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Internet Explorer TipsRestrictionsIE Toolbar Restrictions - Added 9/20/02IE Restrictions - Added 9/20/02Internet Explorer Control Panel Restrictions - Added 6/28/01Forotten t!e Content Ad"isor Pass#ord - Added 6/18/00$isablin t!e Abilit% to Add or Re&o"e IE's Toolbars - Added 2/21/00$isablin t!e Abilit% to C!ane t!e $e(a)lt $o#nload $irector% - Added 2/21/00*)ic+ ,a% to C!ane t!e -ec)rit% -ettins .IE/0 - -)b&itted 12/21/99Re&o"in 1ost IE -)per"isor Pass#ord - Added 2/20/99RepairRestorin Abilit% to -a"e 3rap!ics as 4P3s - 5pdated 8/16/0/Can't Connect to Internet ,it! Internet Explorer - Added 10/7/028%perlin+s 9ot ,or+in - 5pdated 9/1/02Re--ettin Internet Explorer to -a"e rat!er t!an :pen Files $o#nloaded - 5pdated 12/26/07A)to&aticall% Clearin t!e Te&porar% Internet Files - Added 12/21/02Repairin/Addin Co&ponents to IE6 - Added 11/27/02;ie# -o)rce Code 9ot ,or+in - Added 10/8/029ot E?EC5RRE9TE5-ER F AppE"ents F -c!e&es F AppsF Explorer F 9a"iatinF Cc)rrent7C C!ane t!e de(a)lt "al)e to t!e #a" (ile %o) #ant to )seC2C 1ea"in it blan+ #ill t)rn o(( t!e so)ndC/C T!is also c!anes t!e de(a)lt so)nd #!en na"iatin to (olders in t!e ExplorerC Re&o$ing a "randed Logo %ro& IEAdded /6/0I( a "endor !as replaced t!e nor&al Internet Explorer spinnin loo #it! t!eir o#nAit is "er% eas% to set it bac+ to t!e de(a)lt #it!o)t editin t!e reistr% directl%C. 3o to *tart / 8$n2. Enter in r$ndll32 iedk/s32.dll=#lear3. 9o# start )p %o)r bro#ser and t!e spinnin loo #ill be bac+ to t!e de(a)ltC4. I( t!e loo +eeps ettin replacedA see t!e Tips / Application tips section on -toppin Applications (ro& -tartin A)to&aticall% 2sing >our O'n St)le Sheet %or All -e( #agesAdded 8/8/0I( %o) #ant Internet Explorer to )se %o)r o#n st%le s!eet (or (or&attinL. -elect !ools / Internet "ptions 2. Clic+ on t!e A//essi'ilit0 b)tton3. C!ec+ For%at do/$%ents $sin+ %0 st0le s1eet4. E?EC5RRE9TE5-ER F -o(t#are F Policies F =icroso(t F Internet Explorer FControl Panel7C 5nder t!is +e% create an% o( t!e (ollo#in strins to enable t!e restrictions %o) #antC2C A "al)e o( 1 #ill enable t!e restriction/C Re&o"e t!e strin to disable it Accessibilit% K Accessibilit% settins Ad"anced K Ad"anced settins Ad"ancedTab K Ad"anced tab A)tocon(i K A)tocon(i settins Cac!e K Cac!e settins CalendarContact K Contact settins C!ec+EI(E$e(a)lt K C!ec+ i( IE de(a)lt bro#ser settin Connection -ettins K C!ane Connection T%pe Certi(icates K Certi(icates settins Certi(Pers K Personal Certi(icates settins Certi(-ite K Certi(icates P)blis!ers settins Colors K Colors settins Connection ,i@ard K Abilit% to r)n t!e Connection ,i@ard ConnectionsTab K Connections tab Conn#i@ Ad&in 1oc+ K Connection ,i@ard ad&inistrati"e loc+o)t ContentTab K Content tab Fonts K Fonts settins