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Instructional Strategies for Online Success ry Ragan, Director of Instructional ign and Development, n State’s World Campus ly L. Breitkreutz, Associate Dean/Director, rning Innovations, versity of Wisconsin-Extension SPEAKERS

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  • Instructional Strategies for Online Success Larry Ragan, Director of Instructional Design and Development, Penn States World Campus Holly L. Breitkreutz, Associate Dean/Director, Learning Innovations, University of Wisconsin-Extension SPEAKERS
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  • Program Objectives Who we are (collectively) Explore options for: ID&D Services, Learner Support & Organizational Structure Brainstorm alternative strategies
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  • Introductions Holly L. Breitkreutz Associate Dean/Director,Learning Innovations University of Wisconsin-Extension Larry Ragan Director of Instructional Design & Development Penn States World Campus Participants
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  • Instructional Design and Development
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support Currently support: - 9 degree programs 5 more being discussed - Covering 100+ courses - Across 10 UW institutions Provide faculty consultation and development Provide faculty support during running of courses
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support dotEdu development team Team approach - LI staff instructional design experts - Faculty content expert Dev Team - Project Manager - Instructional Designers - Course Builders - Editors Skill sets - Graphic Arts - Media Development - Flash and other design development tools/platforms
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support Learner Centered Instruction High level of collaboration and interaction Design driven by content and course structure Extensive use of templates High tech and high touch
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support ID&D is a faculty support unit for the design and development of instructional materials delivered in a variety of distance learning formats: Independent Learning (200 print-based technology-supported courses) World Campus (150 technology-based, print-supported)
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support Team-oriented approach: Faculty (content/pedagogy) Instructional designer (ID/project management) Instructional technologist Editor Graphic artist
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support Designed toward content (varied look and feel) Use a variety of ID approaches and software Courses need to be developed to fill delivery timeframe (program related) Cost efficiencies and process improvements Biggest remaining issue: content on time
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  • Strategies for Instructional Design Support Menu of Services: method of accommodating for unit-level ID&D activities Full serve (ID&D does all) Mid-level (unit does content development, ID&D does content implementation) Self-serve (unit does all except implementation)
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  • Additional Strategies for ID&D Audience Input
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  • Strategies for Learner Support
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  • Administrative services available see handout Extensive collaboration with degree granting institution Integration with other UW System wide applications - Electronic Applications for Admission - Transfer Information System - Major database - HELP online Future integration of our data systems with institutional systems
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  • Strategies for Learner Support One-stop shop Ombudsman role Call center One-to-one relationship with learner High tech and high touch
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  • Strategies for Learner Support Administrative Services Inquiry response (call center) Student record tracking Student registration/admissions Lesson tracking services Exam Services Financial Services
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  • Strategies for Learner Support Bookstore interface: management of relationship with MBSDirect Academic Student Counseling Relationship with instructors
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  • Strategies for Learner Support Technical Support Developed in-house Components of the HelpDesk Course Solutions Web Dictionary Tips and Techniques Downloads
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  • Strategies for Learner Support General Strategies Expanded hours Increased use of information system Search for scalable support models Integration with University record and financial systems
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  • Additional Strategies for Learner Support Audience Input
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure
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  • Overview Online partner developing and supporting degree/certificate programs for the 26 UW campuses Provider of comprehensive support services for learners and faculty Supplier of e-learning solutions to external clients Created by UW Board of Regents (1997) Employer of 80, with annual budget of $6M Sound organization leveraging 109 years of UW experience and expertise in distance education Winner of IBM/Lotus 2000 Beacon Award for Excellence in Training and Education
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Mission Create a student-centered learning environment Remove time and place as barriers to learning Generate change within UW System Encourage collaboration among UW campuses Export Wisconsin education to the nation/world Serve as online partner to all 26 UW campuses
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Business Plan Provide online education services to UW institutions Capitalize on depth and breadth of UW System Focus on program-based offerings not individual courses Share tuition revenues with UW institutions Operate with a combination of self-generated and state (public) revenues Contract with external clients and other universities to provide them with e-learning solutions
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Functions Faculty consultation and development Course design, development, and management Support services for learners and faculty Marketing and distribution Custom e-learning solutions for external clients
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Units 2 Development Teams - dotEDU - dotORG Learner Services Business development supporting each IT - web services - Network Admin - Apps development Administrative
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Operational Strategies Production process Heavy reliance on standardized processes Heavy reliance on contingency staff Use of project managers Culture that promotes teamwork across units
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Parent Organization: Outreach and Cooperative Extension World Campus Public Broadcasting Continuing Education Extension Service
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Created a 4-team model for project flow Academic Programs (incoming) ID&D (development) Student Services (delivery) Financials (the money folks) Support services include: Marketing team Client development
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Academic Programs: Responsible for interface with academic unit Manage overall PROGRAM aspects (marketing, ID&D, finances etc) Process driven (well at least they try)
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure ID&D Previously described Take our marching orders from Academic Programs Working on becoming more systematic
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Student Services Previously described Transitional shift from traditional DE to new online delivery Global support presence
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Finance: not a part of WC but University-wide unit Responsible for managing income and expenses Responsible for costing data and time tracking
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  • Strategies for Organizational Structure Marketing: bring enrollments to classes Client Development: develop and mentor relationships with corporate customers Marketing Research: pulse of the industry, wants and needs of customers==matched to University resources
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  • Additional Strategies for Organizational Structure Audience Input
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  • Access to Resources Slide Site: Larry Ragan: [email protected] Holly Breitkreutz: [email protected]