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  • The radio was designed to be

    portable, have a GPS

    backtracker, Ergonomic Crank

    handle for an internal dynamo,

    AC and DC power options,

    LED Lights, Solar Strip and an

    LCD display.

    Design Criteria

    This project entailed

    researching the emergency

    radio market, finding out

    what products were

    already available, who their

    users were, which of their

    needs were unmet, and

    designing a new product

    for a section of the market.


    Project Overview

    From the research, surveys

    and interviews conducted, it

    was discovered that the

    needs of users unmet by

    current emergency radios

    were: guidance and

    navigation, portability,

    ruggedness and alternative

    power options.


    After an extensive Ideation

    process, an evaluation

    process was conducted to

    chose the best suited design



  • Personas

    I decided to design an

    emergency radio suitable

    for use in tough terrain and

    harsh outdoor weather

    conditions meeting the

    basic needs of extreme

    adventurers such as

    mountain climbers and

    desert hikers.

    The User

    A 31 year old reporter for the travel and adventure column of a Chicago

    Newspaper. He is not your everyday adventurer, as he constantly

    pushes his limits, so as to get an exhilarating story out of it.

    Jack Stevens Sarah McBride

    A Photographer for the National Geographic for 17 years, Sarah has

    taken surreal photos of inhabitable regions of the world and has found

    herself in the midst of inclement weather dozens of times.

    Bill Stewart

    A 60 year old entrepreneur, Bills youthful spirit drives him to

    prove the stereotypes associated with his age wrong, as he

    continuously goes on risky expeditions which in the end inspire

    his business endeavors.


  • This project entailed an effort to de-construct the form characteristic of the 1950s Rocket Car Era, into

    lines, shapes and weight. These inferences were then used to design and build a working desk lamp.

    Project Overview


  • It required the ability to zero in on visual elements and

    cultural connotations common to cars of those times. These

    elements evoked a sense of high speed, mass, elegance,

    cutting edge innovation and great attention to detail.Rocket

    era cars were inspired by technological advances which took

    place in the 1940s and used the second world war as a

    center display stage.

    Visual Research

    Final Solution





    Project Overview

    The scope of this project covered creating a brand for a particular target market,

    designing a family of products under this brand, and finally making a model of one

    of the products. I chose to create an electronics hair care line for men called

    Schnitt which literally means cut in german.

  • Final Solution

    Design Objective

    I designed Schnitt products to accommodate

    the needs of a James Bond-type young

    professional, whose rugged and adventurous

    personality is veiled by charm and class.


    The Schnitt Shaver has a form which communicates

    smoothness and fluidity, while housing rigid, durable,

    state of the art technology.


    Project Overview

    This was a personal endeavor to design a collection of re-worked Nat King Cole

    classic love ballads.

    It was inspired by a romantic relationship I was involved in some years ago.

  • The Concept

    One of the songs on this album titled: The very thought of you, has as a

    line in its lyrics: I see your face in every flower.

    The CD inlay communicates this very poetic line in embedding the face of

    a girl in a red rose.

  • W W W . S H A Y C H A R L E S . C O M

    S H A Y C H A R L E S @ G M A I L . C O M