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Submitted To: Sir Zohaib hafeezSubmitted By: Roll No. Bilal Mahmood 23 Submitted Date: 7 / 2 / 2015


Name : Bilal Mahmood,,, Class: Bsc. 3rd Semester Personal development and it

Topic: GsM chanalSuBject ! What is GSM

!GSM channelsOUT LINES GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. It is the 2nd generation of telephone technology. GSM was launch in 1991 in Finland. It is also known as wireless technology.

With the help of 2G technology we are able to send and receive text message.There are 3 different types of 2G mobile technology.

FDMA TDMA CDMAGSMFDMA: Stand for Frequency Division Access. Like radio system spreading frequency in equal spectrum offering the quality of voice. FDMA firstly used in generation 1G as analog.

TDMA: TDMA allows for the division of signal into time slots. It can divided the the band of signals into 3 periods. It contain global service for mobile communication and now romaing in 200+ countries.

CDMA: allocates each user a special code to communicate over a multiplex physical channel. It work on code principal. Separate code for separate phone. GSM Channels figure They are further divided into three categories.Half rate with speed of 5.6 Kbps, Full rate with speed of 13 Kbps and Enhance full rate with speed of 13 Kbps.

Signally channels: These channels are also divided as into three categories.Broad cast channel (BCH) Common control channel (CCCH) Dedicated control channel (DCCH)

Traffic channels:Broad cost channels (BCH): These are on the many down link channels used by network to transport various type of information in the link to all users in cell.(A!) Frequency control channels (FCCH): used by mobile to turn onto frequency. (A!!) Synchronized channels (SCH): Used by mobile to synchronized with network.(A!!!) Broad cast channels (BCCH): Used by network to transmit various information. (B) Common control channels (CCCH): These are used by all mobile.(B!) Random access channels (RACH): Uplink only channels used by the mobile station.

(B!!) Access grant channels AGCH): Downlink only channels used by the network

(B!!!) Pegging channels (PCH): Downlink only channels used by the network for performing paging.

(C) Dedicated control channels (DCCH): Point to point by-direction channels used to carry dedicated signaling b/w mobile station and network.

(C!) Standardized dedicated control channels Used to carry all the call setup signaling info.

(C!!) Fast associated control channels): Used when fast signally to perform.

(C!!!) Slow associated control channels Used transmitted call related and radio link related.SDCCH FACCHSACCH