Valuable More Than Repurposed Slide 23 Let It Go Start the Message and then let it go, let it grow, let it change, and build. Slide 24 ASSESS Random comments from interested folks dont matter. Judge based on your goals. Dont be afraid to be wrong. And admit it. And modify your plan. Slide 25 Support with Off-line Print: Earned Media Radio: Drive Time Television: Morning Shows Direct Mail: Postcards! Web Site: Email Newsletters: Constant Contact, My Emma. Social Networking: Facebook, Blogs, Twitter Slide 26 Build It Minimum: Share Email to a Friend Subscribe Extras: Facebook Page Facebook Group Twitter Slide 27 Facebook Users Slide 28 Share On Facebook Slide 29 Page Broadcast Get fans Message the group Postings appear in fans News Feed Update once a week minimum. Message once a week maximum. Slide 30 Page Slide 31 Group Conversation Can be private Posts do not appear in News Feed Can message whole group Have to let it go more than with a Page. Slide 32 Group Slide 33 Causes App to encourage action using overt viral networking and broadcast tools. Adds donation portal to Page concept. Once a week updating is a good pace. Slide 34 Causes Slide 35 Twitter Multiple feeds niche, niche, niche. Write evergreen tweets before you start to help fill the void. No necessary, required updating schedule, once a day is a good pace. Slide 36 Twitter Slide 37 Keys to the Kingdom Trust your instincts. Stop talking to listen - Get more than you give. Read, read, read. Flexibility & Risk-Taking