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Final Cut Pro handout


class overview:class 1: class 2:

Getting ready to learn- Getting set-up: system/drives - Getting set-up: Images and footage - Getting set-up: Gear review - Importing to system - Transcoding with compressor

The Basics / Building a foundation - Building an efcient in/out system - Interface / tool tour w/ examples - Basic CC and sound

class overview:class 3: class 4:

Building your project- Transitions - Filters

More advanced techniques- Multicam techniques (2 camera w/ Zoom H4N) - Dual System Sound Synching

- Effects (speed changes) - Plug-ins (EMA etc.) - Stills / stills with motion (Ken Burns / Pan and Scan) - Basic Titles and text

(Dualeyes / Pluraleyes) - Basic sound editing (keyframing)

class overview:class 5:

SweeteningIntro to Studio: - Color 1.5 - Sound Edit - Motion - DVD Studio Pro 4 - Wrap up / Drawings

sponsored goodies:- ThinkTank Wired Media Kit(

- Switchblade 2x ag kit(

- Passport by X-Rite(

- Electronic MUA plugin(

- 1 year Animoto Pro account(

Minimum requirements for FCP7 - Studio3: Mac Intel computer 4GB of RAM minimum when working with uncompressed HD sources ATI or NVIDIA graphics with128MB of VRAM Minimum display 1280-by-800 Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later QuickTime 7.6 or later DVD drive for installation

4gb disc space for all apps 46gb for all optional content 9gb for DVD Studio Pro 7gb for Motion Templates

22gb for audio content 8gb for LiveFonts

field system setup

studio system setup

media drive folders:

images and footagecreate your own or download tues eve before each class:- 1 min Motivational speakers promo: - multi-segment with overlays and 6-stills - dual system sound (Zoom H4N & Dualeyes) (note: underexposed and room noise to x)

- 2 min Actress talking headshot: - one long take with overlays; 2-motion and 3-stills - dual system sound (Zoom H4N & Pluraleyes) (note: no sound needed on overlays)

- 1 min 2-3 camera multicam shot (interview style) - Dual system sound / H4n and Pluraleyes - 4 - 15 second shots for examples of lters and effects (speed changes, color balance, EMA etc.)

gear list:- ThinkTank Airport Security - Roller backpack - ThinkTank Airport Accelerator - backpack - ThinkTank Urban Disguise 60 laptop - Nikon D7000 x2 - 4-Nikon Pro zooms and 3 primes - Delkin Devices 16gb Class 10 SDHC cards x6 - smallhd dp6 HD monitor w/ hood & splitter - Genustech eld rig - Shape Composite Stabilizer Rig w/ Pap handle - Genustech bravo follow focus - GenusTech wide matte box w/ Nuns knickers - Zacuto Z Finder Pro3 - Genustech variable ND lter - XRite Passport color checker - Sekonic 758D Light meter - Zoom H4N eld recorder w/ remote - Bogen 701 HDV uid head - Manfrotto MagFiber legs - Switchblade portable ag set (x2) - Glidecam HD2000 steadicam - 1-1000, 3-500 and 1-160 round LED lights - 3-160 & 1-72 LED battery powered lights - jelly roll (diffusion and cc gels) - misc. Manfrotto/Bogen stands, grippage - optional: Vagabond 2 battery packs