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<ul><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 1 </p><p> INSPIRING SAFE SUPPORTIVE </p></li><li><p> 2 </p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 3 </p><p>CONTENTS </p><p>Location 4 </p><p>About City School of Languages 6 </p><p>Destination Swansea 8 </p><p>CSL - A Great Academic Choice 10 </p><p>General English 12 </p><p>IELTS Exam Preparation 14 </p><p>Cambridge Exam Preparation 16 </p><p>English Plus Work Placement 18 </p><p>TOEIC Exam Preparation 20 </p><p>Private Tuition 22 </p><p>Tailor-Made Courses for Adults &amp; School Groups 24 </p><p>Accommodation Options 26 </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p>Alan Cao from China </p><p>I feel very happy in this school. Teachers are fantastic. In addition, I improved my English. </p><p>These are the best things for me. If you join in this school, you will like it! </p><p>TOP 5 REASONS WHY SWANSEA IS AMAZING </p><p> A safe city </p><p> A cosmopolitan university city </p><p> The SwansSwanseas Premier League football team </p><p> Many outdoor and water sports available in the area </p><p> The Gower Peninsulathe first area in the UK to be </p><p> designated area of outstanding natural beauty </p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 5 </p><p>City School of Languages (CSL) is located in Swansea. </p><p>Swansea is a small city located next to the beach. </p><p>The closest airport to Swansea is Cardiff Airport (75 minutes </p><p>by train). Swansea is easily accessible from other </p><p>international airports. </p><p>You can get to Swansea by either train, coach or taxi. There </p><p>are excellent train connections between London </p><p>Paddington train station and Swansea. A train leaves from </p><p>London Paddington every hour. </p><p>Another option is travelling by coach from London Victoria </p><p>Coach Station to Swansea. This is much cheaper than </p><p>catching the train but takes longer. </p><p>For a faster journey, we can arrange a taxi transfer for you </p><p>from the airport to your accommodation. </p><p>The time it takes to arrive at Swansea by train </p><p>Cardiff Airport </p><p>1 hour 45 minutes </p><p>Bristol Airport </p><p>2 hours 30 minutes </p><p>London Heathrow Airport </p><p>3 hours 50 minutes </p><p>London Gatwick Airport </p><p>4 hours 20 minutes </p><p>Manchester Airport </p><p>5 hours </p><p>LOCATION </p></li><li><p> 6 </p><p>WE HAVE THE RIGHT CLASS FOR YOU! City School of Languages runs classes from </p><p>Beginner all the way to Advanced level. </p><p>CSL offers a choice of General English, Exam Preparation and </p><p>Private Tuition courses, which are available at different levels. </p><p>In order to place you in the right level class, please complete our </p><p>online placement test before you leave home. Once you have </p><p>completed the test, we can then inform you of your level before </p><p>you arrive. </p><p>If you cant do the online placement test, our support staff will </p><p>give you a short placement test. On the day you arrive, you will </p><p>also have a speaking test with the Vice-Principal or Director of </p><p>Studies. Our team will then place you in the correct English class </p><p>which will be challenging and enjoyable for you. </p><p>ABOUT CITY SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES </p><p>LEVELS AVAILABLE WHO WE ARE Founded in 2006, CSL is accredited by Accreditation UK (British </p><p>Council and English UK). Our professional and caring team of </p><p>teachers and support staff look forward to helping you. </p><p>We continue to check your progress during your stay with </p><p>us. If in your first week you or we feel that the class you have </p><p>been placed in is too easy or too hard, we will talk to you and </p><p>if necessary change your class in order to make sure that you </p><p>make the best possible progress at the right level. </p><p>Our maximum class size is 15. In extreme and rare circumstances the stated maximum class might be exceeded. If this does happen, it will be only by one person for a very limited period. Courses may not run as advertised if there are not enough students on the course (for example, examination courses). CSL reserves the right to offer an alternative option to students in this case, for example a reduced number of lessons for all or part of the course. We accept beginners on our courses by prior arrangement. If you are a beginner please contact us for available start dates. If we determine that you are at beginner level after your arrival, we reserve the right to offer you the equivalent number of private lessons at no additional cost. Our courses are primarily for students aged 18 and older. While we welcome students aged 17, please note we cannot provide 24 hour supervision. Please read our Safeguarding and Care of Under 18s Policies before booking a course for a student aged under 18. These are available at </p><p></p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 7 </p><p>OUR TEACHING STAFF </p><p>All staff at City School of Languages are focused </p><p>on giving you the best possible learning </p><p>experience. </p><p>Our teachers will give you personal attention and will </p><p>provide you with the guidance and support that you need. </p><p>OUR