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Week #7: Instagram Using Photos to Connect with Shannon Bowen-Kelsick @sbkelsick

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This presentation is developed for businesses and non-profits, to illustrate how to use Instagram for business and branding. The presentation entails a detailed demo of the app at slide 5, reviewing every tab and every feature of Instagram.


2. Instagram Statistics and [email protected] 3. Instagram Statistics and [email protected] 4. Instagram Statistics and Users Instagram has edged out Facebook and Twitter in terms of prestige among young users! It is now more gender-balanced. Growth has made it less female-centric. In the U.S., men now account for about halfof Instagram's users; older data from various sources showed a pronounced skewtoward female users.! Instagram has drawn close to Twitter in terms of the number of total users. In total, Instagram has over 200 million users, just behind Twitter, with younger usersdriving [email protected]! The app has reached the youth tipping-point: Over half of teens and people in their early twenties are on Instagram. Morethan half of American 12- to 24-year-olds said they had an account on Instagram inearly 2014!info from:! 5. Instagram [email protected] 6. Instagram [email protected] 7. Instagram [email protected] 8. Instagram [email protected] 9. Instagram [email protected] 10. Instagram [email protected] 11. Instagram [email protected] 12. Instagram [email protected] 13. #Instagram awaywith Shannon [email protected] 14. references Heres Why Instagram Demographics Are So Attractive to Brands:! Instagram ads launched for Canadian users Monday:! TechTalkAmerica YouTube channel!!!Apps: InstaCollage - photo collages (currently free) WordSwag - fun images with quotes and more ($2.99 so worth it!) Instavid - photos with video collage creator (free) VideoStory - slideshow creator (free, $1.99 for pro) Vinyet - video slice and dicer ($1.99 - VERY worth the spend) VideoSound - adds music to videos ($0.99 - so worth 99 pennies)@sbkelsick