innovation quality the adventure continues this brochure illustrates our three sprinter legend...

Download INNOVATION Quality The Adventure Continues This brochure illustrates our three Sprinter Legend models

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  • INNOVATION and Quality The Adventure Continues

    You will be surprised


    Completely revised models for 2012 FALL AND SPRING

    Sprinter Legend The superior Class B motor home

    Sprinter Legend ex Class A features in a Class B package

    Sprinter Legend e The Sprinter Legend with more space

  • Welcome to the world of Great West Vans. This brochure illustrates our three Sprinter Legend models for 2012 and highlights what’s new, what’s different and what’s unique in the world of Class B motor homes.

    For 2012, we have expanded the Sprinter Legend in to 3 very different models from the very popular Sprinter Legend now completely upgraded to the Sprinter Legend ex with the latest technology in hea�ng, hot water and climate control. If you have any ques�ons or could use some advice, just let us know, it will be our pleasure to assist.

    What to look for in a Class B motor home.

    We receive many enquiries every day regarding the features and op�ons available. The most common ques�ons are:

    • How long is the bed? • What hea�ng system do we offer? • How big is the air condi�oner? • What is the fuel economy like? • How long is it? • How high is it? • Are there screens on side and back doors? • How wide is the aisle way? • How big is the fridge? • Is it well insulated?

    The list goes on but these are the ques�ons we hear most o�en and many �mes, the ques�ons come from mee�ng a current owner, visi�ng our web site of reading the phone number on the back of a model travelling down a highway.

    We always recommend doing the research and looking at all the op�ons available today. Our unique development program is con�nuously working with customers to search for new ways to improve our models. For us, this is the only way to develop, with input from experienced owners who have a unique insight in to the good and the bad things in RV’ing. 2011 has been all about development, listening to customers and allowing customer needs and sugges�ons guide us. We also take great pride in taking forward the Mercedes-Benz a�tude towards quality, innova�on and customer experience.

    Great West Vans – The all new Sprinter Legend line for 2012.

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    Sprinter Legend Sprinter Legend e Sprinter Legend ex Length 22’ 9” 24’ 6” 24’ 6”

    Width 7’ 5” 7’ 5” 7’ 5”

    Height 9’ 8” 9’ 8” 9’ 8”

    Interior Height 75” 75” 75”

    Aisle Width 25.5” 25.5” 25.5”

    Bed Length 72” 72” 84”

    Sleeping Accommoda�on 2 2 2

    Sea�ng Posi�ons 7 7 7

    GVWR (lbs.) 11030 11030 11030

    Hea�ng System 16000 BTU propane 16000 BTU propane Diesel hydronic

    Hot Water System 6 gal. propane 6 gal. propane Diesel hydronic

    Air Condi�oning (BTU) 11000 11000 15000

    Generator (Kw, propane) 2.5 2.5 3.6

    Engine (Mercedes-Benz) V6 turbo diesel V6 turbo diesel V6 turbo diesel

    HP 188 188 188

    Torque (lb.-�.) 325 325 325

    Turning Circle 54.6” 54.6” 54.6”

    Wheelbase 170” 170” 170”

    Fuel Consump�on (mpg) 21-22 19-21 19-21

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    The Sprinter Legend is built on one of the world’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly pla�orms available. The Mercedes-Benz 3500 chassis offers great fuel economy at 20-22 mpg, quiet ride and powerful responsive handling.

    We con�nue to provide new and unique features not found on other Class B motor homes and for 2012 move forward with op�ons that simply must be seen.

    When you step inside the Sprinter Legend, you will immediately appreciate the though�ulness that has come from constant improvement and customer sugges�ons. The way the step feels and the placement of the grab handle, the small things like the placement of the microwave, coffee maker and fridge, all where you can reach them easily. Then you will note the sink and stove are on the side that looks out through the large windows over the ac�vity area under the awning.

    On a warm day, you will leave the side door open and close the Side Screen Door, an exclusive feature with a Great West Van.

    As the day comes to an end, you will use the LED light dimmer to adjust the ligh�ng to suit whatever you’re doing. When you try the seats and the sofa, you won’t want to get up, they are really comfortable (very high- tech). The front Mercedes-Benz swivel seats will be appreciated on the longer trip or a just a run to the store.

    In the rear floor there is a large trunk for shore cables and other items. There are also two containers for coach ba�eries.

    • Innova�ve Sliding Screen Door, only in a Great West Van.

    • Safe wide side door entry steps. • Solid wood cabinetry. • The most comfortable seats. • Everything placed where it should be, in easy

    reach. • Exclusive Tri-Fold Electric Sofa can power forward

    in the upright posi�on crea�ng a huge cargo area behind the sofa.

