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My presentation to the annual Israel to NYC mission, comprised of 15 advanced startup companies from Israel - checking out 'Silicon Alley'.


  • 1. Israel to NYC: The Communications Workshop 2013 Nati Katz

2. Can you get us into TechCrunch? Whats Next? Will I be able to review the article beforehand? Did CNET call yet? Will David Pogue review our product? Can you get us on CNBC? Will the Wall Street Journal cover us? We have PR Web I dont need PR Do you offer pay-per-placement? 3. -Vincent Van Ghogh You have first to experience what you want to express 4. Timing If you want me to be there on the crash landings, I better be there on the takeoff - Ed Murrow, 1961 5. Im a believer in the power of Public Relations People buy because an expert said it was good A large part of our marketing and PR strategy is making sure that we always remain relevant. 6. Integration Issues Management Initiative Investor Relations 7. Integration - Social Media - Twitter - FB - Pinterest - LinkedIn - Reddit - Google+ - Vine/Other - Ads - Social - Traditional - Events - Video - Collaborations 8. Initiative 9. Issues Management 10. Dell Inc. (DELL) Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Inc. (AMZN) Facebook, Inc. (FB) Future: TWTR Investor Relations 11. Perception of the PR guy Who Israelis think I am Who Id like Israelis to think I am Who I really am Who Id have to be to Show me the money Who Id have to be to keep it simple Who Id have to be to spin it 12. Thank you! (C) Copyright GCT 2011 - Patented Method Contact: @N_Katz Nati Katz Questions?