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INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Slide 2 ABOUT US OUR CLIENTS OUR SERVICES OUR PROCESS Slide 3 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES We have a passion to deliver business improvements for companies who strive for better results. Our success in delivering these improvements is attributable to our use of highly experienced technical experts who are combined with our proprietary suite of improvement processes and software solutions. ABOUT US Slide 4 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES We provide consulting services & software solutions across these business areas OUR SERVICES OPERATIONS KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE MAINTENANCE & RELIABILITY EXCELLENCE PROJECT EXECUTION ASSURANCE ASSET PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT CONTRACT AND COMMERICAL MANAGEMENT SUPPLY CHAIN EFFECTIVENESS GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION DESIGN PROCESS ENABLING SOFTWARE MARKET ANALYSIS TRAINING LESSONS LEARNED Slide 5 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Leadership Plan Risk Management Philosophy Approach Direction Strategy Priorities MAINTENANCE EXCELLENCE FRAMEWORK OUR PROCESS INTELLIGENT PLANS QUALITY DELIVERY Building Blocks for Maintenance Program People Management Execution of Maintenance Methods SMART PERFORMANCE MEASURES Performance Metrics Setting Targets Benchmarking Performance ANALYZE & IMPROVE Analysis of Improvement Improvement Tactics Knowledge Management Slide 6 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES OUR PERFORMANCE AND MATURITY MODEL OUR PROCESS Slide 7 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES BEST PRACTICE COMMENDATION BY CHEVRON Chevron is recognized across industry for the emphasis that it places on safety so when a new behavioral based safety initiative was adopted it was recognized that effective communication would be a crucial factor in the overall success of the project and, in a wider context, for continuing to reinforce Chevrons commitment to HE&S. Chevron engaged I-Quantum Solutions early on in the project to deliver that service. Working in close collaboration with the project team I-Quantum Solutions created a strong project brand and communication plan that delivered on Chevrons requirements and expectations by stimulating interest, raising awareness and ultimately communicating the results achieved. The promotional campaign designed by I-Quantum Solutions has been identified as a best practice and has been widely recognized for contributing towards the ongoing success and sustainability of the project. CHEVRON POWER BEHAVIOR BASED SAFETY PROGRAM MANAGER Slide 8 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES SOME OF OUR VALUED CLIENTS OUR CLIENTS Slide 9 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES OPERATIONS REVIEW Selected by Tullow Oil UK to carry out a complete review of their UK Southern North Sea operations based at Bacton Gas Terminal. This included activity analysis, work process review, operating & Intervention strategy together with supply chain across the onshore and all offshore assets Conducted several high value workshops to solve critical operational decisions on organization, intervention strategy and capital project evaluation Rationalized a $3.7 million project to component parts for project sanction and delivered cost benefit justification process COMPASS BUSINESS REVIEW OF SNS OPERATIONS PROBLEM SOLVING & DECISION WORKSHOPS Tullow Oil are in the process of implementing significant change to the operation and offshore intervention program with support from i-Quantum TULLOW OIL IMPLEMENTING CHANGES OPERATING COST & EFFICIENCY i-QS identified and validated with Tullow Oil operations opportunities to reduce operating expense by $9.5 million and the practical steps to achieving efficiencies OUR CLIENTS Slide 10 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES OPERATIONS IMPROVEMENTS Selected by Tullow Oil UK to perform a complete equipment & system maintenance across their UK Southern North Sea operations including the Gas Processing Terminal. This included engaging the field operators and technicians using Our process to bring practical improvements. A reduction of 20% in maintenance activity workload requirement Facilitated workshops and guidance on delivering performance management system and associated KPIs across the UK SNS. Deployed our i-SIGHT Visual Business software to capture KPI information and provide a secure performance management portal to display KPIs dynamically and operations reporting across each support function. i-PM Tactics MAINTENANCE REVIEW i-SIGHT Operations Visual Performance Metrics Captured the resident tacit knowledge of operators and maintenance technicians on both Gas Terminal and offshore installations. Provided an on-line system to access valuable and practical operating knowledge to be used for familiarization and reduce risk associated with people attrition and retirement. KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE Application OUR CLIENTS Slide 11 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES GOM DEEPWATER DEVELOPMENT: