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  • 1. 1Cambodia
  • 2. 2Top issues: Environmental education, youth development, children education [National Project] and social enterpriseTimeline: April, May, June.TN available:100Job Description: Youth development: EP would deliver soft skill training to university students and exchange cultural knowledge with them and last but not least, EPs would need to inspire university students to go beyond their limits and try new things. Children Education: EPs deliver English class to children and engage them with some interesting games helping them to understand more about English. Environment education: EPs deliver workshop on environmental issues, such as deforestations, climate change, etc. to university students and invite speakers from relevant organizations to deliver sessions on relevant topics Social enterprise: Roles are varied in various fields, such as product development, marketing, etc.Visa: Is available on arrival, extension of visa is very easy and not expensive.Example of TN: social enterprise: TN-In-KH-IF-2013-398, TN-In-KH-IF-2013-400, TN-In-KH-IF-2013-401Environment: TN-In-KH-NU-2012-311, TN-In-KH-LU-2012-184
  • 3. 3Cambodias video promotion: Videos1:
  • 4. 4China
  • 5. 5Timeline: APRIL, MAY JUNE.Projects: Green power now[GPN-National Project] and several other local projects.Available TN:200 for realizationPromotional material and project details:
  • 6. 6Kenya
  • 7. 7Projects:Literacy and education: TN-In-KE-UN-2012-2321,TN-In-KE-MO-2012-1395, TN-In-KE-DU-2012-1294Health improvement- TN-In-KE-UN-2012-2288,TN-In-KE-UN-2012-2242,TN-In-KE-KE-2012-1563,TN-In-KE-KE-2012-1580Entrepreneurship /economic development: TN-In-KE-UN-2012-2243,TN-In-KE-UN-2012-2232, TN-In-KE-UN-2012-2295IT skill teaching:TN-In-KE-KE-2012-1597Women empowerment/ Entrepreneurship:TN-In-KE-DU-2012-1300Realization timeline: April, MAY, JUNE.Reception booklet video links, Promotional videos and Promotional tn material:
  • 8. 8Italy
  • 9. 9Projects:Summer Camp[National project],help to help[National project]and several other local projects.Timelines: June and July. TN:50Accommodation: 300 Euros for all EPs.
  • 10. Poland
  • 11. Top issues- Cultural Education, Entrepreneurship, EducationTNs for May-June- 50iGCDP project details & timelines:AIESEC in Poland | Enter Your Future in Poland | International Kindergarten in Poland | Enjoy my origin search tool-
  • 12. Ukraine
  • 13. Top issues- Child, Cultural EducationTNs for middle May- June- 40Sample TNs for Summer Camp- TN-In-UA-DO-2013-2085, TN-In-UA-DO-2013-2087Visa- takes around 35-40 days to receive the visa.All TNs, project details and promotional material will be provided by 21st March.
  • 14. Russia
  • 15. Top issues- Cultural EducationTNs for May-June- 200Sample TNs- TN-In-RU-OM-2013-1664, TN-In-RU-OM-2013-1658Projects in springNational: IT literacy and Young and PerspectiveLocal: Vision, EcologyPromotional Material- details-Vision-
  • 16. Egypt
  • 17. Top issues: Global Management, Environmental education Example of TN(Similar to thisTimeline: April, May, June. would be raised in March):March Raising TNs matching April, Realization May-JuneTN available: 300Visa: Takes Hardly 6 days for visa. TN-In-EG-ZA-2012-1201,Note: TN-In-EG-AU-2012-2084,At the time of revolutions 500 people were exchanged so quite safe TN-In-EG-GU-2012-390,Accommodation is provided for most of the project. TN-In-EG-GU-2012-400, TN-In-EG-GU-2012-368,Since Egypt does not have forms raised on system yet, the TN-In-EG-GU-2012-293,following TN has the job roles that would be provided.Though TN-In-EG-GU-2012-262,AUC and GUC have TNs for March-April. TN-In-EG-GU-2012-255 TN-In-EG-GU-2012-251 TN-In-EG-GU-2012-228 TN-In-EG-GU-2012-240 TN-In-EG-GU-2012-220
  • 18. Egypts Important Links:Egypt where it all Begins Video Members and Interns Rules Apartment Guidelines!download|915p11|1642346970|Apartment%20Guidelines.pdfExperience Sharing Video IGCDP Wiki People Video GCDP Searchtool 5lRE9LS0E#gid=2Ready Promotional Material (IR Pack): Booklet Interns Group Promotional Material GCDP Projects Booklet Safety Video Facebook Matching Group India Group