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<ol><li> 1. Composting </li><li> 2. Food Waste One third of food produced globally gets lost or wasted. $48 billion worth of food is thrown away each year by the US. 34% of all methane emissions come from landfills, most of which come from organic waste. </li><li> 3. Composting Natures way of reusing and recycling waste Composting biodegrades organic waste. i.e. food waste, manure, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood, feathers, crop residue etc., and turns it into a valuable organic fertilizer. </li><li> 4. Innovative Solutions Composting Toilets B2B Food Composting </li><li> 5. UNC Composting Initiatives </li><li> 6. UNC Carolina Dining Services (CDS) </li><li> 7. Notes and References UN Quick Facts : San Jose Composting Toilets: news/20140630/composting-toilets-save-water-spark- conversations Innovative companies Dungaroo and EcoScraps </li><li> 8. Muriel Williman Orange County Solid Waste Management </li></ol>