    • Dual rear wheels – improved stability.

    2012 Sprinter Legend

    The third seat op�on seat slides, �lts and swivels making this a very comfortable addi�on with 2 armrests. There is also a large side opening window with screen

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    The Exclusive Tri-Fold Sofa, powers forward to provide a huge cargo space or power down to the bed posi�on from inside the cabin or from the rear doors. There is also a full 12” of clear space under the sofa allowing longer items to pass through the en�re length of the cabin. Switches are located at the rear and inside the cabin making things very easy.

    There is accessory rear screen door to match the side screen door. You will be able to keep the air flowing and the bugs out any�me.

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    Sprinter Legend e extended The Sprinter Legend e is a new varia�on built on the extended chassis. This model offers the same great op�ons and features as the Sprinter Legend but with the extra 16” of rear cargo space. This space can be used to create a 7’ bed with the included extension panel and cushion. The panel and cushion drop in to place easily and can be

    stowed under the Tri-Fold sofa. The extra space can also be used to carry up to 55 cu�. of addi�onal cargo. Bikes, scooters anything you might need on your adventure.

    The 12” of clearance under the Tri-Fold sofa is a great place to store everything you need for the adventure. Longer items can pass through the en�re length of the cabin.

    In a class by itself, the Sprinter Legend e has the same wheel base as the Sprinter Legend but there’s more motor home to enjoy.

    The third seat op�on and larger fridge add to the versa�lity of the Sprinter Legend e making this a great model to consider. Space, versa�lity and func�onality are key factors in the design of this motor home.

    Contact you closest dealer of contact us at the factory for more informa�on.

    Shipping Your Next Motor Home

    Every model we produce is shipped across North America by truck. This is to ensure that every model arrives at its des�na�on

    in great shape and there are no more miles on the odometer then necessary during

    pre-produc�on and final pre-delivery inspec�on. No less than you would

    expect from Great West Vans.

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    Legend & Legend eSTANDARD FEATURES FOR 2012 APPLIANCES 5.0 cu. �. 3-Way auto switching Fridge with freezer compartment and Top Mount Controls 16,000 BTU Furnace with Electronic Igni�on 2-Burner Stove with starter System Monitor Panel Microwave Programmable Coffee Maker

    ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 30 Amp 110-12 Volt Converter System with Charger Exterior Outlet with GFI Protec�on Aux. Ba�ery System with 1 H.D. Coach Ba�ery Charge Wizard Ba�ery Protec�on System Recessed Interior LED Ligh�ng with Dimmer Control Master Aux. Ba�ery Disconnect Switch at Side Entrance Generator Ready Electrical System with Interior Start Switch Panel

    PLUMBING SYSTEM Flush Toilet Shower Stall Medicine Cabinet Exclusive Slide-out Vanity Sink Secure Water Fill Access City Water Connec�on Demand Water System with “Shur-flo” Pump Kitchen Sink with Pull-out Faucet Drinking Water Filter (GE, with separate faucet) Electronic Igni�on Water Heater with By-pass (6 gallon) Exterior Shower Exterior Sewer Drain Hose and Storage Fresh Water Tank (29 US gallon) | Grey Water Tank (20 US gallon) Black Water Tank (10 US gallon)

    PROPANE SYSTEM Under-body Propane Tank 9.9 Gallon/42 lbs. Exterior BBQ Connec�on

    COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE Day/Night Shades with Valance and Trims | Reading Lights by all Sea�ng and Sleeping Areas Captain’s Chairs with Swivel, Recline and Lumbar Support | Choices in Sleeping Arrangements Avonite Counter Top | “Fantas�c Fan” with Rain Sensor in Main Area Awning Style Opening Widows with Hidden Frame Design and Screens 22” Flat Screen HD TV with DVD/MP3/AM-FM-CD and Alarm Clock Crank-up HD TV Antenna with Booster | Easy Clean Vinyl Covered Walls and Ceiling

    CONVERSION FEATURES Solid Wood Cabinets – No Par�cle Board Abundant Interior Cabinet and Closet Space Over Cab Cabinetry Galley Window Large Rear Storage Area Below Bed Insulated Interior Walls and Roof Sub-floor with Carpet in Rear, Heavy Duty Vinyl Tile Standard Rear King Bed (74" x 68") with Ma�ress Rear Basement Storage Trunk, Locking Storage Compartment Under Passenger Seat, Locking Outside Running Board Storage Moulded Fiberglass Running Boards with Oversized Entry Step and Illuminated Grab Handle A�ra


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