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This handy little slide pack takes you through how to start an Instagram account, the types of content that work, how to host an Instameet.


  • 1. in your business How to use
  • 2. How to use Instagram in your business This SlideShare presentation was prepared with tourism businesses in mind While most of the examples are related to tourism and leisure businesses, this guide can be used by businesses in most industries We are going to break into Practical Moments throughout the SlideShare to give you a moment to give it a go Remember, Instagram is lots of fun, so its good to play around and get comfortable with the app and the community Now lets get into it!
  • 3. What well cover What is Instagram Whos on Instagram How to use Instagram Instagram photography tips Instagram video & Hyperlapse How to interact with the Instagram community How can I build Instagram into my (daily) social routine What is an Instagrammer Whats an Instameet How to run an Instameet Apps Measuring success
  • 4. What is Instagram? Instagram is a free smartphone app used to capture and share the worlds moments Instagram is a fast, beautiful & fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures and videos (and timelapses with the new Hyperlapse app!) Source:
  • 5. What is Instagram? Instagram users LOVE to create new content daily The community of Instagrammers globally like (double-tap) and comment even more frequently than they upload content The community is also generally positive and friendly with comments Source: Highly engaged community
  • 6. What is Instagram? Mobile is at the core of Instagram You can only create an Instagram post on your phone (not on desktop) Instagram desktop is not as user friendly as the Instagram mobile app Its made to be mobile, so that you take people with you everyday Source: Instagram is mobile
  • 7. What is Instagram? Source: Instagram is NOT link heavy The only live link in Instagram (where people can click and leave Instagram) is in your bio You can add URLs into your image descriptions, but people wont be able to click on them You need to sell what you do within the image, not rely on links Instagram encourages users to stay within Instagram, rather than leave to learn more about a product or location
  • 8. What is Instagram? Source: Instagram is all about taking people with you. Instagram is great for showing a moment or a snapshot Great instagram accounts take their followers with them on the road behind the scenes sneak peaks into new products or events
  • 9. Whos on Instagram? Source: at September 2014,; Photo: @andrewtallon 200 million monthly active users 65%+ of Instagram users are based outside of the US 13% of internet users use Instagram 51% of the Class of 2014 use Instagram
  • 10. What are they doing on Instagram? EVERY DAY 60 million photos are uploaded 84.4 million comments are posted 1.6 billion likes on photos Source:;
  • 11. Why should you work with Instagram? CONSUMER CHANGE Consumer behaviour and shift towards visual content 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual procession CONTENT IS KING! Instagram allows you to create and publish content easily Its also a great place to source content > get influencers and locals (including photographers) to help build your content bank by introducing your own #hashtag and republishing content (and giving credit) to your content creators (when they use your # or give you approval) Source: & Image credits: @garry_norris & @jewelszee_ @jewelszee_
  • 12. Instagram & the stages of travel planning 5 Stages of travel Source:
  • 13. How to use Instagram Download the Instagram App to your smartphone Set up your account Add a profile picture that followers will understand Write a profile: What do you offer and why is it worth following you. Link to your (mobile friendly) website Communicate your hashtag Image credit: @christinagz_
  • 14. How to use Instagram Newsfeed > just like Facebook where youll find images from the instagrammers you follow Explore > find instagrammers and topics using #hashtags Take a pic or video or upload an existing image or video file Your notifications > See whos followed, liked or commented on your pics Your profile > Check out your bio, followers, who youre following & all your pics Image credit:
  • 15. How to use Instagram Newsfeed > just like Facebook where youll find images from the instagrammers you follow Once you Follow instagrammers, the images you find in your newsfeed will increase (as will the number of contributors to your newsfeed) Image credit:
  • 16. How to use Instagram Image credit: Explore > find instagrammers and topics using #hashtags Explore from the images that appear on the Explore tab or select the magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner & search for Instagrammers by selecting Users or hashtags by selecting Tags
  • 17. How to use Instagram Take a pic or video or upload an existing image or video file by selecting the Instagram icon in the middle of the tab options Line up your pic (turn on the grid lines!) and shoot a photo by selecting the blue dot in the middle Upload existing photos by selecting the 9 square icon to the left of the blue dot Take 15 second video or upload existing videos by clicking the video icon on the right of the blue button Image credit:
  • 18. How to use Instagram Edit your image within Instagram Straightening tool great for fixing non-straight horizons Filters & borders you can now select the impact of the filter (rather than just on and off) Tilt shift add a point of interest & blur Saturation & brightness increase or decrease colour saturation and brightness Image credit:
  • 19. How to use Instagram Tag people in your shots Add your location Image credit:
  • 20. How to use Instagram Notifications Following tab See what people you follow are doing in terms of liking and commenting and following You tab See whos followed you, liked or commented on your pics Image credit:
  • 21. How to use Instagram Your profile Check out & edit your profile. This is the only place where you can have a clickable link. Its also the best place to communicate your #hashtag if you have one and use it for curating images to republish. Followers Who youre following All of your pics Locations of your pics (for images to appear correctly on the map, youll need to tag the location when you upload your content) Photos youve been tagged in Image credit:
  • 22. Lets do this! Grab your phone and follow these 8 steps to get your Instagram account up and running!
