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Integrating Autodesk Vault to Fusion Lifecycle Rodney Coffey Razorleaf Corporation

Your Session LeaderRodney CoffeyManager PLM, Razorleaf Corporation

10+ Supporting the Autodesk Manufacturing Channel

Extensive Experience with Autodesk PLM 360 Services including Enterprise Implementation & Integration

His team has been partnered with Autodesk Consulting and Partners alike to provide customers with PLM and Integration services since 2011

Discover the different use cases for integrating Autodesk Vault with Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Learn more about the Jitterbit product and how it enables integration between different business systemsSee examples of the Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle to Autodesk Vault integrationClass Summary

Session Agenda

PLMProduct Lifecycle Managementis the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products.

PDMProduct Data Managementis the use of software or other tools to track and control data related to a particular product.PLM vs PDM

Vault (PDM)Manages the files and file data that make up you designAllows collaboration within your design / engineering teamsShares read only views of the data (web client) to the rest of the organizationGives designers purpose built tools for data manipulation and designAllows secure storage on premise behind the firewall


Engineering / Design

Fusion Lifecycle (PLM)Manages all the product data from many different area in your organizationManages the workflows, and process of completing the product development processesAllows users from many parts of the organization to view important metrics and data to keep development on time and efficientAllows cloud access to important product data from any mobile device


Product Management

Quality Management

Maintenance& Service


Supplier Management

While we have talked about the things these products are purpose built and great for Fusion Lifecycle & Vault share some capabilitiesDocument ManagementChange OrdersItems & BOMs (Items Master)


Session Agenda

What is Business Process Integration

WebERPCRMMRPPLMPDMIntegration Services

Cloud ServicesWeb SitesCustomersSuppliers

End-to-End business process workflowsMove data and files to where they are needed, when they are neededOn-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud product offeringsProcess planning, software, integration and support services bundled as part of a complete solutionMulti-vendor solutions allow customers to leverage their investment in the systems that best match their requirements without forcing them into a single vendor or single system solutionRazorleaf is vendor-neutral with the technical capability to connect almost any system to anotherUtilize on-line PLM, project management and other engineering servicesShare data with remote sites and manufacturers as part of your PDM/PLM workflowsPublish to your web site for public, customer or vendor file and data accessConnect to hosted services like, Dynamics, and other third party sitesStandard, well-established internet security methods are much more secure than email and other sharing methodsLeverages Out-of-the-box endpoints, Razorleaf web service products and/or custom interfacesFlexible rules processing architecture with rules implementation and job management through Jitterbit services or Razorleafs Integration FrameworkShare either native files, PDF renditions or both along with related meta data like custom properties, BOMs and other product dataRazorleaf Cloud ServicesRazorleaf Integration ServicesFeaturesAllow each tool to serve its purpose built need, while working together with other systems

End Points (not to be confused with Endpoints)Systems to be integratedAutodesk Fusion LifecycleAutodesk Vault Defining an Integration


Use CasesPurpose of the Integration or the Data to be passed from systemsDefining an IntegrationPLMProject ManagementChange Management


ERPItems & BOMsSuppliers

OtherFile Transfer / AccessMigrationData WarehousingReporting

Session Agenda

Every integrations architecture can be different, for Fusion LC to VaultAutodesk Vault Job ProcessorJitterbitRazorleaf Clover

Knowledge of the followingAutodesk Vault Web ServicesAutodesk Fusion LifecycleSQL, PostGresWhat do I need to Integrate?

Jitterbit is a middleware that integrates data endpointsWizard-Based; No-Coding approachCloud or On-Premise solutionsClient Designer

Jitterbit Introduction

Jitterbit allow us to move and map data with easeOperationsTransformationsScriptsConnectorsJDBC / ODBC

Jitterbit Introduction

Session Agenda

Project ManagementFusion Lifecycle to Vault Use Cases

Integration Demo

Lets see the integration Action!

Items & BOMs (File Creation)Fusion Lifecycle to Vault Use Cases

Integration Demo

Lets see the integration Action!

File Transfer / File AccessFusion Lifecycle to Vault Use Cases

Integration Demo

Lets see the integration Action!

OtherVault Files to Fusion Lifecycle Items & BOMsVault Item Master to Fusion Lifecycle Items & BOMsData MigrationBI & Data Ware HousingCustom Job Processor (PDF, STP, etc.)Fusion Lifecycle to Vault Use Cases

What are three things you can do with Vault Integration?


What are three of the common business apps that part of or connected to NPI?

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Any Questions?Questions

Contact InformationFeel free to follow up:

Rodney Coffey Manager - PLMEmail: rodney.coffey@razorleaf.comOffice: 330.676.0022 x7124Cell: 937.241.9177

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