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"Its not only about East vs. West" Diversity throughout Asia from a Japanese Point of View The EYE SQUARE Academy, a series of talks on the topic of User Experience started with Noriko Osaka's talk on "Intercultural Differences in UX" Noriko Osaka represents EYE SQUARE as Director User Experience Asia at our office in Tokyo, Japan and is a representative for UXPA-Asia, the regional chapter of UXPA. In her talk she highlighted intercultural differences in the usage of interactive systems and how to address these differences in global UX research. watch Noriko Osaka's talk here:


  • 1. Intercultural UX "Its not only about East vs. West" Diversity throughout Asia from a Japanese Point of View2012 - 04 - 19

2. Intercultural UXSummaryEast vs West: Cognitive Difference Asia: Cultural & Contextual Differences How these affectdesign & communications?2 3. Intercultural UXBasic Information to explain East and West WestEastGeert Hofstede Individualism Collectivism To the pointContextual3 4. Intercultural UXBasic Information to explain East and WestWhat did they look in the aquarium? WestEast Fish Background 4 5. Japan and the Japanese 6. Japan and the JapaneseHow are we described? Shame Culture Ruth Benedict (1887-1948) American Anthropologist Wikipedia Shrink Culture Lee O-young (1934-) Korean literature professor 6 7. Japan and the JapaneseEnvironmental Characteristics Small land 378,000km2 70% mountain, 67% Forest Germany 357,021 km2, 30% ForestHigh Population Density18th Century6 times more than FranceSpace-Saving, Multi-Use 7 8. Japan and the JapaneseEnvironmental Characteristics Heinrich Julius Schliemann "La Chine et le Japon au temps prsent" 1869Everyone goes to bed at 9:00. The straw mattress on which the whole family spent a day then serves as a bed, a mattress and a sheet at the same time. WikipediaIn Europe, we compete the luxurious furniture, such as cupboards, drawers, tables, chairs with our neighbors. After coming to Japan, I realized we can totally do without it.Wikipedia 8 9. Japan and the JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Shame CultureBehave yourself,because the sun iswatching you. Behave yourself, because no one else is behaving like you.9 10. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / IndirectnessWe are in preparation10 11. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Indirectness Kyotos Bubuzuke mythWikipedia Would you care for a Bubuzuke?= Could you please go home?11 12. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Abstract & Symbolism Nearly 20,000 family crests to symbolize family and personality12 13. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Shrink & Delicacy Prof. Lee O-young Japanese try to reproduce everything in the small universe.Japanese foundbeauty in smallnessand delicacy. 13 14. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Shrink14 15. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Shrink Chinese & Korean Poem I want to reach the moonJapanese PoemThe moonlight in the garden / water15 16. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / ShrinkBeautiful in Chinese Big Sheep16 17. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / ShrinkUgly in Japanese: Not Detailed17 18. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / ShrinkTypical compact crafts 18 19. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Delicacy Heinrich Julius Schliemann There were many toy shops. They were cheap, but finished perfectly and the device is so sophisticated that the toy manufacturers in Nrnberg or Paris will never be able to compete them.19 20. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / Delicacy Cherry blossomsPeony (King of flowers) Rose of Sharon20 21. Japan and The JapaneseCultural Characteristics / DelicacyThe flowers we love Pink - Nadeshiko (Summer)Wisteria(Early Summer) Bush Clover (Autumn)21 22. Products & Communications 23. Products & CommunicationsCharacteristics of Japanese productsDetailed DelicateMulti-useSmallOver-spec Over-quality 23 24. Products & CommunicationsCharacteristics of Japanese Products Handy & PortableMulti-function24 25. Products & CommunicationsCharacteristics of Japanese products 25 26. Products & CommunicationsJapan specific productsHabakari= Reserved 26 27. Products & CommunicationsHabitual & environmental conditions: Washing MachineJapanNorth America EuropeFrequency Frequent Once a week Once a weekWashing timeShortLongerLongestWater hardnessSoft HarderHardestWater temperature Low (cold water) WarmHotLocationLavatory BasementKitchenRecycled waterYes (from bathtub) NoNoSizeSmallLargest LargerNoise LowHigh? Reference: http://www.nikkei.com27 28. Products & CommunicationsDesign preferenceSymmetric GorgeousDelicateAsymmetric28 29. Differences & similarities: Clotaire RapailleJoy Power Safet y2929 30. Products & CommunicationsSuccessful promotion examples30 31. Products & CommunicationsSuccessful promotion examplesKamon (Family Crest) Generator Japanese tend to express themselves in a form of analogy: My blood type is A. If I compare myself to an animal, I am like a Koala. 31 32. Cognitive ComparisonEast vs West 33. SampleN = 30 N = 15N = 15 34. Hilton Mirror Website - (identical in Germany and Japan) Structured, clear Website. Too structured for Japanese? 34 35. After 5 sec.: Germans pay more attention to booking entryDensity:Red areas markhighest deal ofattention. 35 36. After 5 sec.: Booking entry is intensively regarded by Germans Types of Percepetion: Red areas mark intensive perception.Superficial processingMedium processingInvolved processingNo fixation36 37. After 15 sec.: Japanese explore whole page Density: Red areas mark highest deal of attention. 37 38. After 15. sec.: Japanese percept all areas equal Types of Percepetion : Red areas mark intensive perception. Superficial processing Medium processing Involved processing No fixation38 39. Pragmatic Websites are more successfulin GermanyGermanyJapanYahoo!GoogleOtherGoogle Yahoo! 50,788,5%% 40. Conclusions Complexity For GermanyFor Japan Keep websites simple Japanese users can beconfronted with more Place the most important contentsclear and prominentGoogleYahooMarket leader in GermanyMarket leader in Japan 41. Search Engine Yahoo: For Germans too unclearStatements of german users: Too colourful Loud colours Too much content Useless content 42. Search Engines US vs. China Research Study by Enquiro research, Canada 2007 43. Context Comparison China vs Japan 44. Online home appliance shoppingVisual Design / Contents Yodobashi Camera Suning More texts More pictures Less product explanations Detailed product explanations44 45. Online home appliance shoppingWhy the difference? In China, the most popular online information source is an e-commerce website While in Japan, a comparison website would be the most powerful information source.45 46. Online home appliance shoppingUsers behaviors / concerns to make purchase decisions Similarities Value objective opinions (User reviews) Value real life experience (Real store) Difference Concerns for credibility (genuineproduct, delivery, after-sale service etc.) Comparison website use46 47. Online home appliance shoppingPayment method Credit Card Cash on delivery Convenience Online moneystore Escrow service Cash on delivery (Alipay) Bank Credit Card Post office Bank Points Post office47 48. Conclusion Asian market is so diverse Business environment Users interest / concerns Users preference / taste48 49. A Little History of Germany and Japan 50. A little history of Germany and JapanJapan learned a lot from Germany... To build up a modern society, we imported: Military System Police System Medicine Prussia Royal Police Captain: Wilhelm Hahn Monument in TokyoPrussia Army University Professor: (1894)Klemens W. J. Meckel50 51. A little history of Germany and JapanJapan learned a lot from Germany... And Beer! First imported by Dutch 1870 Bavarian Beer brewed First beer company was established in Yokohama by Norwegian American William Copeland (Learned brewery in Germany) 1888Japan Brewery invited German brewers to improve their product, then became Kirin Beer 51 52. A little history of Germany and JapanMeissen and Arita Arita Since 1616 Friedrich August I (Sachsen) Johann Friedrich BttgerMeissen Since 1710 52 53. A little history of Germany and JapanGermany x Japan = Arita Premium Beer Glass!Lucky draw!53


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