introduction to windows server 2008 r2 virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi)

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Introduction to Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Ravikanth Chaganti What is VDI?. Server-centric computing model Enables presentation virtualization. Why VDI?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Introduction to Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Introduction toWindows Server 2008 R2Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)Ravikanth Chaganti

http://www.ravichaganti.comServer-centric computing modelEnables presentation virtualizationWhat is VDI?

http://www.ravichaganti.comWhy VDI?VDI enables a centralized desktop strategyGives users a personalized or temporary full desktopLets administrators store and maintain user work areas in the data centerPresents UI via a remote display protocol such as RDP

Extends remote desktop services to enable VDICompletely in-box solutionEnables personal and shared virtual desktops

http://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: Overviewhttp://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: ComponentsSource:

Formerly known as TS Session BrokerSession load balancing in load balanced session host farmBrokers user connection to an appropriate end pointBrokering involvesIdentifying a VM for the userPreparing the VM for remote connectionSending VM details to a session host serverMonitoring user sessions in a virtual desktop pool scenariohttp://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: RD-Connection BrokerFormerly known as Terminal ServerHosts windows based programs and full windows desktopsProgram execution occurs on session hostMultiple session host servers supported

http://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: RD-Session HostIntegrates with Hyper-VPrepare the VM when requested by connection brokerMonitors VM guest sessions; reports these sessions to connection broker

http://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: RD-Virtualization HostHyper-V R2 supports live migrationFree licenseHyper-V Server 2008 R2 is free tooSession hosts can be a part of NLB clusterDNS round-robinSoftware load-balancerHardware load-balancerhttp://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: High availabilityMake it easy for customers to purchase comprehensive MS VDIAvailable from Q4 CY09MS VDI Standard SuiteHyper-V ServerSCVMM, SCCM & SCOMRemote Desktop Services (CALs)Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)MS VDI Premium SuiteStandard Suite +App-V for RDShttp://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: Licensinghttp://www.ravichaganti.comR2 VDI: DeploymentRemote App



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