  • 23. Step 1: Set-up 1. Download the app and create an account 2. Login and check or add your profile photo, bio and website link and hashtag. 5 minutes: Set up Image credit:
  • 24. Step 2: Take a photo 1. Use the phone camera or Instagram app 2. Make it square 3. Take a photo! 2 minutes: Take a photo Image credit:
  • 25. Step 3: Edit 1. Select and crop the photo 2. Play with filters, brightness, saturation and tools 3. When youre happy, press Next in the top right corner 1 minute: Make it nice Image credit:
  • 26. Step 4: Write a caption 1. Be informative: Describe whats going on 2. Be funny: Make your followers giggle 3. Dont forget to use your hashtag or other brands hashtags to grow the distribution of your image (its best practice to include 2 #hashtags in your caption feel free to add additional #hashtags in the comments section) 2 minutes: Write a caption @hamiltonisland @Tangaloomaislandresort @Lonepinekoala Image credit: Which #s? Try #thisisqueensland and your RTO #hashtags & #seeaustralia
  • 27. Step 5: Tag people 1. Tag people or brands that are included in the photo. This is great for tour companies. This will appear in their profile when you click the Tagged icon. 2. Tag bigger accounts. The aim is to share your photos with them to get extra distribution of your content [email protected], @queensland, @australia. By tagging accounts, you are also saying that its ok for them to republish the image (with a credit of course) 2 minutes: Tag people Image credit:
  • 28. Step 6: Add a location 1.Turn on your Add to Photo Map option 2.Select Name This Location 3.Add location of the photo (if it appears in the list of locations) or create a location e.g. your business 1 minute: Name this location Image credit:
  • 29. Step 7: Share the content If youd like to add your Instagram content to your other social channels, feel free to select one or more of the sharing options below. Keep in mind, that if you do this, the comments and hashtags used in Instagram will also appear in Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also share the Instagram post once it is live as well. This gives you more control over what copy goes with the Instagram image. 2 minutes: Share your image Image credit:
  • 30. Step 8: Push it LIVE! 1.When you are good to go, select the Share button down the bottom 2. If you want to add additional hashtags, this is your chance. Jump into the comments and add away. Remember, hashtags should be relevant, so dont go too crazy! 3. Its also good to check the comments on your image and take part in the wider Instagram community by liking and commenting on other peoples posts. 1 minute: Post your Instagram image or video Image credit:
  • 31. What is a hashtag? Image credit: best-practices-what-your-brand-needs-know & Source: Word or phrase beginning with a # symbol with no spaces or punctuation like #thisisqueensland Hashtags group conversations about topics making them easier to find, follow and join the conversation Extend your own brand and distribute your content to certain Instagram interests and groups #thisisqueensland is a clickable link to related images on a specific topic
  • 32. Where are #s used? Image credits: & & & &
  • 33. @straddiehotel posts a photo and adds #brisbaneanyday to the Instagram description or 1st comment Its likely that the image will be seen by other Instagrammers that are interested in, living in or coming soon to Brisbane Also @visitbrisbane may regram the pic, which promotes the destination Hashtag Example #brisbaneanyday
  • 34. Hashtag = content distribution Look for hashtags that are relevant to your destination (research in ) Add popular hashtags to relevant images to grow audience & engagement i.e. #brisbaneanyday (or your Regional Tourism Organisation hashtag) #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia Add your own unique hashtag to source content and build a community Communicate your hashtag in your profile. Make it easy for Instagrammers to get on board Your hashtag should have relevance or meaning to regular Instagrammers #CalmYourFarm > too many hashtags or hashtags that dont make sense will be ignored (especially in the 1st comment) Source:
  • 35. Content efficiencies Think about how the content you are creating or curating in Instagram could be used across other channels
  • 36. Integrate Instagram into your other channels Facebook is an obvious one, but dont forget to integrate Instagram into your website, blog and other social channels so that your consumers know how to connect with you in Instagram
  • 37. What kind of content works well in Instagram? Sunrise, sunset Road trips, board walks, hiking paths Landscapes & scenery (beach, mountains, trees, fields) View from rooms, decks, roof Pets, cute animals New menu, coffee or breakfast, locals fave Behind the scenes, daily life on a farm stay Groups enjoying themselves on tour Meet the team
  • 38. What kind of content works well in Instagram?
