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1. The 3 S Concept A Perfect Reason to Introduce GPS VEHICLE TRACKING to Employees 2. DID YOU KNOW? An efficient GPS vehicle tracking system reduces drive time by 50% and increases driver productivity by 4.5 hours. 3. GPS vehicle tracking system is necessary to get your drivers and staffs on board and ensures that you are getting the most productivity out of the company's vehicles. This also helps you to reward the good work of your employees and eliminates bad habits. Here are the three reasons to introduce GPS vehicle trackers to your employees. 4. SAFETY The GPS vehicle trackers are designed to send alerts for regular maintenance of your companys vehicles. This is used to check whether the vehicles are up to date with oil changes, tire rotation and other maintenance services. It also plays a major role in the recovery of stolen vehicles and detects the reason for delaying vehicles. These features make GPS vehicle tracker as an extra safety measure. 5. SERVICE GPS vehicle trackers are an invaluable customer service tool. This allows your business to respond to your customer quickly and effectively without any delay in delivering items. It helps you to increase the number of happier clients and brings you additional revenue. 6. SAVINGS GPS vehicle trackers play a major role in increasing your companys revenue and maximize savings. It reduces fuel costs, insurance premiums, increases productivity, and improves back office efficiencies. Do you know by saving money on fuels cost over the course of the year you can provide the entire salary for one employee? 7. Looking to buy high quality GPS tracking devices for vehicle? Visit : or Call : 0086 15889393211. E-mail: