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The Roosevelt Academy Common House

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This presentation contains the information concerning the elections for the common house. If you have any questions about this presentation, please email [email protected]


Page 1: Elections information session

The Roosevelt Academy Common House

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• Current Statutory Mission Statement of Stichting R.A.S.A. Bar:“…exploitation of a student bar where members and guests of RASA,…, can convene and relax and everything which is related to this, all in the widest sense of the word”. (free translation of statutes)

• In normal English: Common House facilitates, where RASA organizes

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Ra’s living room

• Study Lounge

• Lecture Room (150 People)

• Restaurant/bar (lunch)

• Meeting Rooms (min. 3)

• RASA and Common House board room

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Financial details

• Constant income (3/20)• RASA • RA (constant contribution)• (Lunch)

• Other income (17/20)• (Lunch)• Bar• Sponsorship• Rent of facilities (if possible)

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Roosevelt Academy

Board of TrusteesBoard Roosevelt

Academy Student Association

Common House BoardDaily:

Chief executive officerChief financial officerChief operating officer

General:human resource manager

facility managerinventory manager

event manager

Advisory Council

Roosevelt Academy Student

Association (RASA)All students of Roosevelt


Page 6: Elections information session

Difference with other boards

• Separate legal foundation: Stichting R.A.S.A. bar

• More business-like, still representing student life

• Not appointed by GA• All positions appointed by Board of Trustees• Controlling by Board of Trustees rather than GA

• More dependence and responsibility to external parties

• Responsibility of both acquiring income and spending

Page 7: Elections information session

What’s in there for you?

• “An experience you can get nowhere”

• Running a business while you’re still in college

• Starting an enormous organization

• Facilitating the great events organized by RASA

• Get to know new friends

• Get to know RA and the outside world

• Get to know yourself

Page 8: Elections information session

How do you start?

• 1st of august 2012

• All contracts signed, Common House organizationally prepared

• Policy manual and procedures finished

• Marketing Plan

• Stress tests/Calamity plans

• Business plan

• Strong oversight by Board of Trustees

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• Are there any questions so far?

Page 10: Elections information session

Facility manager

• Officially registered in chamber of commerce as: General Board Member

• Taking care of the whole building and facilities• How it works, that it works properly and that it

is constantly kept in a good state

• Supporting the Common House in a variety of activities

Page 11: Elections information session

Inventory Manager

• Officially registered in chamber of commerce as: General Board Member

• Buying Stocks and initiating stock improvements

• Daily inventory of the bar

• Strong cooperation with CFO

Page 12: Elections information session

Human Resource manager

• Officially registered in chamber of commerce as: General Board Member

• Arranging bar personnel

• Motivating bar personnel

• Taking care of proper licensing of bartenders

• Strong cooperation with COO

Page 13: Elections information session

Event Manager

• Officially registered in chamber of commerce as: General Board Member

• Managing the Events in the Common House

• Taking care of proper planning and coordination of all the rooms and events

• Strong Cooperation with RASA/COO

Page 14: Elections information session

Daily board

• Vision, long-term, stability and continuity

• Mainly responsible

• External contacts• Lunch, suppliers, municipality, Police, fire

department etc.

• External contracts

• Contact with RA, Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

Page 15: Elections information session

Chief Operation officer

• Daily Board Member

• Known in Chamber of Commerce as: Secretary

• Responsible for:• Smooth Running of the board and organizations as a

whole• External and internal contact• Permits, licensing and training

(latter together with HRM)

• Financially responsible with CFO and CEO• Administration (except financial)• Policy Manuals/Procedures

Page 16: Elections information session

Chief financial officer

• Daily Board Member

• Known in the Chamber of Commerce as: Treasurer

• Responsible for:• Book Keeping• All financial transactions• Financial well being of the Common House

• Both income and expenditures (both extremely variable)

• Financial side of contracts with external parties• Budgets, financial reports and transparency concerning

running• Financially responsible with CEO and COO

Page 17: Elections information session

Chief Executive officer

• Daily Board Member

• Known in Chamber of Commerce as: Chairperson

• Long-Term Vision

• Legally liable in case of bankruptcy: cannot start a business in the next 7 years

• Responsible for:• External contacts• External contracts (final responsible)• Contracts with external partners• The overall running of the common house• Contact with Board of Trustees & Advisory Council• Officially end responsible• Financially responsible together with CFO and COO

Page 18: Elections information session

Under construction

• Dropping of courses for Daily Board• Same framework as RASA• CEO: Obliged to drop 2 courses and

thereby stay a semester longer

• CFO: Obliged to drop 1 course and strongly advised to drop 2 and thereby stay a semester longer

• COO: Obliged to drop 1 course and strongly advised to drop 2 and thereby stay a semester longer

• General board members won’t drop courses

Page 19: Elections information session

Election procedure

• Deadline: 8th April 23:59 hours

• 9th and 10th of April: Interviews with BoT

• 12th April: Pre-Election Night (general Board)

• 18th April: General Assembly• Presentation Daily Board• Election Daily Board, Appointing by BoT

Page 20: Elections information session


• If you cannot have all your questions answered now contact one of the former Barrel board members of a respective position or:• Email to [email protected]• Contact us via the Barrel facebook Page• Contact us in person (preferred!)

Page 21: Elections information session

BB members

• Luuk van Kessel (Secretary, Facility & Inventory)

[email protected]

• Steffanie van Sijll (Chair)

[email protected]

• Anouk Dibbits (Human Resource & Chair)

[email protected]

• Agness Sabitova (Event Manager)

[email protected]

• Rosanne Rietveld (Human Resource Manager)

[email protected]

• Mark Kamphuis (Treasurer)

[email protected]