  • 39. Instagram Photography Tips Rule of thirds Create balance in photos Use the grid on your camera, phone & Instagram settings Line up a point of interest along 1 of those lines Focus the photo on one third Work with the square Use Square It apps for content not suited to the Instagram square Source: Image credit: @jewelszee_ @matthewtaylorthomas
  • 40. Instagram Photography Tips Perspective Gives your images depth and scale Use natural lines to guide you i.e. roads, paths, tracks Take shots from different heights & perspectives i.e. look up, down, get low MORE INFO > Image credit: @sea_godess @gradelle @rikerama
  • 41. Instagram Photography Tips Depth of field Distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear sharp in an image Try taking shots from different angles (on the ground is usually a winner) Focus your phone / camera on something in particular Edit > use the tilt shift tool in Instagrams editing suite Source: & of-field/ Image credit: @freshcoatcreative @visitcapricorn
  • 42. Instagram Video Record video (15 seconds max) within the Instagram app or upload your own videos Take short segments of videos that are pieced together on your phone & add filters Tell a story (e.g. how to feed a kangaroo) or create timelapses with the new Hyperlapse app Screen shot:
  • 43. Instagram Video For more details on Instagram video, check out this blog from Instagram.
  • 44. Instagram Video Instagram launched their new video app, Hyperlapse, in August 2014. It focusses on capturing high-quality time lapse videos You can upload the content into Instagram as well Source:
  • 45. Interacting with the Instagram Community Comment Like Play with # Follow Interacting with the Instagram community is pretty simple (& fun). Like, comment and share content. Try to do this about once a day.
  • 46. How can you fit build Instagram into your day? Shoot in bulk Edit or post direct photos into Instagram Use Instagram to help create (or curate) content for your other social and digital channels Get involved in the community when you can
  • 47. How can you fit build Instagram into your day? Instagram Serving Suggestions Frequency > 1 4 images per day Consistent > be pretty consistent in how frequently you upload and the style of content you post Image description > You can be creative or descriptive. Consider 140 character limits for posting to Twitter and the number of hashtags you use in social channels like Facebook (where hashtags are still weird). Hashtags to consider RTO hashtags, #thisisqueensland & #seeaustralia #location & popular instagram hashtags (but try not to be too spammy) Whats hot in hashtags > How many hashtags is too many? 1 or 2 hashtags in the image description Its really up to you with the secondary comments
  • 48. How can you fit build Instagram into your day? Instagram Serving Suggestions Be a part of it > Like and comment. Grammers are friendly so get involved in the conversation! How do you get people to use your #hashtags? Communicate what they are in your Instagram bio Chat to Grammers about using your #hashtag in the comments of their related pics
  • 49. How to repost photos Reposting other peoples pics Use apps like InstaRepost to repost other travellers images from your phone You only have permission to use someones images if theyve used your hashtag, they have tagged you in the post or youve asked and received permission. You will come into copyright issues if this critical step is missed. Remember to credit the instagrammer by using i.e. @elisaparkranger in the first comment or across the image
  • 50. How to repost photos Ideally use (if on desktop). If youre on your phone, just like content within Instagram Search for your hashtag Like photos where Instagrammers have used your hashtag Tick the Save Original Photo and Remove Logo options. Then click Direct Repost Your liked photos will appear at the top. Select the one you want to repost. Use a reposting app like PhotoRepost You will see Posts you liked from your Instagram or Iconosquare activity Select one of the images to repost Remember, to repost someones image, you need them to give you permission by either using your #hashtag OR by tagging you or giving you approval
  • 51. How to repost photos Select Open in Instagram You are now in Instagram itself. If you dont want the credit over the image, select X