SUPPORT STAFF </p><p>Our Student Support and Welfare team are </p><p>available to help you from the moment that you </p><p>first contact us to your very last day. </p><p>Here are some of the ways that they can help: </p><p> 24/7 emergency line </p><p> Support if you are missing home </p><p> Guidance with finding childcare providers </p><p> Work placement service </p><p> Family doctor registration assistance </p><p> Accommodation placement service </p><p> General information about Swansea and the UK </p><p>WHERE OUR STUDENTS CAME </p><p>FROM IN 2016 </p><p>ACCREDITATION AND </p><p>PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP </p></li><li><p> 8 </p><p>DESTINATION SWANSEA </p><p>URBAN SWANSEA &amp; THE GOWER </p><p>Swansea is the perfect destination for you if you </p><p>are looking for a friendly city located by the sea. </p><p>Swansea has everything that you need and more </p><p>without the huge crowds of a major city. Swansea </p><p>is also generally cheaper and is a much more </p><p>liveable city than many places in the United </p><p>Kingdom. </p><p>If you enjoy nature and fresh air, Swansea is most </p><p>certainly the answer for you. The Gower </p><p>peninsula was the first area of the United </p><p>Kingdom to be designated as an area of </p><p>outstanding natural beauty. With rolling hills </p><p>surrounded by kilometres of open water, when </p><p>you visit you will truly understand why. The most </p><p>famous beach is called Rhossili and it is a must-</p><p>visit. It is frequently voted as one of the top </p><p>beaches in the world. </p><p>Because of the size and geography of the area, </p><p>there is a wide choice of adventure sports that </p><p>you can enjoy. From surfing to rock climbing, </p><p>Swansea is the place for it. </p><p>If you want more information about activities, or </p><p>if you would like us to arrange an activity for you, </p><p>please let us know in advance. </p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 9 </p><p>Fahad from </p><p>Saudi Arabia </p><p>The reception </p><p>staff are </p><p>fantastic. City </p><p>School of </p><p>Languages has </p><p>nice activities </p><p>and trips. I enjoyed my trip to Tenby. I </p><p>recommend City School of Languages for </p><p>all students that want to study abroad and </p><p>its a nice school for international </p><p>students. </p><p>OUTDOOR SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES* </p><p>WALKING </p><p>Swansea is home to some of Wales most beautiful coastal </p><p>walks. With panoramic bay views and the chance to see some </p><p>marine animals such as seals and dolphins, what more could </p><p>you want on your walk? </p><p>SURFING </p><p>The Gower Peninsula is one of the best surf destinations in the </p><p>United Kingdom. Swansea is the perfect location for beginners </p><p>and surfers of all levels to learn and enjoy this sport. If you </p><p>would like further information about surfing schools in </p><p>Swansea, please ask us. </p><p>HORSE RIDING </p><p>Swansea is an excellent location for horse riding. With views of </p><p>the bay and forests, take a ride through the beautiful Welsh </p><p>countryside. </p><p>COASTEERING </p><p>With hidden caves and secret steps, an adrenaline-fuelled </p><p>coasteering journey has never been so interesting. Swimming, </p><p>scrambling and jumping your way through our breath taking </p><p>scenery is a must for any adventurous Gower visitor. </p><p>*Please note that these outdoor sports and activities are available from outdoor </p><p>pursuits schools and centres and are not part of CSL organised activities. Please </p><p>contact us for further information. </p></li><li><p> 10 </p><p>ENGLISH OUT THERE </p><p>We offer English Out There as part of our General </p><p>English programme. The English Out There classes </p><p>take place in the mornings. </p><p>The English Out There lessons focus on speaking </p><p>and listening. The aim is for you to use real language </p><p>with real people as it helps build your confidence </p><p>speaking English in real-life situations. </p><p>MY GRAMMAR LAB </p><p>In order to help you to improve your understanding of </p><p>grammar, our courses cover the main grammar areas </p><p>you need in order to use English effectively and </p><p>accurately. Many of you also want to review and develop your </p><p>understanding of English grammar in your own time. We use </p><p>MyGrammarLab, an online grammar course in class and for </p><p>private study. </p><p>MyGrammarLab can be used on computers and tablets and </p><p>even mobile phones, so you can study anywhere. Its available </p><p>for one year from the day you start at City School of </p><p>Languages, meaning you can continue to use it when you go </p><p>home. </p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 11 </p><p>CSL - A GREAT ACADEMIC CHOICE </p><p>Our main aim is to help you gain </p><p>confidence while you are studying with us </p><p>in Swansea. These features will benefit </p><p>and help you to maximise your learning </p><p>potential during your time at CSL. </p><p>CSL TUTORIALS </p><p>We believe that you will learn English best when you </p><p>understand your own strengths and weaknesses and </p><p>how to develop your skills. </p><p>We therefore have a meeting with