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Inspiring . Equipping. Connecting. Parish Nursing Children s Sabbath Gray Panthers. Parish Nursing: Ministry to Mind, Body, and Spirit. Today, the parish nurses of PHEWA s Presbyterian Health Network advise and support congregations and parish nurses throughout the denomination. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Inspiring . Equipping. Connecting.

  • Parish NursingChildrens SabbathGray Panthers

  • Parish Nursing: Ministry to Mind, Body, and Spirit

    Today, the parish nurses of PHEWAs Presbyterian Health Network advise and support congregations and parish nurses throughout the denomination. .

  • Childrens Sabbath:

    a way for faith communities to celebrate children as gifts from God and to renew their commitment to care, protect and advocate for all children.

  • Today, Childrens Sabbath is observed across denominations and faiths on the second Sunday in October.

    Childrens Sabbath

  • Gray Panthers

  • The Gray Panthers continues to advocate for the rights of older adults in the United States.

  • Inspire. Equip. Connect.

  • PAAPresbyterians for Addiction ActionPACTPresbyterian Association for Community TransformationPADVNPresbyterians Against Domestic Violence NetworkPANPresbyterian AIDS NetworkPAROPresbyterians Affirming Reproductive OptionsPASPMPresbyterian Association of Specialized Pastoral MinistriesPCANPresbyterian Child Advocacy NetworkPDCPresbyterians for Disability ConcernsPHNPresbyterian Health NetworkPSMINPresbyterian Serious Mental Illness Network

  • But PHEWAs real strength lies in its grassroots networks

  • And in its volunteers!12 months =

    8,000+ hours = $240,000 =

    4 fulltime staff

  • Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network

    National scope

    Training individuals and communities of faith

  • And internationally, PADVN . . .Partnerships in Central America and Russia

    Sharing best practices

    On site visits and training

  • Presbyterians for Disability Concerns

    To involve people with disabilities in the full life of the Church.

  • PDC

  • Heres an example of how important PDC is to the PC(USA)

  • In other words . . .Through its networks, PHEWA doesthe work of the Church as the Church

  • Criminal Justice Network219th General Assembly

    Which brings us to Network Number Eleven:

  • G.A. told PHEWA to form a Criminal Justice Network

  • And then there are those resource packetsCaregiver Sunday (PHN)Disability Inclusion (PDC)Domestic Violence Awareness (PADVN)HIV and AIDS Awareness (PAN)Health Awareness (PHN)Criminal Justice Sunday (PCJN)

  • Waiting

  • Thats PHEWA!

  • Because thats what PHEWA does

    Inspires. Equips. Connects.

  • 87%______


  • But now you knowAnd you can spread the word!

  • Final Thoughts

    We are the risk-takers; we are the innovators; we are the developers of new models. We are trying the future on for size. That is our role.Maggie KuhnGray Panthers

  • To do justiceTo love mercyTo walk humblyWith your God.

  • Join the Community Rev. Trina Zelle National Organizer/Executive Director 602-796-7477

    Susan StackProgram Associate800-728-7228 ext. 5800Susan.Stack@pcusa.orgCheck us out at the PC(USA)

    Or at our resource

    *Parish Nursing. Childrens Sabbath. Gray Panthers. What do they have in common?*In all three cases, a PHEWA member saw a need . . . and responded.

    *Passionate about the health of Eastern Kentuckys rural poor, Ruth Berry is one of the founding mothers of our denominations parish nursing program.

    *In 1992 Rev. Shannon Daley-Harris, Presbyterian minister and religious advisor to the Childrens Defense Fund created the National Observance of Childrens Sabbath.

    *Today, Childrens Sabbath is observed across denominations and faiths on the second Sunday in October.

    *At the age of 65, Maggie Kuhn found herself forcibly retired by the Presbyterian Church even though she loved her job and wanted to keep working.

    *Maggie founded the Gray Panthers, which continues to fight age discrimination. *PHEWA: Inspires people of faith like Ruth, Shannon, and Maggie to respond to the diminishment of human life; Equips them tools for effective action; and Connects them to others to increase their effectiveness.

    *Whether its the care and nurture of our congregations or ensuring access and voice for those whose gifts are often overlooked, PHEWA networks exist to serve Presbyterians and the communities in which they minister.

    *PHEWA was established by General Assembly action in 1956 and is an active ministry of the General Assembly Mission Councils Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry Area. It interprets and implements General Assembly actions around the full range of health issues.

    *Like a car that runs on two sources of power, PHEWA is a hybrid organization. It combines the strength and capacity of the national church with the autonomy and flexibility of a 501(c)3 organization*PHEWA believes in doing with rather than doing for. PHEWAs core value, nothing about us without us, means that everyone must be at the table for work to proceed: consumers of services, professionals, family and friends. *All of PHEWAs frontline work is done by volunteers. Over the past twelve months PHEWA volunteers contributed more than 8,000 hours of ministry in the name of PC(USA). Those hours and dollars translate into four fulltime staff positions.

    *Each PHEWA network is guided by its own volunteer leadership team drawn from local congregations. Lets look at two of them.*PADVN works to end domestic violence. It deploys trained members to lead workshops at every level of church life; PADVN also creates annual congregational resource packets to coincide with domestic violence awareness month.

    *PADVN members have entered into partnership with the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA) as well as the Russian Orthodox Church to develop culturally appropriate responses to the issue of domestic violence. PADVN members regularly travel to both places to share best practices and organizing strategies

    *Then theres Presbyterians for Disability Concerns. PDCs mission is simple . . .

    *Before every General Assembly, Presbyterians for Disability Concerns meets with committees on local arrangements to make sure that G.A. is a rich inclusive experience for everyone. PDC volunteers also show congregations how to make their facilities more accessible and create the resources that move congregations and individuals towards full inclusion. *In 2006, the 217th General Assembly directed the GAMC to collaborate with persons living with disabilities and their families to create guidelines and training materials for church leadership. PDCs body of work on disability inclusion was the foundation of GAMCs report to the next G.A. *When it comes to addressing the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the life of the church, the face of Presbyterians for Disability Concerns is the face of the Presbyterian Church(USA).

    *In 2010 an overture requested that the GAMCs Criminal Justice Office be re-established. Instead, representatives from this body responded: We invite Presbyterians with a passion for specialized ministries to form ministry networks for collaboration and coordination.

    *And so this coming weekend, at Stony Point Conference Center, PHEWA will gather church folks with a passion to change our broken criminal justice system and lay the foundation for PHEWAs eleventh network.

    *Six of PHEWAs networks produce annual worship resource and information packets for designated Sundays on the Presbyterian But those packets do so much more . . *In every congregation there are people sitting in our pews, waiting for a message of hope, waiting to hear their church express concern about the struggles that confront them daily, waiting to hear that someone is aware of the addictions, or serious mental illness, or HIV and AIDS, or domestic violence, that dominates their lives. Every network behind these resources hopes that they will help end the waiting; break the silence; start a conversation; and begin the process of healing.

    *And so. To sum up:Those congregational resource packets? Thats PHEWA!The work that tells the world that the PC(USA is committed to justice and inclusion? Thats PHEWA as well! That phone number you call when you need information, a referral or a sympathetic ear . . .PHEWA again!*Inspires for responsive action.Equips for effective action.Connects for continuing action.

    *So PHEWA is a well known Church resource right? Not so much! A Presbyterian Panel survey of church leaders and membership found that while 87% of respondents agreed that the work PHEWA does is important work for the church to do only 13% were familiar to very familiar with the organization itself.

    *Risk takers. Innovators; developers of new models. That is PHEWA, past; present; and future calling our beloved church always to:



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