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Social iQ Networks and Altimeter Group presentation on Social Media Risks vs Rewards at the 2012 iStrategy Conference in Chicago, IL.


  • 1. Social Media Risks Vs. RewardsUnderstanding and avoiding risks in order to achieve rewards foryour brand in social media.
  • 2. Introductions Social Media Risk Concepts Tackling Risk Technology Recommendations Conclusion Confidential Slide 2
  • 3. Handle objections to social investment Protect your investment Protect your audience Save time resource money Dont be a headline - Reduce crises that impact your brand and your team Confidential Slide 3
  • 4. Who Experienced Enterprise Software & Security Professionals What Solution to discover, audit, and protect brand social accounts How Secure, SaaS-based product Confidential Slide 4
  • 5. 5 Social Media: Balancing Opportunity With RiskAlan WebberPrincipal Analyst@AlanWebber
  • 6. 6 ABOUT US Altimeter Group is a research-based advisory firm that helps companies and industries leverage disruption to their advantage. Visit us at or contact 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 7. 7 Pandoras box Used under a Creative Commons license from Christian Botha via Flickr at 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 8. 8 Social media crises are on the rise 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 9. 9 What can happen March 6, 2012: Dinner w/Board tonite. Used to be fun. Now one must be on guard every second. March 7, 2012: Board meeting. Good numbers=Happy Board. March 10, 2012: I am logging off Twitter now because co- workers are looking at me as Im laughing. 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 10. 10 Agenda Understanding the risks Putting social media risk management in place Next steps 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 11. 11 Key types of risk Reputation Confidential Info Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Identity Theft 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 12. 12 Key types of risk Reputation Internal Confidential Info Legal, Regulatory & Compliance External Identity Theft 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 13. 13 Reputation is the highest risk 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 14. 14 Every platform is a source of risk 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 15. 15 Facebook is the riskiest 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 16. 16 The IAME model 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 17. 17 Step 1: Identify the risks 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 18. 18 Four types of risk Reputational Regulatory and compliance Legal and privacy Operational 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 19. Organizational reputation risk Damage to the brand reputation Results in a loss of trust and credibility Can lead to other significant losses 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 20. 20 Kenneth Cole receives mass backlash for insensitive #Cairo tweet and quickly retracts 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 21. 21 But not before spoof PR Twitter account is created and bad press spread with hashtag 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 22. Regulatory and compliance risk Violations of government and regulatory agency rules and and guidelines Primary result is financial penalty or similar government imposed sanction Can lead to reputation degradation 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 23. Novartis gets slapped by FDA 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 24. Legal and privacy risk Result in the organization failing to take a necessary action that results in harm Often these are privacy issues or release of confidential information 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 25. Operational risk Can compromise the operations and security of an organization Includes Reduced employee productivity Release of IP Malware Social engineering Digital business continuity 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 26. 26 How to identify potential risks Review historical activities What are you hearing Learn from others Create a social media risk library Review the risks of new activities Look at platform shifts 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 27. 27 Step 2: Assess the risks 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 28. 28 Companies dont assess their social risk 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 29. 29 BofA fee debacle: what happened? How this Led to this Which led to this Sources: TIME, New York Times 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 30. 30 BofA fee debacle: Twitter exploded There was so much buzz that Debit card fees was a trending topic Source: Huffington Post, Bank Of America Debit Card Fees: Twitter Reacts 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 31. 31 BofA fee debacle: a real business impact In a TIME poll, 75% of nearly 1,000 Bank of America customers said theyd switch banks. According to J.D. Powers director of banking services, roughly two-thirds of people who say that they plan to switch banks actually do so. The banks stock dropped by more than 3.5 percent the day after the fees were announced. Source: TIME, Bank of America Backlash: Consumers React to Debit Card Fee 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 32. 32 Assessing a social media risk Component Subcomponent Likelihood Catalyst Opportunity Motive Reputation Impact Availability Legal/Compliance 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 33. 33 Four steps to assess a risk 1. Rate the likelihood 2. Rate the potential impact 3. Rank the risks 4. Prioritize efforts and resources 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 34. 34 Scoring the social risk 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 35. 35 Step 3: Mitigate and manage 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 36. 36 Six steps to social media risk mitigation 1. Understand how to make decisions 2. Put governance in place 3. Staff with dedicated resources 4. Put the right policies in place 5. Train employees on boundaries 6. Deploy necessary tools 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 37. 37 Have a decision making structure 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 38. 38 Have a governance model established 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 39. 39 All the right components of the organization need to be included Marketing Human Resources Legal and Compliance Social Media Risk Mgt. IT and IS Comms and PR Security and Risk Mgt 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 40. 40 Have the right policies 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 41. 41 Define expectations for associates with an internal Social Media Policy Examples of Social Media Guidelines created by Intel and Cisco 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 42. 42 And make sure they are up to date 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 43. 43 Train employees on the boundaries 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 44. 44 Put the right tools in place Listening and Monitoring Social Media SMMS Compliance 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 45. 45 Step 4: Monitor and evaluate 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 46. 46 Putting evaluation in place Listen and learn Review mitigation efforts and strategies when Entering a new channel Emergence of a new technology Identification of a new threat Go back to start 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 47. 47 Next steps: 1. Make social media risk a board issue 2. Learn from past crises 3. Review your own responses 4. Test your ability to respond 2012 Altimeter Group
  • 48. Address Account Sprawl Inventory & Audit Your Brand Accounts + Protect / Lock Account Access Which admins What Publishing Apps (never just 1) What known good profile + Compliance, Security, and AUP Policies Auto-moderation for bad / dangerous content Enforce policies regardless of publishing app Use incident notification, archiving, and remediation for posts, comments, tweets, etc. Slide 48
  • 49. 49 THANK YOU Alan Webber Devin Redmond Twitter: alanewebber @SocialiQNet 2012 Altimeter Group