you on your first </p><p>day to check your level and talk to you about </p><p>improving your English. </p><p>We also have individual meetings with you in the </p><p>middle and at the end of each term to help you to </p><p>make the most of your time studying with us. </p></li><li><p> 12 </p><p>Do you want and need to improve your general English level? We can help. </p><p>GENERAL ENGLISH </p><p>AIMS OF THE COURSE </p><p> Develop the skills you need to use English for </p><p>work, study and pleasure </p><p> Build your confidence </p><p> Immerse yourself in the English language and </p><p>British culture </p><p>COURSE PROFILE </p><p>We aim to improve the main language skills in an enjoyable and </p><p>culturally enriching environment. Using magazines, newspapers, </p><p>music, listening exercises and film, our classes are dynamic and </p><p>varied. </p><p>Public Holidays (School is closed) </p><p>There are no lessons on Saturdays or Sundays 02 Jan*, 14 Apr, 17 Apr* (Easter Holidays), 01 May*, 29 May*, 28 Aug*, 16 Dec 2017 07 Jan 2018 (Christmas Holidays) </p><p>Minimum enrolment age 17 </p><p>Maximum class size 15** </p><p>Start date Any Monday (Start of the new term is preferred. For more information, please contact us) </p><p>Minimum stay 1 week </p><p>Term start dates 2017 09 January, 03 April, 03 July 25 September </p><p>IMPORTANT INFORMATION </p><p>*Enrolment takes place on the Tuesday following a </p><p>Bank Holiday </p><p>**In some circumstances, this may be increased to 16 </p><p>CLASS TIMETABLE (17 hours) </p><p>DAY TIME </p><p>MondayThursday </p><p>(Morning) </p><p>09.15 13.15 (Including breaks) </p><p>General English </p><p>Friday </p><p>(Morning) </p><p>09.15 12.30 (Including breaks) </p><p>General English </p><p>CLASS TIMETABLE (25 hours) DAY TIME </p><p>MondayThursday </p><p>(Morning) </p><p>09.1513.15 (Including breaks) </p><p>General English </p><p>MondayThursday </p><p>(Afternoon) </p><p>14.1516.30 (Including breaks) </p><p>General English </p><p>Friday </p><p>(Morning) </p><p>09.1512.30 (Including breaks) </p><p>General English </p><p>Friday </p><p>(Afternoon) </p><p>Private study </p><p>Homework Students are expected to do one hour of </p><p>homework everyday </p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 13 </p><p>ALSO INCLUDED </p><p> Tutorial meetings at the beginning, middle and </p><p>end of your course </p><p> Online Grammar Practice </p><p> Fast Track English Service </p><p>Khaled from Kuwait </p><p>I love the staff at CSL. They are very friendly and are always willing to help out. They always have time for a chat. I made lots of friends from different countries. The teachers were very passionate and caring about what we needed to learn and they always came prepared. Swansea is a beautiful sea side town and the people here are lovely. </p><p>Why not gain an internationally </p><p>recognized English language qualification </p><p>by adding IELTS afternoon classes or </p><p>Cambridge exam preparation on top of your General English </p><p>course? </p><p>LEVELS AVAILABLE </p></li><li><p> 14 </p><p>ALSO INCLUDED </p><p> IELTS Exam Booking Support </p><p> Online Grammar Practice </p><p> IELTS Exam Tips And Techniques </p><p>Timothes success story </p><p>Timothe needed to achieve an IELTS score of 5 in order to attend a hospitality college in Geneva, Switzerland. Timothe was nervous when he arrived at the school and was unsure about making friends with the other students. We specifically placed Timothe in quite an active homestay to ensure that he would get the most from his stay in Swansea. On Timothes first day at the school, we could see that he was a worrier. Our staff at the school nurtured him and introduced him to other students. After two weeks, Timothes confidence was starting to show. After helping Timothe for two months and giving him extra homework as requested, Timothe was ready for his IELTS test. We received his results just before Christmas. It was wonderful to discover that Timothe had scored a 5.5 in his IELTS test and could therefore begin his specialist studies. </p><p>LEVELS AVAILABLE </p></li><li><p> +44 (0)1792 459615 | 15 </p><p>Public Holidays (School is closed) </p><p>There are no lessons on Saturdays or Sundays. 02 Jan*, 14 Apr, 17 Apr* (Easter Holidays) 01 May*, 29 May*, 28 Aug* , 16 Dec 2017 07 Jan 2018 (Christmas Holidays) </p><p>Minimum enrolment age 17 </p><p>Maximum class size 15** </p><p>Start date Any Monday (Start of the new term is preferred. For more information, please contact us) </p><p>Minimum stay 1 week </p><p>Term start dates 2017 09 January, 03 April, 03 July, 25 September </p><p>IMPORTANT INFORMATION </p><p>IELTS EXAM PREPARATION Are you hoping to study at a university but need help with your IELTS score? Look no further! CSL can help. </p><p>COURSE PROFILE </p><p>Our IELTS course will help you to prepare for this internationally </p><p>recognized English language test, which many students need in </p><p>order to enter academic life at university. The course combines </p><p>General English in the morning with IELTS classes in the </p><p>afternoon. </p><p>The IELTS classes will help you to become familiar with the four </p><p>parts of the IELTS exam (reading,...</p></li></ul>


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