  • 52. How to repost photos Press the Upload button in Instagram. Select images from your camera roll on the left. Credit the instagrammer and note the location of the shot. Include your own hashtag and #thisisqueensland. Tag the instagrammer as well. Select the image you would like to repost from your camera roll
  • 53. What is an Instagrammer? Instagrammers are Instagram gurus They post amazing imagery perfect for inspiring travellers They have HUGE Instagram audiences @laurenepbath has over 360K+ followers! They are invited along to famils with other journalists and bloggers They are content creators They engage with the Instagram community and their followers They share your destinations with their audiences
  • 54. What is an Instagrammer? Heres some examples of Instagrammers to follow toot sweet And heres 20 Queensland travel accounts to follow on Instagram @laurenepbath @rikerama @kellytheobald_ @imlee_ @nathanwhiteimages @garry_norris @jewelszee @matthewtaylorthomas
  • 55. How to find an Instagrammer? 1. Use the explore tab 2a. Search for users Instagrammers, photographers, STOs, RTOs and other tourism brands 2b. Search for hashtags Promoted # Location# Activity # i.e. thisisqueensland 3. Check out, follow, like and comment on their pics
  • 56. How to connect with an Instagrammer Planned famil: Ask your community for location tips Create the trip with photography in mind Welcome the Instagrammer to your region (in real life as well as on social channels) Like and comment on their content during the visit Re-post and tweet their content (including photo credit and #) On Instagram: Comment on their photos when relevant Love this! or This is awesome! Seriously, that is all you need to do
  • 57. What is an Instameet? InstaMeets are events happening globally where Instagrammers meet each other, share photography advice and create content together to post on their personal feeds. Read more about Instameets here Watch an Instameet video here Source: / Photo: @andrewtallon & @kgabo
  • 58. How to run an Instameet? Become an Instameet host (for regular Instagrammers): 1. Select a location or area 2. Pick the best time for the spot (usually at sunrise or sunset) 3. Pick the best day (when are most people likely to come along) 3. What is interesting to shoot 4. Consider creating a hashtag for the Instameet. Add this to your promo image & all communications around the Instameet. 5. Create a promo photo 6. Promote your instameet Post the photo in Instagram 2 weeks out from your Instameet. Promote the Instameet in your other social channels as well. Direct Message local grammers and other Instagram mates. . Create a FREE ATDW event Add your meet to the Instagram MeetUp site 7. Bring some props to make it fun 8. On the day, be the first person at the location 9. Help newbies and beginners with tips 10. Share pics over the next day or days 11. Thank your Instameet attendees (tag them in a photo from the meet)
  • 59. Apps to help pimp your Instagram content Taking Pics Editing Pics Playing with Pics Average Camera Pro
  • 60. Measurement and statistics Instagram itself does not provide much in the way of insights (aside from likes and comments on individual Instagram posts) Instead you may like to use Whos following & unfollowing you Whats your most engaging content Whos your biggest and most engaged fan? Finding trending content Feedback for optimisation Screen shot:
  • 61. How do I do this Instagram thingy? Whats your approach? What do you want to get out of it? How does it fit into to what you do already? Download Instagram app Get an Instagram account. Think about your user name and hashtag. Should be obvious, consistent across social channels, searchable, easy for Grammers Start taking pics and uploading them (comment, hashtags, location etc) Its a social channel. Start following, liking & commenting with the community. Connect with instagrammers in your area. Communicate your own hashtag Content efficiency > where else is this content relevant? Facebook? Twitter? Website? eNewsletter images? Need inspiration? Join @fatmumslims Photo A Day Challenge. She gives you a daily prompt which helps to get ideas! For more info
  • 62. Thanks so much! Please leave any feedback in the comments! You can also find me @sosarina