Invaluable NonProfit Advice from the Expert, Michael Bloomberg

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  • Invaluable NonProfit Advicefrom the Expert, Michael


  • The charity sector is changing, for the better.Whereas before massive angel investors of sorts

    used to grant enormous donations tophilanthropies of their choice from afar, these

    same donors are now taking a greater stance ininvolvement. By getting their hands dirty, these

    godsend philanthropists are providing newdirection to charitable organizations, offering

    guidance, counsel, and support (fiscal andotherwise) when needed. Once content with a

    boardroom named after them, these donors arenow committed to changing charity as we know


  • Actually, MichaelBloomberg, in

    particular, has someinteresting thoughts

    to share on thesubject. After havingbuilt his own multi-

    million dollar empire,he has learned somehard-fought lessonsabout contemporary

    charity and its role inthe business world.Thankfully, he was

    kind enough to sharethem:

  • Remain focused on one thing at a time.

    You need to pick an overarchinggoal, and then design specific

    steps to accomplish that goal. Byattempting to work on multiple

    projects simultaneously, you areessentially spreading yourself

    too thin. By remaining organizedand staying focused on one thingat a time, you will be much more

    efficient, effective, andsuccessful.

  • Pick a Single Goal

    When creating your ultimate goal, you should be sure to select onemajor initiative. This way, you have a cohesive and manageable

    benchmark to strive for. If you try to change the world via a varietyof universal issues, you will be unable to dedicate the necessary

    time and resources to ever make an impactful difference. By whollyunderstanding a single goal, and by detailing a nuanced plan toaccomplish that goal, you will be setting yourself up for success.

  • Give to Projects That May Not Be YourDream Not-for-Profit

    While not every nonprofit may be yourdream philanthropic organization, they

    can still offer substantial benefit.Smaller organizations allow you to testthe waters, to see what works and what

    fails, to understand the extent ofinvolvement and your role in that

    involvement. Donating to anorganization along the way to

    establishing your own is a fantastic wayto ensure you do not walk into

    something with your eyes closed. Byfully understanding the scope of whatyou are attempting to accomplish, you

    will be better prepared, morepassionate, and better able to make

    your dream a reality.