For&-)est K For&s s)est settin For&-)est Pass#ords K Pass#ords s)est settin 3eneralTab K 3eneral tab 8istor% K 8istor% settins 8o&ePae K 8o&e Pae settins 1an)aes K 1an)aes settins 1in+s K 1in+s settins =essain K =- =essain settins Pro(iles K Pro(iles settins Prora&sTab K Prora&s tab Prox% K Prox% settins Ratins K Ratins settins Reset,eb-ettins K Reset #eb settins -ecAdd-ites K -ec)rit% Add sites settins -ecC!ane-ettins K -ec)rit% c!anes -ec)rit%Tab K -ec)rit% tab -ettins K -ettins boxes ,allet K =- ,allet settins .IE /Cxx and ne#er0/ot "eing #ro&pted %or o'nload 1olderAdded 5/9/0I( %o) are not bein pro&pted (or a location to do#nload a partic)lar (ile t%peAt!is is t%picall% d)e to t!e Al-a0s ask 'e9ore openin+ t1is t0pe o9 9ile c!ec+ box bein clearedCTo reset it aainL. -tart t!e Explorer .9ot Internet Explorer02. -elect !ools / Folder "ptions3. Clic+ on t!e File !0pes tab4. 3o to t!e extension %o) #ant to c!ane .@ipA exe etcC05. Clic+ on t!e Edit b)tton .,2> clic+ on t!e Ad"anced b)tton06. =a+e s)re t!e #on9ir% "pen A9ter )o-nload box is c!ec+edispla)ing the Internet Connection -i0ard*$'%itted 2/9/00I( %o) #ant Internet Explorer to displa% t!e Internet Connection ,i@ard aainL1C :pen Reedit2C 3o to t!is +e%L 8>E?EC5RRE9TE5-ERF-o(t#areF=icroso(tFInternet Connection ,i@ardFCo&pleted7C -et t!e "al)e to 0-)b&itted b% $a"id 8allas AndersenMo$ing "ack'ard or 1or'ard 'ith the -heel Mouse*$'%itted /2/00?o) can rapidl% o our Internet 1a$oritesAdded 2/22/00I( %o) #ant to see an Explorer t%pe o( #indo# o( %o)r Internet Fa"oritesA!old t!e *1i9t +e% do#n #ill selectin Favorites / "r+aniBe FavoritesCT!is #ill s!o# all %o)r (a"orites and can &a+e it easier to &o"e t!e& aro)ndisa(ling the A(ilit) to Add or Re&o$e IE,s Tool(arsAdded 2/2/009or&all% %o) can add or re&o"e IE's Toolbars .-tandard E?E1:CA1E=AC8I9E / -:FT,ARE / =icroso(t / ,indo#s / C)rrent;ersion / Internet -ettins / Cac!e / Pat! / Pat!1-27C C!ane t!e "al)e o( t!e pat!s to a sinle location or an% location o( %o)r c!oice2C ?o) can e"en N)st !a"e PAT81 and delete t!e ot!er t!ree/C T!e next ti&e %o) start t!e Internet ExplorerA t!e cac!e (iles #ill onl% be placed in t!e directories o( %o)r c!oiceT!is can be )se()l i( %o) #ant to delete t!e (iles o(tenC ?o) can t!en N)st delete t!e (iles in t!e sinle director%Changing the Title "ar o% the Internet ExplorerAdded /5/97E?E1:CA1E=AC8I9E / -:FT,ARE / =icroso(t / Internet Explorer / =ain7C Add or edit t!e "al)e o( t!e strin &indo- !itle to be t!e ne# text %o) #ant displa%edChanging the Internet Explorer8 Mail and /e's "it&apAdded /5/97I( %o) #ant to c!ane t!e bit&ap t!at is in t!e )pper ri!t !and cornerL. -tart Reedit2. 3o to 8>E?EC5RRE9TE5-ER F -o(t#are F =icroso(t F Internet Explorer F Toolbar3. =a+e a ne# *trin+ ,al$e na&ed 3rand3it%ap4. 3i"e it a "al)e o( t!e