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Interviewing 101 Cassie Olson [email protected] Julie Peters [email protected]

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Page 1: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Interviewing 101 Cassie Olson

[email protected] Peters

[email protected]

Page 2: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

1. Preparing for the Interview

2. First Impressions

3. Dress for Success

4. Interview Essentials

5. 60-Second Commercial

6. Top 10 Interviewer Questions

7. Answering – SAR technique

8. Wrapping up the Interview

Table of Contents

Page 3: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Take time to learn the: Industry Employer Position you are applying for People you will be talking with

Fine-tune your resume

Build a online portfolio or LinkedIn Profile

Preparation for the Interview

Page 4: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Take a practice run Research the company Have all your relevant documents-

resume, portfolio, notebook, pen, paper Take notes

Preparing for Your Interview

Page 5: Interviewing Techniques (clean)





Behavioral or Situational


Types of Interviews

Page 6: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

You have about 30 seconds to connect or disconnect!

Body Language:◦ Maintain eye contact◦ Nice and inviting smile◦ Firm handshake

◦ Use Interviewer’s name

First Impressions… they can make or break you!

Page 7: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

What Would You Wear?Women Men

Page 8: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Tell me about yourself…

#1 Asked Interview Question

Page 9: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Basics of every Commercial answers this:

What Experience you have?

What is your Education history?

What are your Skills?

What can you do for Me?

How can I Remember You?

Your 30-60 Second Commercial

Page 10: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Let’s Work on YOUR Commercial

What Experience you have?

What is your Education history?

What are your Skills?

What can you do for Me?

How can I Remember You?

Page 11: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Sample #1 Job Target: Licensed Professional Counselor

Experience: Performed 120 hours of clinical work, including

giving counseling sessions low-income family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Education: Masters of Science Degree in Sociology.

Related Skills: Advanced skills psychological assessment and

intervention with adults who suffer from depression.

What can you do for Me? I can help your organization

provide the best quality of care for your clients by applying my knowledge of results-based psychotherapy.

How can I Remember You? And I love to stay fit by

training and competing in triathlons across Utah and Colorado.

30-60 Second Commercial

Page 12: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

1. What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 13: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

2. What Are Your Weaknesses?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 14: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

3. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 15: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

4. Why Did You Leave (Or Why Are You Leaving) Your Job?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 16: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

5. What Are Your Goals? Short-term & long term

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 17: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

6. What would be your ideal work environment?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 18: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

7. How do you schedule your time and set priorities? How do you handle doing many things at once?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 19: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

8. What Motivates You?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 20: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

9. What Salary Are You Seeking?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 21: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

10. Why Should We Hire You?

Top 10 Interview Questions Asked

Page 22: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Just Remember SAR

Situational/Behavioral Interview Questions

Situation – Action – Results (SAR)

Page 23: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Ask Yourself:

(a) What happened?

(b) What did I do?

(c) What were the results?

Behavioral Interview Questions

Page 24: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Have you gone above and beyond the call of duty? If so, how?

Behavioral Interview Question

Page 25: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

Why are manhole covers round?

How many dimes (stacked on top of each other) would it take to reach the moon?

If you were a shoe, which one would

you be?

Off-The Wall

Page 26: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Prepare Questions:

Notice, they are all job related.

Remember, this interview It is not about you.

Appropriate:◦ How many employees do

you have working for you?

◦ Will there be additional

training involved with the


◦ Who would I report to?

◦ Can you describe a typical

work day for me?

◦ Could you tell me a little

about the people I will be

working with?

Inappropriate:◦ How much sick and

vacation time do I get?◦ Will I have an office?◦ What benefits do you offer?◦ How long do I have to work

before I am eligible for a raise?

◦ How long is our lunch break?

Page 27: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Offer your resume & portfolio

Ask: When a decision will be made When you can follow-up For a business card

Firm hand shake & sincere “thank you”

Exit and Follow-up

Page 28: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Write a thank you note, card, or email within 24 hours

Address the thank you card to the person you had the interview with.

If you don't know their full name, find out!

Sell yourself again

Keep it short, and remind them how interested you are in the position

Thank You!!

Page 29: Interviewing Techniques (clean)

Find out salary range

Advancement opportunities

Benefits:◦ Industry Conferences◦ Organizations◦ Flexibility

Salary/Benefit Negotiation