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  • 1. Irregular Verbs Mini Lesson By: Frank Barbrie


  • A verb tense used to express an action or a condition that occurred in or during the past
  • Past tense show actions or events at a specific time in the past.
  • The actions or eventsSTARTorSTOPat aspecific timein the past.

3. Review

  • We learned in previous lessonsto change aregular verbsto the past tense we add ed to the end of the verbfor example:
  • Present tense:Iplayfootball everyday.
  • Past tense : Iplay (ed)football yesterday.

4. NOTE TO REMEMBER :There are no rules that exist to form the past tense forirregular verbs.

  • Irregular verbs dont follow a pattern in the simple past tense like regular verbs dothey are very different. You cant simply add ed to the verb to show action in the past tense.
  • It is necessary to recognize and memorize these verbs .


  • Sentences with irregular verbs (present tense) .
  • Irunto school.
  • Irunin the morning.
  • Irunfive miles everyday.
  • I runn(ed) to school. (This is incorrect) because run is an irregular verb.
  • Sentences with irregular verbs in the past tense (past tense)
  • Iranto school.
  • Iranin the morning.
  • Iranfive miles yesterday.
  • Notice: No ed was put at the end of the verb.


  • The following 10 examples are irregular verbs :
  • Simple form Past form Past participleis/be was/were been

7. Practice

  • Heisin Londontoday .
  • Hewasin Londonyesterday .
  • Hehas beenin Londonfor a week .

8. eat ate eaten 9. Practice

  • Heeatshot dogseverydayfor lunch.
  • Heatehot dogsyesterdayfor lunch.
  • Hehas eatenhot dogsall weekfor lunch.

10. get got gotten 11. Practice

  • Andrewgetsa large checkevery month .
  • Andrewgota large checklast month .
  • Andrewhas gottena large checkevery month this year.

12. go went gone

  • Go went gone

13. Practice

  • Frankgoesto Japan every summer.
  • Frankwentto Japanlast summer .
  • Frankhas goneto Japan thelast 10 summers .

14. know knew known 15. Practice

  • Iknowthe answers ontodays test.
  • Iknewthe answers ontodays test .
  • Ihave knownthe answers to todays testfor a week.

16. ring rang rung 17. Practice

  • Johns phoneringsa lot.
  • Johns phonerang every hour .
  • Johns phonehas rung forthe past 24 hours .

18. throw threw thrown 19. Practice

  • Inouethrowshis opponents.
  • Inouethrewhis opponents intodays match .
  • Inoue has thrown his opponent every match thistournament .

20. win won won 21. Practice

  • Iowawins90% of their dual meet matches.
  • Iowawon90% of their dual meet matcheslast season.
  • Iowahas won90% of their dual meet matches forthe last 25 years .

22. teachtaughttaught 23. Practice

  • Mr. Barbrieteaches6 thgrade Reading.
  • Mr. Barbrietaught6 thgrade Readinglast year .
  • Mr. Barbriehas taught6 thgrade Reading for5 years.

24. write wrote written 25. Practice

  • Irvine Welshwritesmany interesting stories.
  • Irvine Welshwrotemany interesting storiesin the late 90s.
  • Irvine Welshhas writtenmany interesting storiesfor the past 20 years.

26. Studentsplease tell me

  • A hobby you like to do.
  • Something you did last night.
  • Something you have done many years.
  • Please write your answers in your notebooks .

27. Q&A

  • Partner with someone sitting next to you.
  • One student will ask the three questions written in their note book, while the other student reads their answers from the notebook.
  • Now switch


  • Switch partnersfind someone else in the class to practice your Q&A.

29. Please finish the worksheet

  • Name_______________________________________ DATE________
  • Fill-in the blank:
  • WORD BANKwent, written, taught, knew, gotten, rung, won, ate, threw, was
  • Frank _________ a hamburger for lunch this afternoon.
  • Alisa_________ a gold medal at the track meet yesterday.
  • Akemi has________ straight As on all her English test this year.
  • She __________ the correct answers to the test questions.
  • The Griswolds_______ on vacation to Japan last summer.
  • My cell phone hasnt_________ all day.
  • I ________myself Japanese 14 years ago.
  • Cael Sanderson________ his opponent to their back in the 2004 Olympic final wrestling match.
  • Harry has _____________many articles for the Birmingham news paper over the past 10 years.
  • Nick___________ the strongest kid in the class last year.
  • Make three sentences of your own. Use words from the WORD BANK.
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.