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This workshop is aimed at Moodle admins who already have done some Moodle admin before and want to understand the changes that Moodle 2 brings to the Admin, and how also how to help optimise their Moodle site. This will be structured as two distinct sessions. Moodle 2 Admin Workshop 1 (morning session) The first will be focusing on the new aspects of Moodle 2 covering: User Management Enrolment management Course management Plugin Management Backups management Security


  • 1. Jonathan MooreCTO and Vice President RL-UK
  • 2. Koen RoggernansIT Manager Sint-Ritacollege
  • 3. RL Background and Context Over 3000 hosted Moodle sites Over 12 million registered Moodle accounts Over 2,000,000 Moodle courses Hosting Moodle sites since 2004 Virtualized Infrastructure
  • 4. Sint-Ritacollege Backgroundand Context 1,500 pupils Age 12 18 Dedicated server Early adopter
  • 5. Getting to Know You How many new admins? How many running Moodle 2.x in production? How many running Moodle 2.4? Are you a geeky admin?
  • 6. Format New high points in each area Group input Give some best practices Hands-on
  • 7. User Management Whats New Cohorts Plan ahead Moodle sites grow fast! Measure twice cut once Automate
  • 8. Hands-onSetup a cohort
  • 9. Roles Avoid changing built in roles Remember reset defaults option Know what level to apply roles at Admin: global Course Creator: global, or category Student, Teacher: course Know what level capabilities work at Make new roles by copying most similar existing role
  • 10. Just-in-Case Model Automate user creation, course creation and enrollments Use LDAP auth + external DB enrolment Get higher adoption rates from instructors Instructor can focus more time on teacher less on the technology
  • 11. Enrolment Management Enrolments vs course role assignments Enrolments using cohorts
  • 12. Hands-on Enrol a cohort into a course Assign user role in course without enrolment
  • 13. Course Management Enrolment methods Completion tracking Conditional activities Workshop
  • 14. Hands-onEnable completion tracking,conditional activities, and workshop
  • 15. Consider automated coursecreation Just-in-Case model Course request system
  • 16. Hands-onEnable course request system
  • 17. Plug-in Management Enforce change management Avoid kid-in-candy-store syndrome Many plug-ins are poorly written or abandoned Many plug-ins are excellent
  • 18. Common Plug-in Types Blocks Activity modules Filters Auth Enrollment
  • 19. Hands-onInstall the certificate module
  • 20. Backups Management Course backups not a full backup! Disable automated course backups? Yesterday instance Backup Elements Moodle code Moodledata Database
  • 21. Hands-onCreate a backup of your test site
  • 22. Security Security report Use password salts User passwords less secure then ever Dont give web server user write permissions to Moodle source
  • 23. General Security Select Enterprise class OS with long term update support. Automate updates / have set release schedule Moodledata outside of web root Try mod_sec Consider using weekly stable git for Moodle auto updates Consider forced logins HTTPS logins
  • 24. More Security Consider turning off self registration Set the Mysql root user password See Moodle Docs Security Page
  • 25. Hands-on Run security report Enable force logins Show secure logins setting Show kpass/last pass password manager Go to Moodle Docs security FAQ
  • 26. Questions?Email:jonathan@remote-learner.netTwitter:moorejon