OPERATIONS & CONTRACTS REVIEW i-QS Selected workshop based coaching and contracts review process to establish key supplier and vendor contract strategy and tactics. This provided the basis for contract Scope definition, needs assessment, risk management and tender process front end requirements Conducted workshops on primary service contracts that included: - Scope elements definition - Risk assessment of scope and vendor capability - Kepner Tregoe evaluation of contracting options STREAMLINE REVIEW OF US CONTRACTS CONTRACT STRATEGY WORKSHOPS Prepared manpower and craft composition estimates for the Shenzi and Neptune Field Development projects for the GOM business unit DEEPWATER DEVELOPMENT MANPOWER REVIEWS KEY SUPPORT I-Quantum identified and validated with BHPBilliton the contract service strategy for key services provision and provided effective process for internal use. Delivered valuable man power estimate and composition analysis to validate Crew requirements for new field operations OUR CLIENTS Slide 12 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Selected by AMERADA HESS to perform a complete Business review of their FPSO asset in Equatorial Guinea including Operations and Supply Chain + An Operations Readiness for Okume Field Development Developed a detailed improvement plan that covered - Field re-organization of supervision - Equipment Defect Elimination & Maintenance Optimization - Knowledge Capture program - Contract O&M service contract renewal COMPASS BUSINESS REVIEW OF FPSO PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION OF IMPROVEMENTS AMERADA HESS are implementing recommendations from the business review HESS IMPLEMENTED CHANGES OPERATING COST & EFFICIENCY I-Quantum identified and validated with HESS operations opportunities to reduce operating expense by 28% and the Practical steps to achieving efficiencies & equipment reliability improvements OUR CLIENTS OPERATIONS & SUPPLY CHAIN (WEST AFRICA): BUSINESS REVIEW Slide 13 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Proprietary knowledge Capture process applied to capture equipment and operating practice knowledge on FPSO during 2 week survey timeframe A web based system is accessible by all Houston & Equatorial guinea staff and contractors to valuable operating practice, operational risk, rule sets, equipment defect knowledge, spares etc. Delivering valuable understanding of Facility performance through defect knowledge analysis CAPTURE OF CRITICAL OPERATING KNOWLEDGE OPERATING KNOWLEDGE IN A WEB BASED SYSTEM STAFF TRANSITION & NATIONALS TRAINING Knowledge Capture is being used to familiarize and train new field supervision, operating and technical support personnel as well as EG nationals OUR CLIENTS OPERATIONS & SUPPLY CHAIN (WEST AFRICA): KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE Slide 14 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Development of the field Operational Readiness Plan for the FDPSO start-up and operation including SIMOPS risk assessment review, FPSO Lessons Learned etc. Developing a web based system is accessible by all project locations: Houston, Singapore & Congo staff and contractors to valuable operations management information and plans. This includes: Operating Management System procedures, Project Documentation, Operating Performance measures and integration of several functional systems OPERATIONAL READINESS PLANNING OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FACILITIES MANAGER ROLE IQS are providing the Facilities Manager role and position on the field development as part of the integrated project team. OUR CLIENTS FDPSO DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (WEST AFRICA): DEVELOPMENT PROJECT SUPPORT & ASSURANCE Slide 15 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Conducted an Operations Integrity Audit of the Groupement Berkine JV (Anadarko/Sonatrach) production operation at Hassi Berkine in Algeria. - Assurance of Integrity across the Operation - Identified gaps to base an improvement program - Determined Root Cause of issues Carried out a risk assessment on Uptime Performance for Wellhead sites, gathering stations and central processing Complex with the department leaders. Provided prioritized mitigation steps to focus improvement program on uptime integrity COMPASS OPERATIONS INTEGRITY REVIEW OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SYSTEM ANALYSIS Performed several systems analysis exercises including: - Process Alarm Review for Process Vulnerability - Process system defects Knowledge Capture - Equipment corrective work analysis for equipment reliability - Local Defect Elimination cause assessment OUR CLIENTS OPERATIONS INTEGRITY REVIEW (ALGERIA): OPERATIONS REVIEW & IMPROVEMENT PLAN Slide 16 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. PRACTICAL PROCESSES Developed the operations excellence framework for global Maintenance & Reliability Assurance to base the Maintenance Management System OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE FRAMEWORK DEVELOPMENT OF MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES Prepared Guidance Standards and Processes on the How to for Maintenance & Reliability within Global Operations Assurance