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FIRST Robotics Team 1504 “The Desperate Penguins” 2011 Season Information Session

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FIRST Robotics Team 1504

“The Desperate Penguins”

2011 Season Information Session

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•FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”

•It was created by the inventor of the

Segway personal transport – Dean Kamen

•It is an organization whose goal is to give

high school students an opportunity to learn

about science & technology by playing a game with robots.

•A new game is unveiled each year in the beginning of January

•The students work as a team with mentors, to develop a strategy of how they want to play the game, design, and then build a robot to compete in the game. All of this is done in a short 6 week period.

•The teams also have projects like animation, web design, and community service.

What is FIRST Robotics?

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• A chance to learn new skills & develop new talents

•A chance to work with real engineers &

business professionals

•Lots of fun!!

•Exciting competitions!

•Lots of College scholarship opportunities $$$

What does it mean for students?

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•We are FIRST Robotics Team 1504, “The Desperate Penguins”

•We are made up of Okemos, Lansing Christian and Williamston High School students

•Mentors are from Rockwell Automation, IBM, General Motors, TechSmith, Liquid Web, Michigan State University and Kettering University.

•We are a 6th year team in a competition that has been around for 19 years


Who are we?

2010 Team

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Groups within our team

• Mechanical unit

– Design & fabrication


• Robot Controls unit

– Programming

– Electrical/Pneumatic controls

• Business unit

– Media/Reporting

– Web design

– Animation

– Awards

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Preseason activities

• Team building activities

• Technology workshops

• Design prototyping

• CAD development

• Tools/machinery training

• Safety Animation

• Web development

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2010 Robot

• Robot must fit within the following approximate dimensions (2 ft x 3 ft x 6 ft)

• It must also be within certain weight limits (4ft tall = 120lbs, 5ft = 110lbs, 6ft =


• We can only use certain motors, batteries, pneumatics and materials (defined


• The build season lasts 6 weeks, we must design and build a complete robot in

that time.

What kind of robot do we build?

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• We develop an animation video to be submitted for an award

• We develop a new web site and submit it for an award

• We develop a writing/presentation for submission for an award

What else do we do?

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•Team 1504 was started by a bunch of college kids who learned so much from

FIRST Robotics in high school that they needed to stay involved and to share it

with Okemos High School

•It’s hands-on, it’s intense, and it’s lifelike

•FIRST opens so many new doors:

scholarship money, a chance to try out engineering

before college (a huge leg up on other high schoolers), and so much more

•We, as mentors, find a huge value in this program, big enough to volunteer

almost 40 hours a week after classes and work, to help out these kids. We

believe in it and we think that it’s worthwhile, that’s why we do it

Why do we do it?

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The Game… Animation

2010 FIRST Robotics BreakAway

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Our design strategy

• Be able to play BOTH offense & defense

• Be able to drive fast, remove balls from

the overpass, hurdle, and place balls on

the overpass. Basically… do it all!

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The Match – 2010 Breakaway

An initial match at Kettering A match at Grand Valley

Videos on Blue Alliance are down at the

moment. Will get them up here ASAP!

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Our Animation video

2009 Animation Video

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Our web site =>

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What we learn

• Gracious Professionalism

• Team work

• Strategy development

• Problem solving

• Mechanical design &


• Electrical design &


• Pneumatics design &


• Control software design &


• Web site development

• Animation development

• Working to a deadline

• Working to a budget

• Importance of


• Importance of


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Goals for this Season

• Enhanced team communications!

– Wiggio (Main Team communication)

– Team Wiki (

• More team involvement in fund raising!

• Living the 5P’s everyday

• More prototyping!

• Lego League help!

• More parents involvement!

• More student leadership!

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What is FIRST in Michigan?

• A program in FIRST, being offered only in Michigan

• The goal is to grow new teams, and help sustain existing teams, through a reduced cost structure.

• Reduced travel costs, minimize time away from school & work, eliminate shipping costs, reduced event production costs.

• Competition event structure

– 2 day events, Friday & Saturday (no Thurs. practice)

– 7 district events in Michigan

– 1 Michigan State Championship

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What’s next?

• Team meetings will be every week on Wednesdays from 5:30pm-7pm beginning on October 19th @ Okemos High School room D137.

• Need to submit team application by October 29th.


• Need students to run Lego Mindstorm sessions! We can get these started at all schools involved!

• Build season kick off event January 8th.– Novi High School Novi, MI

– Build season meeting days (times T.B.D)• Monday

• Wednesday

• Saturday

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Planned Competitions

• Kettering University District (Confirmed)– Date(s): March 4th - 5th

– Location: Kettering University Flint, MI

• Ann Arbor District (On Wait List)– Date(s): March 25th - 26th

– Location: Skyline High School Ann Arbor, MI

• State Championship (If We Qualify)– Date(s): April 7th -9th

– Location: Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI

• World Championship (Qualify, Depends on funding)– Date(s): April 27th -30th

– Location: Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis, Missouri

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Tentative schedule

• Oct 20th -Dec 15th : Preseason meetings, every Wednesday 5:30-7pm @ OHS.

• Jan. 8th: Kick off Novi High School

• Jan. 8th-Feb 19th: 6 week build season, Mon/Wed/Sat meetings

• Mar. 4th - 5th : Kettering Competition

• Mar. 25th-26th : Ann Arbor Competition

• Apr. 7th -9th: State Championship @ EMU

• Apr. 27th-30th: World Championships @ St. Louis

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What parents can do?

• Support your kids

• Volunteer at competitions– We need 2 at the minimum!

• Fund raising support

• Chaperone

• Team spirit

• Field construction

• Engineering design support

• Food arrangements

• Travel arrangements

• Many others…

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What do you need to do?

• Fill out Application


• Sign up on STIMS

• FIRST’s Student Information System• .

• $200 Dollar Team Fee

• To help pay for Competitions Fees and K.O.P.

• Can be raised from sponsors you get!

• Come to the next meeting!

• Wednesday (Tomorrow) October 20th, 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in room D137

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What do you need to do?

• Join the Wiki


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What do you need to do?

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