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  • 1. STARSIGHT LIGHTHOUSESaving energy & environment Starsight Internatiional Ltd, 21 A Penn Road, London N7 9RD

2. LED LAMPS How to save energy while having better light quality? Most people know about low voltage bulbs, unfortunately they are still not very com- mon, and are far more fragile than there more traditional counterparts. There is also a less well- known technology: LED lamps. They started there life in the mass market where effective light was needed with low voltage such as home garden solar lights, flash lights, but also to replace light sig- nal and in cars. One now finds these LED lamps in our houses to essentially replace halogen spot- light. The advance tech- nologies in the area en- able to ensure high qual- ity, fully recyclable solu- tion, significantly im- proving lighting condi- tions and Health & Safety in offices, build- ings and public spaces. The economic and eco- logical advantage is without equivalent, be- cause the consummation of these lights only rep- resents a few Watts, it is nothing compare to halogen or any other technologies. Further- more they have a quasi- infinite life expectancy and thus a further ad- vantage for the envi- ronment and controlled recycling.WWW.STARSIGHTPROJECT.COM2 3. STARSIGHT LED 300300 300 seriesWith less degradation and more than 50.000hours lifespan, it can replace T5 uorescentlamp as it is brighter with instant start, noickering and no humming. This is ideal forceiling between 2.5 - 3 m No such hazard that mercury or lead entersthe environmentShopsMallsTrafcOfcesSanitary$ 239 / UNIT FOR 10 TO 500 UNITS$ 172 / UNIT FOR 501 TO 1001 UNITS$ 164 / UNIT FOR > 1001Input power : AC 100 - 240 VOutput power : DC 20 VOutput Current(max) : 0.87ALuminux flux : 793 LMColor : white, blue, red, warm whiteand orangeColor Temp : 6500300K/4500K/3500Brightness : 180LX1,5 meter)Power Comsuption : 17 WCertifications : CEWeight : 2 KgsSize : 30030015mmOperating Temp : -20 to +60WWW.STARSIGHTPROJECT.COM 3 4. STARSIGHT1200 I-PANEL300 1200 seriesNew inner efciency (95%) with heatprotection system, the constant cur-rent driver can work under unstablevoltage. Best for ceilings between3.0 and 7.0 m.- Office- Mall- Public Space- Hall $ 860 / UNIT FOR 10 TO 500 UNITS $ 632 / UNIT FOR 501 TO 1001 UNITS $ 612 / UNIT FOR > 1001Input power : AC 90-130V / 180-240VOutput power : DC18-28VOutput Current(max) : 1.41ALuminux flux : 2300 LMColor : white, blue, red, warm whiteand orangeColor Temp : 6500300K/4500K/3500Brightness : 320LX1.5 MeterPower Comsuption : 38 WCertifications : CE, 3C, RoSHWeight : 6.5 KgsSize : 298119814mmOperating Temp : -20 to +60WWW.STARSIGHTPROJECT.COM 4 5. STARSIGHT 600 I-PANEL600 600 seriesSpecial circuit design, each LED canwork separately thus it can avoid mal-function with broken LED causes. Noelectric wave. No RF interference.Special different view angles, mixinglighting designFor Ceiling between 2.5 and 4.0 mofcesshow roomhallretail outletCafeteria/ restaurant $ 780 / UNIT FOR 10 TO 500 UNITS $ 572 / UNIT FOR 501 TO 1001 UNITS $ 552 / UNIT FOR > 1001Input power : AC 100 - 240 VOutput power : DC24-28VOutput Current(max) : 1.41ALuminux flux : 2000 LMColor : white, blue, red, warm whiteand orangeColor Temp : 6500300K/4500K/3500Brightness : 320LX1.5 METERPower Comsuption : 38 WCertifications : CE, CQC, RoHSWeight : 6 KgsSize : 60060015mmOperating Temp : -20 to +60WWW.STARSIGHTPROJECT.COM5 6. The LED of powerA LED is a semiconductor (diode) that produces light when 3.5V is reached. It emits a purelight (monochromatic) and its colour depends on the type of impurity willingly introduced inthe silicon. The white is classified in nuances spanning from warm-white to coll0white(the light efficiency diminishes with the temperature of the white)Power supply of the LED of powerThe LED of power are powered in DC current coming from and controlled with precision byan inverter. A too high current would destroy the LED light in a few seconds and too weakcurrent provide an insufficient yield. The connection in series of all LED assure a constantcurrent. A parallel connection (like halogen light) would destroy the LED in a very short time.Comparing between LED of power with 12V halogen LightsWhen one speaks of light, Watts of the different lights is wrongly used as a yard stick. TheWatt power indicates the energy consumption or absorption, but it doesnt indicate the lightyield. We need to consider the lumen (lm) which is define as the quantity of light emitted,and the lux (lx) that indicates the quantity of light received by a surface. The relationshipbetween absorbed power and the light emitted results in the light yield and is expressed aslumen per Watt (lm/w). This value indicates the quantity of light emitted per unit consumed.For example, the light yield of a 12V halogen light is of about 13 to 15 lumens per absorbedWatt; therefore a 10W halogen would produce a powered light about 130 lumens (13 lmx10 W). The 1W LED of power has a yield of 39 lumen per absorbed Watt, a spotlight with 31W LED would have a powered light of 117lm (39 lm x 3W)General RemarkThe length and diameter of cables are not par of the critical parameter, however as men-tioned previously, the current is constant and the value are very low: 350 . 700 mA. Theconstant current doesnt generate any electromagnetic emission, and the length of the ca-bles can reach 30m. The eventual loses can automatically be compensated by the inverter.The invertors have to be installed in ventilated areas and not close to heat sources so thatthere components are not deteriorated by any heat.All invertors comply with the European norm EN60347.WWW.STARSIGHTPROJECT.COM 6


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