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portfolio spring 2011


<ul><li><p>INDUSTRIALGRAPHIC</p><p>ARCHITECTURE</p><p>DESIGN</p></li><li><p>INDUSTRIALGRAPHIC</p><p>ARCHITECTURE</p><p>DESIGN</p></li><li><p>DESIGNINDUSTRIAL</p></li><li><p>The radio was designed to be </p><p>portable, have a GPS </p><p>backtracker, Ergonomic Crank </p><p>handle for an internal dynamo, </p><p>AC and DC power options, </p><p>LED Lights, Solar Strip and an </p><p>LCD display.</p><p>Design Criteria</p><p>This project entailed </p><p>researching the emergency </p><p>radio market, finding out </p><p>what products were </p><p>already available, who their </p><p>users were, which of their </p><p>needs were unmet, and </p><p>designing a new product </p><p>for a section of the market.</p><p>XPLOIT RADIO</p><p>Project Overview</p><p>From the research, surveys </p><p>and interviews conducted, it </p><p>was discovered that the </p><p>needs of users unmet by </p><p>current emergency radios </p><p>were: guidance and </p><p>navigation, portability, </p><p>ruggedness and alternative </p><p>power options.</p><p>Research</p><p>After an extensive Ideation </p><p>process, an evaluation </p><p>process was conducted to </p><p>chose the best suited design </p><p>solution.</p><p>Evaluation</p></li><li><p>Personas</p><p>I decided to design an </p><p>emergency radio suitable </p><p>for use in tough terrain and </p><p>harsh outdoor weather </p><p>conditions meeting the </p><p>basic needs of extreme </p><p>adventurers such as </p><p>mountain climbers and </p><p>desert hikers.</p><p>The User</p><p>A 31 year old reporter for the travel and adventure column of a Chicago </p><p>Newspaper. He is not your everyday adventurer, as he constantly </p><p>pushes his limits, so as to get an exhilarating story out of it.</p><p>Jack Stevens Sarah McBride</p><p>A Photographer for the National Geographic for 17 years, Sarah has </p><p>taken surreal photos of inhabitable regions of the world and has found </p><p>herself in the midst of inclement weather dozens of times.</p><p>Bill Stewart</p><p>A 60 year old entrepreneur, Bills youthful spirit drives him to </p><p>prove the stereotypes associated with his age wrong, as he </p><p>continuously goes on risky expeditions which in the end inspire </p><p>his business endeavors.</p><p>Ideation</p></li><li><p>This project entailed an effort to de-construct the form characteristic of the 1950s Rocket Car Era, into </p><p>lines, shapes and weight. These inferences were then used to design and build a working desk lamp.</p><p>Project Overview</p><p>ROCKET LAMP</p></li><li><p>It required the ability to zero in on visual elements and </p><p>cultural connotations common to cars of those times. These </p><p>elements evoked a sense of high speed, mass, elegance, </p><p>cutting edge innovation and great attention to detail.Rocket </p><p>era cars were inspired by technological advances which took </p><p>place in the 1940s and used the second world war as a </p><p>center display stage.</p><p>Visual Research</p><p>Final Solution</p></li><li><p>INDUSTRIALGRAPHIC</p><p>ARCHITECTURE</p><p>DESIGN</p></li><li><p>SCHNITT SHAVER</p><p>Project Overview</p><p>The scope of this project covered creating a brand for a particular target market, </p><p>designing a family of products under this brand, and finally making a model of one </p><p>of the products. I chose to create an electronics hair care line for men called </p><p>Schnitt which literally means cut in german.</p></li><li><p>Final Solution</p><p>Design Objective</p><p>I designed Schnitt products to accommodate </p><p>the needs of a James Bond-type young </p><p>professional, whose rugged and adventurous </p><p>personality is veiled by charm and class.</p><p>Ideation</p><p>The Schnitt Shaver has a form which communicates </p><p>smoothness and fluidity, while housing rigid, durable, </p><p>state of the art technology.</p></li><li><p>ELLE-O-V-E CD COVER DESIGN</p><p>Project Overview</p><p>This was a personal endeavor to design a collection of re-worked Nat King Cole </p><p>classic love ballads.</p><p>It was inspired by a romantic relationship I was involved in some years ago.</p></li><li><p>The Concept</p><p>One of the songs on this album titled: The very thought of you, has as a </p><p>line in its lyrics: I see your face in every flower.</p><p>The CD inlay communicates this very poetic line in embedding the face of </p><p>a girl in a red rose.</p></li><li><p>W W W . S H A Y C H A R L E S . C O M</p><p>S H A Y C H A R L E S @ G M A I L . C O M</p></li></ul>