Interpretation of anaerobic condition

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Interpretation of anaerobic condition,growth of microbes in a naerbic chamber


<ul><li> 1. BY SREEREMYA.S</li></ul> <p> 2. Pyrogallic acid-sodium hydroxide method can be used,again relies on a chemical reaction to generate ananaerobic environment, but a catalyst rather than areducing agent Anaerobic jars (GasPak System) are sued to incubateplates in an anaerobic atmosphere, useful if briefexposure to oxygen is not lethal 3. P. aeruginosa Strict aerobe 4. Enterococcus FacultativeGrows aerobic or anaerobic. 5. Bacteriodes fragilis 6. Culture of strict anaerobes For culture of strict anaerobes all traces of oxygen must beremoved from medium and for many organisms samplemust be kept entirely anaerobic during manipulations Methanogenic archaea from rumen and sewage treatmentplants killed by even a brief exposure to O2 Medium usually boiled during preparation and reducingagent added, stored under O2-free atmosphere 7. Manipulations usually carried out under a jet of O2-free N2 or N2/CO2 to exclude O2 Roll-tube (Hungate) method often used instead ofconventional plates for isolation and culture of strictanaerobes</p>