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Presentation on Intuit's new (beta) QuickBooks Payments API. Prepared for and presented to a developer audience at the QuickBooks Connect Hackathon, Oct 20, 2014.


<ul><li> 1. #QBConnect</li></ul> <p> 2. QuickBooks Payments BetaAPI OverviewPriya VijayakumarIntuit Developer Relations#QBConnect 3. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewUnified set of API that allows small businesses to accept onlinepaymentPAYMENTS(BETA) APICUSTOMERS SMB DEVELOPER INTUIT 4. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API Overview+ &lt; &gt;CREATE DEVELOPCREATE INTEGRATE RELEASEDEVELOPER EXPERIENCE 5. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewMERCHANT EXPERIENCE 6. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewMerchant AuthorizationSIGN IN TO INTUIT REALM SELECTION AUTHORIZATION 7. ENTER CREDIT CARD DETAILS#QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 8. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewWIDGETFORMCode Components 9. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewCode ComponentsJavaScript 10. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewAPI REFERENCE - Beta/tokens/chargescreateretrievecaptureChargerefundChargeretrieveRefundCharge 11. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewTools - Documentation 12. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewTools - Sandbox 13. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewTools - Sample App 14. #QBConnectQuickBooks Payments API OverviewTools API Explorer 15. #QBConnectQ&amp;A 16. Thank You#QBConnectThis information is intended to outline our general product direction, but represents noobligation and should not be relied upon in making a purchase decision. </p>


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